10 Things to Do Before Moving to California For 2024

Have you ever considered moving to California? California is lovely, with nice weather, a thriving employment market, and interesting hobbies. The same is true of its varied culture and lengthy history. However, there are a few things you need to do before you load up and relocate. Moving to California to a different state is a task that requires careful planning. If you have a solid strategy, you might remember to pack the essentials.

Consider moving to California for a variety of reasons, such as the state’s ideal climate, stunning national parks, multicultural cities, and mouthwatering cuisine from around the globe. There are a few more things, though, that will require some getting accustomed to. First of all, a snowy Christmas will undoubtedly disappear.

However, it’s a tiny price to pay for the opportunity to enjoy warm weather all year, right? Not suitable for all. Continue reading if you’re wondering if you should relocate to California. Before moving to California, check out this list of things to do. Follow along to find out more!

What to expect when moving to California

Moving to California

You win some and you lose some, but if you enjoy the outdoors, the sun, beaches, and wildlife, you will definitely gain more in California than you will lose! For those who are still undecided about moving to California, here is a summary of important information to consider before making the move, along with a few advantages and disadvantages of the Golden State.

1. Sun-lover’s Paradise

It goes without saying that California is a sun-lover’s paradise. It experiences lovely summers with little rain and mild, dry winters, typical of the Mediterranean climate. The good news is that even though it can get cold during the winter, you won’t need to turn on the heater because it will never fall below freezing. Although the average temperature is about 70 degrees, there are some extremely hot summer days that can be even hotter. Nevertheless, because California is such a big state, there are big regional variations in the average temperature.

2. Pricey Accommodations

There is a cost to moving to California, even though it is incredibly lucrative and offers wonderful benefits like gorgeous beaches and lovely weather. The biggest portion of living expenses, housing costs, are high for both homeowners and renters. Living in San Francisco and Los Angeles is among the most costly in the nation. Zillow reports that the median listing price of a home in Los Angeles is $850,000, and in San Francisco, it is almost $1.3 million.

3. Verify Adequate Funds

To begin, figure out how much money you’ll need for accommodation and other costs in the first month. To find out how much you can afford for rent, electricity, groceries, and travel, make a budget. Think about whether you will have enough money to pay for the cost of any essential furniture, relocation expenses, and any applicable deposits. If you want to depend on another source of income, like a side hustle or part-time employment, be sure to account for the high cost of moving to California.

4. Make a list of Necessities

Begin by compiling a list of the necessities, such as kitchenware, bathroom necessities, and furnishings. Cost should be taken into account when choosing what to buy, and you should choose whether to buy new or used things to save money. To properly care for your new home, make sure you add things like cleaning supplies, tools, and additional bedding. Lastly, don’t forget to account for important papers like your driver’s license, health records, and proof of address.

5. Economy and Employment

The work market is the most crucial factor to take into account while moving to California, and it won’t let you down. Major cities like San Francisco have relatively low unemployment rates due to their robust economies, which are driven by tourism, agriculture, and technology. But remember, there would be thousands of other applicants to vie with you for a job in Silicon Valley—moving to California is a dream come true for many!

Some of the largest tech companies, like Google, Facebook, and Apple, are based in California. A few more significant employers are Wells Fargo, Chevron, and Disney. Unfortunately, the greater cost of living (second only to New York) offsets the higher average income compared to the other states.

6. Get to Know Yourself

Find out which California towns, cities, and places best suit your lifestyle by doing some web research. Discover the local way of life and take in any state or local sites that pique your attention. If you’re moving there to accept a new job, familiarize yourself with the local rules and ordinances to find out what is and isn’t allowed. Make a list of the essentials you’ll need, including sunscreen and warm clothes, to live comfortably in California, then pack appropriately.

7. Take a moveable trailer

It’s crucial to look into trailer rental businesses in the area you plan to relocate. To get the best offers, check rental rates and customer reviews. After that, get in touch with the rental firm to decide on the size and duration of the trailer you require. After that, in order to finish the rental, you’ll need to present your proper identity, a driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Lastly, make sure to arrive on time and with the required trailer accessories after you’ve accepted the terms of your trailer rental to find out more about auto transport trailers.

8. Required Documentation

A lot of planning goes into moving to California: setting up funds and obtaining the required documentation, as well as exploring the area and entertaining things to do. Making sure everything is in order before moving is essential. Make your move to California an adventure you won’t soon forget by starting your research and getting ready. Make the required preparations to actually relocate to California. Was this article helpful to you? If so, check out our blog right now for additional travel advice!

9. Natural Disasters

California is well-known for its breathtaking beaches and gorgeous scenery, but it is also vulnerable to natural disasters. Before moving to California, you should be informed of a few natural disasters: Given that the San Andreas Fault crosses a large portion of California’s north coast, earthquakes are the state’s most well-known natural disaster.

About 10,000 earthquakes occur in Southern California each year, the majority of which are smaller than 3.0 magnitude and just 15-20 of which are larger than 4.0. Wildfires are common in California because of the state’s hot, dry weather. In 2018, Camp Fire burned around 19,000 houses and claimed 85 lives. Another major worry is mudslides and landslides, especially in areas where wildfires have caused soil instability. In 2018, there were 23 fatalities and over 400 demolished homes due to the Montecito mudslides.

10. Excessive VAT Regrettably

Regretfully, out of all the states, California has the highest income tax. According to Smartasset, the highest income category is subject to a 12.39% state tax. It goes on to say that because the state tax rate for the lowest income category is just 1%, the tax policy is progressive. Furthermore, the state tax base rate in California is high at 7.25%. If it’s comforting to know, property taxes are less than the national average (1.19%), averaging 0.79%.


California is a wonderful state with many benefits and drawbacks for residents. The advantages of moving to California seem to outweigh the drawbacks, whether you’re doing it for a job or to enjoy the state’s gorgeous coastline and sunny weather. Get in contact with our dependable and knowledgeable Realty Specialists before you buy a property so they can guide you through the process. You’ll be one step closer to discovering your ideal California home once you’ve determined a property type and price range. Within ten days after moving, register your car and file for a new driver’s license in California.


Should I relocate to California?

For many people who have a clear idea of why they want to move to California, making the move is a good choice. Being an expensive place to live, you should make sure you have a job before moving to California on a whim. The state excise tax makes gas 68 cents more expensive for Californians per gallon of fuel. California has a sales tax of 7.25% to 10.75% and a state income tax ranging from 1% to 12.3%.

Why wouldn’t you relocate to California?

California is a costly state with high taxes, wildfires, earthquakes, water droughts, expensive housing costs, and often excruciating traffic. These are just a few of the reasons why someone should not relocate there.

What is the cost of moving to California?

It seems logical that someone would want to live in California, but before moving to California there, make sure you have saved up enough money for at least six months’ worth of living expenses. Since California is one of the most costly places to live, you’ll need to have savings or at least a well-paying job lined up before moving there. California’s natural beauty—its beaches, mountains, and climate—attracts those who want to relocate there.

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