Memory Games: 5 Games that Improve your Child’s Memory

Memory games for kids: Brain training apps are one of the best means to boost many perspectives of your kids mental growth. At the same time, they help pass the long waiting hours in the car or outside about when your kids are restricted from moving around.

The before-mentioned best Memory games for adults not only help kids to hone their memory skills but also help them learn strategy, force them to think, teach them Concentration, and improve their reflexes. Memory games for kids awareness, cognition, and the most useful thing is that they learn while they are not even aware that the activity is learning!

These best Memory games for adults and activities need them to stop, focus, think, plan, and remember, and these are all great skills that we all need to use every day. Some ideas can be used with preschoolers right through to kids in the later years of primary/elementary school.

The best way to remember different things in the long-run is by adding them to your mind memory. According to National Geographic, memory games for kids free boost your ability to remember things by improving your working memory. Not to mention that as per the research done by Silicon Valley, video games help improve cognitive learning among kids.

Considering that 2.5 billion people and 95 percent of children are already gamer, playing Memory games online, as per CNET, it is a great idea to leverage a skill they will always require. After all, whether it remember concepts or your address, your memory comes into play for it all!

Best Memory Games for Kids which Improves your Child’s Brain

Here are some of the best video memory games for kids online out there that help boost a child’s memory. Checkout Best memory games: brain training apps:

1. Sudoku:

Memory Games

Specific memory games: brain training might have now found a new medium, but their effectiveness remains the same. One such game is Sudoku. For years, the game, along with crossword puzzles, has been a staple of most newspapers. Now, the game is available online as well – a platform best suited to engage kids. Sudoku is a puzzle game featuring nine rows and nine columns. You must place numbers in a way that the puzzle amounts to a given figure, vertically, laterally, and horizontally. However, you cannot change the number once you have placed it.

Therefore, the game relies on your short-term memory and ability to think ahead. Many think that Sudoku is a highly effective game for boosting your cognitive skills when you are younger than an adult.

2. World of Words – Memory Games:

Memory Games

One of the easiest things to forget are words of a language that you don’t use often. Most children are exposed to difficult words rarely adopted in familiar lingo and often forgotten in classroom settings. World of Words ensures that you memorize such words by creating a puzzle out of it. Offered by the platform is MiniMe 500c, the game gives the word to players they must find in the puzzle.

However, the catch is that before the given the word becomes visible, players must form a variety of other words along the way. Therefore, children find themselves racking their brains for words, thereby stimulating their memory.

3. Battlefield 4:

Memory Games

First-person shooter Memory games are often looked down upon by parents. Many think that they promote violence among children. However, there is no conclusive study of the correlation. There is a known correlation between first-person shooter games and cognitive skills like reasoning, spatial navigation, and memory.

One game that helps in improving the quality of your memory is Battlefield 4. Here, the player assumes the role of Sergeant Recker, who is in command of several soldiers. It would help if you led them into combat on air, land, and sea. How does the game help improve memory? Well, it bombards with you a plethora of information. Some of it, you must remember, and others need to be discarded. The player must decide which information they need to store.

Considering that not all stimulus and data people come across should be retained, the game hones children’s ability to decide what information is worth holding on to.

4. Super Mario:

Super Mario

Super Mario continues to be popular among children and adults ever since it was released back in 1983. In these kind of Memory games, players have to assume Mario’s role, given the task to rescue Princess Peach from her castle. The player must navigate through a vast world, complete different missions, and overcome various obstacles along the way.

According to independent research, featured in PLOS and NCBI journals, Super Mario positively impacts a player’s memory. It is because the game helps in increasing hippocampal grey matter among players.

What is the significance of hippocampal grey matter? Well, this part of the brain is essential for strategic planning, motor skills, spatial orientation, and memory. Therefore, by playing the fun game, your child can end up learning a lot of essential skills.

5. Memory Match – Memory Games:


Memory Match is one of the many games delivered by the popular brain-training app called Luminosity. There is a high probability that you already know about Lumosity. After all, according to the company itself, the platform has over 75 million subscribers, and multiple people vouch for its effectiveness.

Memory Match helps in improving the working memory of the child, which is used for storing and manipulating information temporarily. The better your working memory is, the higher is your retention ability. So, how does Memory Match work? Well, the game revolves around determining whether a given symbol shown to you is the same as the one presented two times previously.

The trick to winning the game is quickly memorizing each symbol that comes on the screen. While the idea seems easy, it is among the most challenging games on the platform. Moreover, those who have mastered the Memory games can gauge their skills by playing Memory Match Overdrive, an advanced version of the same exercise.


While every parent might not prefer how much their children play video games, it turns out that you must befriend your enemy for the betterment of your little one! Rather than restricting your children from video games, expose them to ones which they can benefit from. The five Memory games mentioned certainly do so.

To make assured your child doesn’t lose interest, it is best to introduce them to it. At the same time, do monitor their screen time. Everything is best in moderation! Combine video game with physical activities and outdoor fun for the best development of your child. Is there an effective video Memory games that helps a child’s memory that we might have missed? Let us all know.

 The over is a few great games you can play with the family, your child’s friend group, or even one-on-one. Pretty soon, your child’s memory powers and observation skills will be much improved, maybe even better than your own!

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