How to Make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face

Do you know how to make money on onlyfans? Compared to other social networking networks, OnlyFans offers a unique way to make money online. Creators like you may profit from your “fans,” or the individuals who seek out unique material, thanks to our exclusive platform. Would you like to make money on OnlyFans but don’t want your friends and family to know? You could think about creating a profile without a face!

On OnlyFans, however, can you make money without revealing your identity? How to find people on onlyfans? Indeed, you can, and a plethora of anonymous creators are doing just that. You’ll discover how to make an anonymous OnlyFans page, swiftly increase its revenue to thousands of dollars per month, and position yourself for long-term success. So, putting prejudice aside for the time being, let’s examine this site from a business standpoint in order to learn how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.

What Is OnlyFans?

One site that offers material for subscription is called OnlyFans. With its 2016 debut, it now has over 2.1 million content providers on board. Due to its loose regulations, it has subsequently become more and more well-known as an adult website that verges on pornography. Similar to other social networking sites, OnlyFans facilitates global user connections.

Nonetheless, its main objective is to give artists ways to make money off of their work. OnlyFans promotes producers that make non-explicit material, such as fitness trainers, professionals, musicians, and artists, despite its popularity as a platform for adult subscriptions. You may share whatever content you want in a secure environment as long as you abide by the platform’s rules. You may increase your subscriber base, gain a following, and generate income from a variety of sources.

Who Uses OnlyFans?

Anyone may use OnlyFans. Writers, poets, motivational speakers, painters, chefs, and more may all be found on OnlyFans. However, the website is more well-known for serving as a center for porn performers, sex workers, and other content creators. Sex workers and amateur pornographers frequently use OnlyFans because it allows them to publish content that would get them banned from other social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These users upload videos and photographs, communicate with their followers via direct messaging, and sell services.

How to make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

On the social networking platform OnlyFans, people may register as supporters of their preferred authors. By charging a monthly charge to “fans” who follow their accounts, content providers may make money off of their work. Followers can access special material on the creator’s feed by paying a membership fee. OnlyFans gives its creators an 80% cut of the money made through their accounts; the platform keeps 20%. The richest 1% of accounts make 33% of all money, according to recent studies. Out of all the accounts, the richest 10% make up 73% of the total money.

The most well-known accounts are said to earn over $100,000 per month, while ordinary accounts only make roughly $180. Naturally, these numbers don’t account for the tipping mechanism on the site, which means that money fans send to authors in return for exclusive images or videos, private messages, etc. is hidden and difficult to get. In summary, earning money is feasible, if not always simple. Making money on this subscription platform requires a lot of hard work and is not something that is given to you, just like any other internet company.

Through engaging messaging and a well-thought-out approach, content producers may become closer to their fans and perhaps become successful OnlyFans creators, opening up new revenue streams (some of which we’ll look at below). Strong personal brands will assist platform producers in drawing devoted followers by offering superior content and the realization of certain desires or fantasies, just like large companies engage heavily in marketing to expand their fan base.

OnlyFans Income Opportunities

You may monetize the site by offering courses, affiliate programs, sponsored content, accepting contributions, and more. You can even make money through direct messaging.

The following are the most popular ways to monetize content on OnlyFans:

  • Subscribers: Demand a monthly payment from users to access your content.
  • Donations: Use Patreon to solicit contributions from your followers.
  • Amazon Wishlist: Make a shared wish list on You can receive suggestions for your posts from people via private messages.
  • Custom and PPV Content: Customers may ask you to make personalized videos for them or perform private shows (PPV) with them.

The best way to optimize your earnings on OnlyFans is to make use of all five of these strategies—and maybe some of the others listed below as well.

  1. Subscriptions

One of the most popular ways to monetize OnlyFans is through subscriptions. Users can pay content creators on a monthly or yearly basis to access their content. Eighty percent goes to the creators, and the remaining twenty percent goes to the company. Individual subscriptions begin at $4.99 and go all the way up to $49 per month. Generally, most creators choose to pay a $9.99 fee. Regular fans can also receive discounts, and limited offers or subscription bundles that grant users transient discounts for a predetermined number of months can be used to entice users to take action.

2) Direct Chatting with Followers

Another successful way to monetize your material on OnlyFans is to use direct chat with your followers. Many influential people and successful musicians on the platform use this strategy. It assures that you won’t have to rely completely on subscriptions, as this alone will not bring in the millions. You’ll be able to wring out more money from the same number of members by giving items like:

  • OnlyFans PPV Messages
  • Pay-Per-View Messages
  • Locked Posts
  • Locked Messages

This monetization method works in a very basic way. Fans pay a fixed cost or per-message charge and you supply them with unique material in exchange. You may send PPV messages to subscribers and price-lock these messages so users can access them only if they pay. There’s also an opportunity to send PPV messages to certain subscribers who want special material.

Your messages can include photographs, movies, audio tracks, etc., and you can charge anything you wish for the material. For most individuals, this has proven to be the most successful way to make money on OnlyFans, and if you are exploring for additional revenue streams, then this is a wonderful one to explore.

However, it’s crucial to realize that, while profitable, this kind of income may be quite time-consuming. Most artists have to dedicate a significant amount of their day to responding to fans. If you have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of admirers, you may want to consider outsourcing this task to agencies or ghostwriters who can respond to messages from fans on your behalf.

3) Getting followers

Getting followers to click the “$” symbol underneath your posts and provide you with suggestions is another way to make money off of your OnlyFans account. As an alternative, people can tip you via messaging. Just ask your followers to tip you if they like the high-quality information you publish. The tip option may also be used to market personalized content and PPV messaging. You may accept gratuities for any kind of goods you sell, digital or physical, such as:

  • PDFs for meal plans
  • Exercise lesson videos
  • Hard-copy books, such as cookbooks
  • Images, audio files, and videos
  • branded goods

You may make things easy for yourself if you want to sell more than one product by making a tip menu that includes a list of everything you have for sale along with the tip amount. In order to deliver your followers the appropriate items, pin this menu to your profile and ask them to let you know what they’re tipping you for.

4) Send users to different platforms

As most of the top earners on OnlyFans do, redirecting your audience to other platforms is another way to monetize them. As said before, OnlyFans is not a pornographic website, and a lot of the content that is popular here is also popular on other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram (which can be a very lucrative company in and of itself), and so on. You may also use your own website as a redirect for your followers.

To achieve even greater success on other platforms, make use of the elements that elevate the platform with more individualized methods, such as private messaging, tailored material, etc. Allow fans to subscribe to your OnlyFans account for premium material and follow you on other platforms for free stuff. For instance, if you look at Bella Thorne’s bio, you’ll find that she utilizes redirect links to send her followers and subscribers to other websites, such as Amazon, Spotify, and others, in addition to OnlyFans, where she does not make money.

She may now use various projects and promotions to make money off of her fame, and you can do the same with the bio of your OnlyFans account. Of course, keeping things simple is usually the ideal strategy if you’re just getting started. However, you may use YouTube, Vimeo, and other social media networks to monetarily support your account if you’ve built up a sizable following.

5) Live Streaming

Another profitable way to make money on OnlyFans is through live streaming. Just decide when you want to go live with your audience. This strategy may be used in two ways to make money. During your OnlyFans live broadcast, start by asking your followers to tip you. If a viewer feels charitable or amused, they are free to donate any amount they like.

This is a fantastic way to make money on the platform, and if you’re using it to raise money for a good cause, like a charity, you can even make it more ambitious by setting objectives for your stream, like a certain amount you want to raise. A second option is to employ a payment-gated stream. It allows you to charge for access and restrict who may watch your live broadcast to subscribers exclusively. You can use it to place your live stream behind a paywall.

6) Affiliate Marketing

You have several options to make money with affiliate marketing as a content developer. All you have to do is look for programs in your expertise to promote; you will receive a commission if a sale is made as a result of your referral. Selling almost anything via platforms like Share-a-Sale and Amazon Associates is one of the nicest things about being an affiliate.

Your audience and niche will determine what you can sell.

  • Online classes
  • Accounts for email hosting
  • Accounts for web hosting
  • Reservations for hotels
  • VPN signups
  • Recipe books

Always remember to take commissions (the proportion you’ll get for each sale or promotion) into account if you want to utilize this to monetize your OnlyFans account. For example, a 10% commission on a $100 product implies you will receive $10. Take into account the cookie duration as well. A product with a 30-day cookie duration gives you 30 days from the time someone clicks on your affiliate link to make a purchase, after which you will not receive the commission for that transaction.

7) Advertisement

Brands in your niche will want to collaborate with you as your OnlyFans account grows so they may advertise their goods and services to your audience. Getting sponsored is a fantastic way to both make money and promote products that fit well with your content. After you’ve established your following, be proactive and initiate contact with businesses to suggest mutually beneficial collaborations, rather than waiting for them to find you. Just bear in mind that this kind of monetization requires extensive study and labor.

Make sure you have a solid plan in place before you start because everything in today’s world is profit-driven, which will make it challenging for you to maintain the satisfaction of large companies. Offering a particular product or service through an affiliate network is a terrific way to gauge your followers’ reactions before committing to using this revenue technique.

Which accounts among OnlyFans earn the most?

As the aforementioned list demonstrates, there are numerous ways to make money on OnlyFans. With net incomes in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, some creators on the site are doing incredibly well, despite statistics showing that the typical creator only makes around $180. To help you get motivated, here are a few of the OnlyFans accounts with the greatest earnings.

1. Blac Chyna

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $20 million

Rob Kardashian and 34-year-old model, reality personality, and influencer Angela Renée White, also known as “Blac Chyna,” had a public relationship. Her OnlyFans membership costs $19.99 a month, and members have instant access to images, movies, and other content rated just for OnlyFans; much of it is themed around foot fetishes.

2. Morgan Edwards

Monthly Estimated Earnings: $2 million

In less than two years, Morgan Edwards, popularly known as “Kitty K,” has made over $2 million on the network. She created a company with over 5,000 customers who purchase her stuff for three months at a cost of around $70 per month.

3. Jem Wolfie

Monthly Estimated Earnings: $900k

Perth-based fitness model Jem Wolfie is the founder of the popular OnlyFans app. Since the Australian influencer has apparently been banned from Instagram once for posting “lewd content” (though she has since rejoined), it’s reasonable to assume that her supporters will be treated to some special OnlyFans images and videos. Her $5 monthly subscription fee is expected to bring in around $1 million per month. Erin Carter became well-known during the boy band period of the 1990s as a singer, rapper, dancer, producer, and reality TV personality. He is currently among the most paid users on OnlyFans. The artist has so far been able to keep this position by giving his devoted fans access to exclusive photos and videos of him showcasing his abilities. He makes half a million dollars a month on the platform, and his subscription is $11.25 each month.


Is anonymity possible for OnlyFans? Indeed. If it makes you uncomfortable, you have no need to identify yourself or display your face to your audience. On the platform, there are a lot of creators who are OnlyFans without faces. On OnlyFans, is it possible to make money without revealing yourself? Yes, but it requires effort. You must pick the appropriate topics, make a captivating profile, interact with your audience, and aggressively market yourself. how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.: Ideally, concentrate on content that highlights particular body areas or is based around a niche. This way, it won’t be as noticeable when your face is missing from your material.


Can you use OnlyFans without revealing your identity?

Indeed, you can. You are not prohibited from operating a No Face OnlyFans account by any regulation in the OnlyFans TOS. That being said, using a no-face account to make money and achieve success is a whole different story. Finally, it all boils down to how well you can position yourself in the market by picking the appropriate areas and building a compelling web profile.

Without revealing your identity, how much money can you make on OnlyFans?

Although hiding your face might hinder your progress, it doesn’t stop it. You may make the same amount of money as artists who reveal their faces. As you can see from the example in the essay, this can be in the 4- or even 5-figure range.

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