7 Most Useful Marketplace Websites for NFT Buyers

The world has been embroiled with NFTs. NFTs are unique digital collectibles that cannot be exchanged for another token like other cryptocurrencies can. NFT marketplaces are used to mint and sell NFTs. It’s a fascinating experience to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. It can be challenging to select the ideal NFT marketplace for you when there are so many options accessible to trade your digital assets.

NFT platforms have evolved almost as rapidly as the varieties of NFTs that can be bought. You can set up an account, fund the account, and buy and own NFTs on the NFT marketplace, just like on any other marketplace. But remember, even buying NFTs has a price. So, why would you want to buy NFTs?

The goal of purchasing NFTs is similar to that of purchasing and owning collectible cards, artistic works, or a signed photograph; you may either keep it if you truly want it or sell it when its value rises. This phenomenon is making its way to business entrepreneurs to invest in an NFT marketplace platform with the help of a NFT marketplace development company to increase the alternatives for interested buyers and sellers. Most people buy NFTs with the intention of reselling them for a profit at a higher price. With this said, we’re going to walk you through some of the most useful NFT marketplaces for NFT buyers.

7 Most Useful Marketplace Websites for NFT Buyers


Given that this market is the largest in the world in terms of trading volume, many people think that OpenSea is the finest place to buy NFTs. Since its launch, OpenSea has gained over one million users and became the first platform to introduce NFT trading to the general public.

This marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain which offers many NFT categories, such as art, domains, in-game goodies, and more. The marketplace features 4 million items spanning nearly 200 categories. Popular NFT tokens like CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, as well as virtual properties on OpenSea can be bought with Ether.

Token Used – Ethereum

Gas Fees – When making payment & during account registration


There have been a plenty of novice NFT creators on Rarible, another well-known NFT marketplace. Because you can easily browse popular collections, top sellers, as well as ongoing live auctions, it’s one of the best markets for discovery. Relative to other marketplaces which don’t have as many NFTs, the platform’s design is a lot more appealing. Whilst you can also use the platform’s Rarible token to make purchases, pricing on Rarible is denominated in Ethereum.

Token – ERC-20 RARIm along with Tezos & Flow

Gas Fee – An average of 0.010 ETH when purchasing NFTs


Another rapidly expanding NFT marketplace with lots to offer for both creators and collectors is Crypto.com. This platform particularly stands out because it provides some of the lowest fees possible for buying and selling NFTs. In contrast, when you buy an NFT on Crypto.com, there are no transaction fees to pay. A very competitive 1.99% fee is paid by sellers and creators.

Another wonderful feature of Crypto.com is that it enables sellers to run auctions in addition to providing a buy now price. So, rather than taking the chance of losing over to another bid, you can buy an NFT right away if you see one you want.

Token – Crypto.org Chain & Ethereum

Gas Fee – None


The Binance NFT Marketplace is yet another excellent platform if you’re looking at buying NFTs. This marketplace is managed by Binance, as the title implies. Binance takes pride in having low fees, and the NFT market is no exception. Users may buy NFTs for just a 1% transaction fee. Additionally, the Binance NFT Marketplace provides NFTs on both the Ethereum blockchain as well as the Binance Smart Chain, guaranteeing a wide range of tradeable assets.

Although individuals who don’t already have cryptocurrencies can simply purchase some using the Binance exchange, as the Binance NFT Marketplace platform currently allows NFTs to be acquired using crypto. NFTs can be bought at a fixed price or through an auction, and they can be moved to an external NFT wallet.

Token – Binance Smart Chain

Gas Fee – When making payments

NFT Launchpad

A comparatively new NFT marketplace called NFT LaunchPad was built by creators, for the creators. The platform has attracted many designers who are dabbling in NFTs for the first time because it makes it simple to mint your own NFTs utilizing formats like MP4. As a result, NFT LaunchPad has become one of our top sources for finding new collections.

The platform NFT LaunchPad has made it as simple as possible to buy and sell NFTs. All NFTs are priced in wrapped BNB, and it interfaces with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Token – Binance Smart Chain (BSC) + Polygon

Gas Fee – None

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is another excellent NFT marketplace to take into account. The emphasis of Nifty Gateway is on “premium” NFT drops, are NFT releases with such a constrained selection of assets. Several well-known artists and creators have released drops on the platform in the past, including Steve Aoki and Grimes.

Nifty Gateway’s selection is geared primarily toward high-end investors because these NFTs are so highly sought-after. The cryptocurrency exchange company, Gemini backs the Nifty Gateway. You can use your credit or debit card to purchase NFTs if you reside in the US. You must utilize the cryptocurrency on your Gemini account if you are outside of the US, though.

Token – Ethereum

Gas Fee – Only when transferring NFTs onto Nifty Gateway


To advance culture, Foundation is indeed a specialized platform that connects digital innovators, crypto natives, plus collectors. The “new creative economy” is how Foundation describes itself. Digital art is its main area of focus. To join Foundation as a content producer, an artist should be invited by yet another artist, and each artist will only be allowed to share one invite.

They must first mint an NFT or buy art from the platform in order to create an artist profile. Users must first contribute Ether to their MetaMask wallet.

Token – Ethereum

Gas Fee – Only when buying an NFT

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to choose where to buy NFT tokens for the very first time, but always make sure to thoroughly investigate NFTs before placing bids. The beauty of NFTs lies in their singularity; each NFT is effectively a non-replicable code that ensures that a token can only be owned by one individual. They also get a potentially excellent value from this, one that might increase with time.

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