5 Best Online Logo Makers to Kickoff Your Brand

Logos have been around since the time of Egyptian hieroglyphics, but they’ve changed a lot, and they’ve changed even more in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. They’ve become simpler. Think of the Nike swoosh or the Target bullseye. Gone are the intricate diagrams with detailed text. Today’s logos are clean, simple and immediately bring to mind the Logo Makers Brand they represent.

The technology to produce them has also changed. At one time, logo creation required the services of a professional graphic designer. Today, there’s software that can do the job and do it well. Modern logo makers are inexpensive and easy to use, and anyone can create a distinct logo with minimal time commitment.

Here are some reasons small business owners will do well to use a logo maker:

  • You get the advantages of a designer without paying for one. A good logo maker produces a logo that compares favorably with those authored by a professional who charges thousands of dollars, but it costs only a fraction of that.
  • They’re fast. Most of them will give you logo suggestions in minutes, and with just a little more effort, you can customize and download one.
  • They’re easy to use. The best ones lay out a step-by-step process for you to follow. You don’t have to train employees or spend hours and hours of time to do it yourself. Business owners can sit down and create a free custom logo today.
  • They’re flexible. With most, you can try several logos and decide which you like. You can tweak them even after you’ve created and downloaded them. Many of them give you the ability to use them on business cards, in social media posts and even on merchandise. Most support vector files, which allow you to resize the logo without loss of clarity.

How Logo Makers Work

Some logo makers are based on templates. These offer a library of logo images, and you choose one and customize it – changing colors, altering lines, moving text – until you have something you like.

Most of today’s best logo makers, however, are based on AI. They’re a cinch to use. Just go to the web page and follow the instructions. The logo maker does most of the work.

You enter some information about your company and your style, color and font preferences, and the logo maker analyzes these and offers you a selection of potential logos.

You then pick one. In most cases you’ll want to customize it, at least a little bit. Most logo makers offer editors to facilitate this.

When you have something you like, download it and it’s ready to use.

Best Logo Makers

Here are five top AI-based logo makers that are quick, reasonably priced and can rapidly transform your business into a business with a logo.

  1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

With the Tailor Brands Logo Maker, you enter a little information about your company and what it does, request a logo style such as wordmark, monogram or icon and also select your favorite fonts.

The logo maker presents you with options, and you choose the one you like best, customize it and download it.

There’s no charge to create a logo and download a low-resolution image. You can try out the logo maker for free and see if you like the result. To get hi-res logo files, however, you’ll have to buy a subscription.

Three levels of subscription run from $3.99 to $12.99 per month with the annual-pay discount. The plans offer a suite of logo products including resizable vector files, a brand book, letterheads and business cards.

  1. Logo Pony

Logo Pony has partnered with professional designers to create the available logos and the database of fonts, icons and colors that builds them. You input your business name and type of business with some style choices, and you indicate on a sliding scale how strict or playful you want the result to be.

The product responds with some logo choices, then you can tweak one or more with the Logo Pony editor and download it.

Logo Pony charges $20 for a one-time lo-res logo image. However, for $65, you get lifetime access, 50+ files and the complete package of the company’s logo products including resizable logos, watermarks, business cards and social media kits. You can modify and re-download any of the logos that you have already created.

  1. Namecheap Logo Maker

Namecheap logo maker is a free to use. You can create as many logos as you want and download them as many times as you like at no charge.

The input screen asks for your brand name but doesn’t use any further information about your business. There is a library of icons to choose from, and you also select your preferred fonts and colors. The tool will then present you with logos that are customizable and downloadable. Logos can be downloaded in several file formats including resizable vector files.

This logo maker is part of a Namecheap suite of tools called Visual, which also includes a business card designer and a website builder.

  1. Turbo Logo Maker

With Turbo Logo Maker, you start by entering your business name, a slogan and your industry. You then choose a few samples from a library of images. Next you pick a background color, and the tool will provide some logo options.

You can use the editor to customize a logo, then you can download the file. Files are available in several formats including resizable vector files.

It’s free to try out the tool and create a logo, but there are price options for downloading. For $16, you get a basic download file. For $32, you get vector files and the ability to make unlimited changes. $64 buys the complete package, called the Brandkit, which includes social covers and profiles along with watermarks and wallpaper.

  1. Design.AI

Design.AI maintains a library of 10,000+ icons. You enter your brand information and some preferences, and the tool generates thousands of logos in seconds. You then choose the ones you want to customize and download the results.

There’s no charge to create and view your logos. $49 is the fee for a one-time download of a single logo with five variations. It includes a complete brand identity kit with social media logos, branded merchandise mockups and some style guides.

The subscription is a better deal for most people at $19 per month. It comes with other Design.AI products including a videomaker.

Logos for All Small Businesses

If your business doesn’t have a logo, you’re missing an opportunity. A logo identifies your brand and gives you credibility. It keeps you in the customers’ minds. When they see and recognize a logo, they immediately think of the company associated with it.

You no longer need a professional designer to have an impactful logo. Today’s logo makers put a business-building logo within the reach of any company no matter the size. With the easy-to-use logo makers on the market, you can start designing your unique logo today.

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