Loki Season 2 Release Date: When is Loki Season 2 Coming Out

The Loki season 2 release date is quickly approaching, as everyone is aware, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about it. The comprehensive depiction of the Norse god of mischief in the first season of the stand-alone Loki Season 2 series was a huge hit, allowing fans to get to know the character better. You’ll also meet some new characters in this next season, such as O.B. and a brief preview of a guy by the name of Zaniac.

Additionally, in the Ant-Man Quantumania post-credit sequence, we were treated to a glimpse of another version of Kang. Thus, if you are as excited as I am about the impending season 2, learn everything there is to know about the date and timing of Loki Season 2’s release in this post. I’ve also included a countdown clock for Loki Season 2 release time in this post, so you can be sure of the exact moment it premieres, given how we want it to happen.

Loki Season 2 Release Date and Time in 2023

loki season 2

Disney Plus first announced Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Season 2 a while back, and its scheduled premiere date was October 6, 2023. However, it was then revealed—in an unexpected development—that the official release date for Loki series has been moved forward to October 5, 2023, one day earlier. We got the official Rotten Tomatoes rating for Loki season 2, and it looks very decent. Prior to the official release of the series, a special screening was arranged for Loki fans on October 2.

Gentlemen, please put this day in the green on your calendars. When it comes to Loki series, its official release date is set for 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT. Don’t worry if you’re asking, “When is Loki Season 2 coming out in my region?”

You might want to keep an eye on the streaming date of the first episode of Loki, given that you’re just as excited as I am about the release of the second season. To ensure you know when Loki Season 2 episode 1 will be released in your area, here is a countdown timer for it.

How many episodes are in Season 2 of Loki?

An official tweet on X (formerly Twitter) stated that Loki season 2 will consist of the same six episodes as season 1. Each week, a new episode of Loki Season 2 will be published. There will be six episodes overall. The upcoming episodes of Loki will serve as both a wrap-up and a direct continuation of the first season’s events.

Keep checking back, as we will be covering every episode of the upcoming season exclusively! Even though Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) was briefly shown to us at the conclusion of Loki’s Season 2 debut, the God of Mischief hasn’t really caught up with her yet. In Episode 2, that could be different because Loki needs all the assistance he can get to preserve the TVA.

When is the release date of Loki Season 2 Episode 2?

Every Thursday, new episodes of Loki Season 2 premiere. Disney+ will debut Episode 2 on Thursday, October 12.

Loki Season 2 Trailer: 2023

Episode-specific trailers for Disney+ series are not usually released, but Loki has been receiving a lot of publicity. Thus, a number of trailers from Marvel Entertainment have been released; the most recent one is shown below:

Dates of Loki Season 2 Episode Release

After hearing everything there is to know about the number of episodes in Loki season 2, you may be thinking, “Will they be released all at once or on different dates?” The first episode of Loki Season 2 will air on October 5, 2023, at 6 p.m. PT. Please refer to the table below to learn the release dates of the other episodes!

  • Episode 1- October 5
  • Episode 2- October 12
  • Episode 3- October 19
  • Episode 4- October 26
  • Episode 5- November 2
  • Episode 6- November 9

Thus, the question now becomes: What can we anticipate from the God of Mischief this holiday season? We can, I think, maintain quite high expectations for this series. The narrative of Loki is not immediately apparent from the trailer, but it is clear that it is really well-made, has fantastic visual effects, and has some of the best picturing around.

loki season 2

With great accuracy, we can predict that Loki season 2 will focus more on Loki and his alter ego, Sylvie, and maybe explore what happens after Sylvie murders a significant other. In the trailer, we also saw Loki glitch, and it’s possible that we’ll see Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius attempting to repair whatever ails Loki.

We have a better suggestion if you’re planning to rewatch Loki season 1 in order to familiarize yourself with earlier story points. To review all the significant moments from the first season of the Loki TV series, read our summary of Loki Season 1.

When does Disney+’s Loki debut?

On the streaming service, Loki Episode 2 will be accessible at 6:00 p.m. PST or 9:00 p.m. EST. Loki is the second series (after Ahsoka) to go from a midnight PST release to a prime time slot as a result of Disney+ experimenting with a new release schedule for its autumn programming.

Where to Watch Online Loki

loki season 2

As with season 1, Loki season 2 will only be available for streaming on Disney Plus. If you want to view this series right away, you will need to renew your membership since it is not co-shared with any other streaming service. To watch Loki Season 2, take out your credit card and activate your Disney Plus account. I can tell for sure that Loki will be an epic movie, even if we don’t really know the premise. So, everyone, set your calendars and clocks for October 5, 2023, when the series premieres.

When does Disney+’s Loki Season 2 premiere?

At 6:00 p.m. PST or 9:00 p.m. EST, the first episode of Loki premieres. Loki is making the transition to primetime this season, much like the most recent Disney+ series, Ahsoka. Disney programs used to debut on the streamer at midnight PST. Ahsoka was the first show to debut in the evening, and it appears that Loki was successful enough in the approach to follow it exactly for Season 2.

What is the Storyline of Loki?

loki season 2

The Loki Season 1 finale has a lot going on, so much so that we had to write you a helpful list of things to keep in mind. To the end of time, Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki and his alter ego, Sophie di Martino’s Sylvie, arrived at the Void, where TVA chief executive He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) was waiting. Following some eerie background on the Kang Wars, Sylvie defeated He Who Remains and brought forth the universe. Going into Season 2, that has resulted in several issues, particularly for the TVA. There is not much time left for Loki to work with Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) and his new friends to bring some form of equilibrium back to the timeline.

Who is directing and producing Loki Season 2?

Shortly after the second season’s confirmation, head writer Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron left Loki, further supporting the show’s initial intent as a limited run. Herron stated that she only intended to be involved with the show for a single season, but Waldron’s commitments to Avengers: Secret Wars (the Avengers movie that is supposed to conclude the Multiverse Saga) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness—a now-canceled Star Wars project that Lucasfilm denies ever existed—meant that new writing leadership was required. Soon after, Waldron’s replacement—writer Eric Martin from the first season—became apparent.

The directing team of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson will replace Herron. In addition to directing Moon Knight’s later chapters, the duo is well-known for their work on The Endless and the “Bonestorm” VHS: Viral section. They were reported to be eager to investigate another of Marvel’s misfits prior to filming the season in the summer and fall of 2022.

Waldron and Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, are executive producers. Editor Paul Zucker and composer Natalie Holt from the first season, along with director of photography Isaac Bauma (a Channel Zero and Servant alum), round out the production team.

When will Loki Season 2 premiere?

loki season 2

On Friday, October 6, Loki will make a second, six-episode run. Of course, it is uncertain if the show will return for a third season, but we anticipate that information will be revealed in the closing minutes of the last season 2 episode, which will be available for streaming on Friday, November 10. On Wednesday, November 29, the debut of the Hawkeye spin-off Echo will take place shortly after the conclusion.

When will Loki Season 2 be released?

Marvel Studios has changed the release time for Season 2 of Loki to Thursday, October 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT). Friday, October 6th, was the prior release date for the program. The Thursday release time for the series is also a significant deviation from the customary 3:00 a.m. ET release schedule followed by all other MCU Disney+ series.

Every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET, all future episodes of Loki will also be released, according to the official press release. In the event that Marvel Studios and Disney+ choose to only release one episode in conjunction with the release of Season 2, this would entail the following releases: Episode 2 on October 12, Episode 3 on October 19, Episode 4 on October 26, Episode 5 on November 2, and the season finale (Episode 6) on November 9.

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