How to use LinkedIn in your Marketing Strategy In 2022

 Are you really taking advantage of all the features of LinkedIn? Through this article dedicated to LinkedIn Marketing, our goal is to give you all the keys, as a Social Media Manager, to develop your marketing strategy on LinkedIn in 2022.

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence. It is a tool for companies, business leaders, employees, Social Media Managers, or job seekers. To create opportunities, highlight your expertise or develop your network, this is the ideal social network!

If you are…

  • a B2B company
  • a social media agency
  • a B2C company looking for
  • to recruit
  • new suppliers
  • watch over your sector

… it is essential to get started on LinkedIn! As you can see, LinkedIn is for much more than finding a job. LinkedIn must therefore be considered as a lever in its own right in your marketing strategy. The way you and your employees use LinkedIn has a direct impact on the perception of your company. LinkedIn profiles appear very often, for example, in Google search results.

Through this article, you will discover all the secrets of LinkedIn in order to develop your marketing strategy on this social network. From the LinkedIn algorithm, through the functionalities of the social network, without forgetting the advertisements or the LinkedIn statistics to follow, you will become a LinkedIn ace!

Why implement a LinkedIn marketing strategy?

Ah LinkedIn… some love it, some hate it, and yet. Today there are “gurus” on LinkedIn, influential people who will post two lines or even fifty and will get hundreds, thousands of likes.

LinkedIn can be used to develop your visibility, that of your company, talk about your expertise or even the latest company news. LinkedIn is a social network intended for professionals, so why create an additional company page?

Here are different reasons that should encourage you to create your business page:

  • you want several people to publish and manage the content of the page
  • advertising is a key part of your strategy on LinkedIn
  • you want to highlight your employees and help them connect with all your customers and prospects
  • recruitment is essential within your company and you want to give another tool to your HR department
  • you have time to manage a personal profile and a company page and want to maximize the credibility of your company

To manage a personal profile and a business page, you both need to set aside time for content creation, moderation, and managing your network. It is also advisable to do a regular audit of your profile/page, to ensure that everything is up to date. It would be bad for your credibility not to provide correct information on LinkedIn about your company.

How to set up a content strategy on LinkedIn?

To be successful on any platform, creating regular content is a must. LinkedIn allows you to create unique content, which is not necessarily available on other social networks.

Should we post long messages on LinkedIn, are they really effective? How often to post on this social network and what type of content is the most suitable? Is it important to post at specific times on LinkedIn? So many questions, which we will answer!

What content to post on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, it is quite possible to post long messages. Take the time to tell a story, to do storytelling, to spark debate. To see what works best on LinkedIn, test different formats: text only, an image, a video, an article, a document, a carousel… According to several studies, posts with only text seem to perform better.

The most important thing is to stay consistent. You must therefore set goals with your team, such as posting twice a week. Indeed, posting 5 times a day is not really of interest on a network like LinkedIn. Especially since if you post on LinkedIn too frequently and without results, your content will be considered spam.

You can also leverage LinkedIn Publishing to create content that will be viewed by more people over a longer period of time. LinkedIn doesn’t really like it when users exit its platform. There are two possibilities for this: use LinkedIn Publishing or put a link in the comments.

When to post on LinkedIn?

When thinking about posting time, consider when most people are working. They are more likely to consult LinkedIn during their work hours than during their free time. Unsurprisingly, the worst times to post on LinkedIn will be during sleeping hours!

Copywriting: the success of LinkedIn

Copywriting is an art that many claims today, especially on LinkedIn. The creation of content with high added value will in particular make the difference. But what is high-value content?

Content that engages your audience, your network. This can mean a publication inviting you to download a white paper on specific content, an announcement of an event, a story told simply and in which many people can relate, or even success or failure.

For this, there is a very specific method used by many followers of LinkedIn…

Focus on the AIDA method to interest an audience on Linkedin

The AIDA method is a marketing technique often used in mailings, but increasingly on LinkedIn as well. It translates into four points:

  • Attention: the idea here is to attract, capture the consumer’s attention, within particular a first line that catches
  • Interest: once the attention has been drawn, the reader must perceive the interest he has in continuing to read, he must be convinced
  • Desire: the part where you stimulate your desire, the final step before taking action
  • Action: the reader will take action, often by taking an action and therefore engaging with the post

In the post below, a particular audience is targeted. People looking for an alternative are attracted by the first line. By continuing to read, they realize the interest, because they recognize themselves in these situations. The desire is aroused in particular with the word “free”. Finally, users are encouraged to take action with the last sentence.

How to properly use LinkedIn features?

LinkedIn Video

Video on LinkedIn is constantly evolving. For example, it is possible to make live videos or share videos of your choice, to view on another platform, or to download directly from the social network.

Here are some tips for a successful LinkedIn video strategy:

  • Create professional videos for commercial purposes
  • Provide useful content, rather than a sales pitch
  • Create videos regularly
  • Make videos as accessible as possible by including captions

Promote your videos across multiple channels, including in groups, through private messages to select people, and in the News Feed

LinkedIn Publishing

If you’re used to writing blog posts, LinkedIn is a great place to expand your reach. You can via LinkedIn Publishing create articles natively, on the platform. It is quite possible to link the article published via LinkedIn Publishing, to content on your own site.

The different types of ads on LinkedIn

Once the social network is in your hands, you can take it a step further by advertising on LinkedIn. Depending on your advertising objectives, lead acquisition, visibility, etc., you can define the advertisements you will broadcast and the allocated budget.

LinkedIn offers two advertising choices:

  • self-serve ads, where you create the campaign from scratch
  • campaigns managed with a LinkedIn partner. In this case, you are put in touch with a partner so that the latter manages part or all of the campaign, from creation to optimization.

Several advertising objectives are also offered by the social network. They are three in number:

  • Notoriety
  • Consideration
  • Website visits
  • Commitment
  • Video views
  • Conversion
  • Lead generation
  • Website conversion
  • Candidacy

For each of these objectives, different advertising formats are offered.

Chat Ads

This format has a simple objective: to enable quality conversations with professionals, thanks to a personalized experience. This advertising format takes place in LinkedIn messaging. Depending on the objective, the configuration is different. However, in any case, it is possible to configure several CTAs to access different elements. To know more you can read our blog on a detailed comparison between Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal.

This format improves the engagement of an audience while reinforcing the authenticity of a brand.

Dynamic Ads

These advertisements reach prospects with automatically automated advertisements. This type of advertising retains a user’s attention more, in particular by using LinkedIn data (photo, company, position, etc.)

With this type of advertising, it is easier to get new subscribers to a page, generate conversions, etc.

3 ad options are available:

  • Job Ad (promote a job offer and generate more applications)
  • Follower Ad (increase number of followers)
  • Spotlight Ad (to redirect to a site or landing page)


To conclude this guide presents all the advantages of LinkedIn for your marketing strategy, it is important to note that LinkedIn is a social network with many opportunities. These can be captured through a real content marketing strategy and good use of the features offered

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