What Gamers can Expect in 2024

Gaming has been a part of people’s lives for many years, and 2024 appears to be no different. With each coming year, there are new game releases to get the fans excited. It could be a brand new game, or just an expansion of existing fan favourites.

One thing is for sure though, there is definitely a game for everyone. Whether you’re into first person shooters, sports games, role playing games or even online bingo, there are so many games out there ready to be played and explored, it’s sometimes impossible to make a decision and choose which one to start.

But don’t worry, as in this article we’ll be looking at what gamers can expect in 2024, what games to look out for and what gamers should give a try.

Star Wars Outlaws

The highly anticipated release of the newest instalment of Star Wars games, Star Wars Outlaws allows players to explore the galaxy, new planets and old, as you play Kay Vess seeking a new life away from the troubles of outlaw life.

With the ability to explore planets both close to fans’ hearts and ones never seen before, it could offer players a great new experience in the world of star wars.


You simply can’t go a year without doing your annual Skyrim playthrough. One of the most well known role playing games of all time, its replay ability is unmatched throughout the role playing game genre. With the player progressing through the game learning different skills and abilities, the choice is completely yours how you progress and play.

With the developers opening up the game to the community to create their own mods and publish them to the community, there really is no end to how many different types of playthroughs you can do.


With the introduction of season 2, Warzone continues to be a mainstay in the gaming and battle royale world. The call of duty spin off, allows players of up to four per team to drop into the map, fighting for survival to be the last remaining team. Originally released in 2020, warzone has continued to thrive and grow, still holding a massive player count each day.


Another battle royale, and one of the originals at that, Fortnite originally released in 2017 and has been a mainstay in the world of gaming ever since. With collaborations with various companies such as Star Wars and most recently Lego, along with frequent updates to the battle royale map, there’s always something to do on Fortnite. We think 2024 will continue to be a great year for Fortnite players and fans.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

The next release after the much loved Test Drive unlimited releasing over ten years later, test drive unlimited solar crown offers players a great experience in the driving simulator world. Allowing players to drive numerous different types of cars, explore the open world and race against other players, the world is at your fingertips with this game and it’s a true experience for car enthusiasts.


The latest in the line of football simulators, FC24 is the ultimate game for football fans around the world. Allowing players to play with real players and teams from across the globe, with various game modes available. Fancy making your own playing and seeing if you can make it to the top? Or prefer to manage your favourite team to glory.

The most popular game mode is Ultimate team, where you collect the best players from around the world and make your perfect team, going up against other players to try and be the best. This game really is the closest you can get to being an actual professional footballer.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

A third person shooter based around the DC comic book characters. In this game you’re faced off against some of the most well known characters as they’re being controlled by a super villain as you try to protect earth, featuring Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and many more, you’ll have a blast zipping around the map exploring and fighting enemies to ensure earth’s survival.

Online bingo

Just like the other games on this list, online bingo can be a real thrill to play, not only the chance to win real money, but the excitement of when you’re on your last number and you’re waiting for it to be called, it can be a real blast. You can play either online or in person, the choice is yours!

In 2024, it’s clear there’s a game for everyone, however with the amount of games that are available, it can be really daunting. So take a seat, read through the above list of games and see if one of these takes your fancy!

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