How to Increase your Outreach as a Company

When you start a company, one thing that you should be concerned with is increasing your outreach and growing your company. In the past, you would likely be expected to make horrible phone calls to your customers and more than likely face angry people or risk getting hung up on. Fortunately, there are lots of different options out there. Sales outreach has progressed over the years. It is important to keep up to date with the best strategies but to get you started, here is a little bit of advice for growing your company.


This is a little bit more old school than more contemporary techy options. However, because of that, you may attract more people than you think. By taking the less traveled route you may be able to catch the attention of other people. In order to make a flyer quickly, you can go to great flyer makers online for free. These will be able to guide you through some of the basics and help you create a flyer that is both attractive and professional. Once you have these in hand, you can spread them around town or at local events.

Be proactive in your approach

Businesses these days face a lot of competition, often from lots of different angles. This is why it is important to be proactive. When you are reaching out to get a sale, you need to be able to know who you are marketing it to and whether you can close the deal. You should do this even if you are expecting inbound sales to come in. Spend time collecting data about your leads and prospective clients. You can use this knowledge to personalize your sales pitch to them rather than following a generic sales pitch.

Focus on the right people

An important fact to remember is that not everyone is interested in you or your sales pitch. You can waste time trying to promote yourself to someone and convert them into a customer, but the chances are this will be a waste of time and money. You will see a better uptake in your services if you focus on a targeted demographic. Thus, you should focus on your market research to look for leads that will follow through with your services. If a lead goes cold then let them go, they were not interested and will likely not change their mind.

Find the right advertisement

Who you are targeting is also going to affect how you advertise to them. When you want to meet potential clients, you need to use the channels that they use. Pretty much everyone these days uses social media or emails. So, you can bet that if you advertise your services through these channels then you will increase your outreach. Phoning people is good, but it does take a lot of time and has a worse return rate. People are less keen this day to actually speak to people over the phone or face to face. Harness the different possibilities and you will soon reap the rewards. The added boon is that both email and social media require less effort and upkeep to maintain.

Personalize your outreach

Personalization has become one of the best ways to attract new customers. It has been used throughout the marketing and has been shown to improve client retention. Spend time investing in this. The market your efforts towards an individual client. This will make them feel more important and thus more likely to deal with you. This can be true even if you can’t offer the best price. There is a lot to be said about enjoying the people you do business with.

Make the most of a good customer relationship manager. They will help you collect and use useful data about your clients and prospective leads. They can provide a dossier for your sales team to follow and increase your customer outreach in no time.

Improving your outreach strategy

This is something that you should do at all times. It will grow your business and improve your profits. There is never a bad time to do this. Make sure to take time out of your year to review your strategies. You can do this twice a year or more regularly. When too many of your leads are not coming to fruition it may be time to rethink your outreach strategy. Staying ahead of the curve is really important. See what your competition is doing and try to do more.


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