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The MeetMe sign up page is a terrific way to explore and meet people from other places and cultures. The ideal platform for you is MeetMe, where you may meet people of all ages—young and old, male and female, tall and short, fair and dark, etc. Follow these instructions to sign up for an account on MeetMe.

With millions of young girls and guys to its credit, it is one of the dating services with the quickest growth rates online. However, you must first utilize your computer or mobile device to open a MeetMe registration account in order to use this online dating site. MeetMe is a helpful app to meet new people with whom you can plan fun activities. Put another way, it’s just your typical dating app.

What is MeetMe App?

MeetMe app is intended to accomplish what its name says: “chat and meet new people.” It formerly known as the myYearbook app, sets itself apart by introducing users to new acquaintances rather than putting them in touch with old ones. Using an email address or an already-existing Facebook account, new users can establish an account. After registering, you may view profile photographs (middle image), build your own profile (third image), and, if you’d like, communicate with other MeetMe users. In addition, users have the option to peruse the newsfeeds of individuals in their vicinity, akin to what one may see on Facebook.


Features MeetMe

  • It is an online dating service that offers signup and registration for free.
  • Make new acquaintances both inside and outside your area.
  • Make contact with departed family members.
  • Make strong friendships with your friends and schedule dates in the comfort of your own house or place of employment.
  • Join MeetMe right now to discover your real love.
  • It is an online dating service that securely stores your personal information.
  • It is online dating service, has no fraud.

How to Register for a New MeetMe Profile

  1. Visit MeetMe Registration Page
  2. Select the green “Sign Up Free” button located in the lower right corner.
  3. Type your full name, first and last.
  4. Enter your password and email.
  5. Select your place.
  6. Select your birthdate and gender.
  7. When you click the green “Make friends” button, you’re done!

You may use your Facebook account to sign up for MeetMe if you lack the patience to go through the previous processes. For new users, this is the simplest Meetme registration form. You may use this without a password or email. Your Facebook login credentials are what you use to log in.


Meet Me Registration

If you really do want to sign up for MeetMe, all you have to do is follow these steps to do it yourself, without needing assistance from a friend or computer center.

  • Visit the official MeetMe dating service website.
  • In the space provided below, enter your personal data, which includes your date of birth, gender, location, email address, and first and last names.
  • Click “Sign Up Free” to complete the signup process.

Come See Me Register on Facebook

You may use your Facebook account to sign up for Meetme if you lack the patience to complete the remaining steps. This is the easiest Meetme registration method for new subscribers. Passwords and email addresses are not required. For your login, your Facebook login credentials are utilized.

  • Go to the registration page for MeetMe.
  • Click the “Sign up with Facebook” option at the top of the form.
  • I agree to use Facebook to check in with Meetme Done.

MeetMe Login

After you create your Meetme account, you will automatically log in, but I’ll go over how to do it whenever you’d like for your convenience. Only a tiny portion of the information you provided to us during the Meetme registration process is used in this simple and quick procedure. This is it:

  • Click this link to visit the Meetme login page on a mobile device. Select Here
  • Enter your password and email address here.
  • Below is where you will find the “Login” button.

What information about MeetMe should parents know?

Without a doubt, MeetMe is a dating app; below, it lures users into an online hookup (its sibling app, Skout, is a well-known adolescent and adult flirting app). You are asked if you want to use the app for “friends” or “dating” throughout the registration process, and the software tailors its user interface to your choices. Because I had set my profile to “male” and “seeking women,” the app was already suggesting ladies for me to talk with in my town after I had only been using it for a few minutes.

Parental guidance is advised when an app is rated as 17+ by the Apple App Store, as this rating system is reliable. The MeetMe app, according to a secular, profit-driven organization, is inappropriate for the majority of high school students. This is a crucial matter.

There is a significant predatory danger since the app has 100 million users, which means there will inevitably be trolls hiding around. The app was listed as one of the top six adult dating apps for teenagers in 2015. Parents should take this as a serious warning sign. Additionally, there is a genuine risk of predators using this app because it links users based on geographic proximity.

  • Social Networking: you may add friends, trade images, conduct anonymous surveys, and converse with complete strangers. But once more, it’s social networking with a dating/hookup/flirting slant, complete with features like “Romance,” a wall of primarily female photos, and “Rate Me.”
  • Privacy controls: Toggle off “Include me in Meet” to prevent your profile from appearing in the “Meet” stream of profiles in the main navigation by clicking on the “me” icon at the bottom, then “settings” at the bottom, and finally “Privacy and Content.”
  • In-app purchases: You may upgrade your account to Meet+ to get rid of advertisements, have access to additional photo options, and filter other people more specifically (“by body type”). Users of app are regularly prompted to buy MeetMe credits in order to enhance functionality.


The MeetMe smartphone app imagines a café or restaurant where everyone is invited. MeetMe seeks to satisfy everyone’s need for mobile connectivity. Since its founding in 2005, It has facilitated a significant number of chats, exchanges, friendships, dates, love partnerships, and even marriages. It is the most popular app in the US for meeting new people, and it’s particularly appealing to folks in the 18–34 age range. It creates beauty with the use of popular features like chat, meet, and live video. The well-known Meet Me apps for iPhone and Android support more than a dozen languages.

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