Top 25 PC Part Picker Alternatives Make PC Construction Simple

Do you want to build your own computer but don’t know where to start? Or are you more worried about selecting the right parts to create a functional and well-balanced build? In that case, using PC Part Picker, a website, might be useful. With so much information on PC parts available on the website, you can make informed decisions about what to build when you first start out.

Have you made the decision to build your PC? Maybe you’re sick and tired of the bloatware that comes pre-installed on PCs. Perhaps a buddy of yours is boasting about their body. It could be hard for you to know where to start for any reason. For this reason, having a tool such as PCPartPicker is beneficial. Here’s how to search the internet for the parts you need to put together the PC of your desire.

PC Part Picker may provide you with support while building a PC. It can help you choose the right component and assemble a PC without any problems. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to construct your computer using a PC Part Picker.

Explain PC Part Picker

PCPartPicker, a comparison-shopping website that Phillip Carmichael started in 2011 and updated in 2015, is comparable to Pangoly and Logical Increments. On the other hand, it is less limited than something like Newegg’s PC Builder tool because it is not a direct provider.

You may search for a certain part, evaluate pricing from several different retailers (including Amazon, Greatest Buy, and Newegg), and keep an eye on those prices over time to be sure you’re getting the finest offer. The website also can track compatibility with different components, which helps you deal with fewer returns and refunds.

Why It’s Important for PC Component Compatibility and How to Check It

If you’re building a PC for the first time, compatibility is an important factor to take into account. Not every motherboard and cooler can fit in every case or work with every processor. You must verify the compatibility of the items you buy.

Previously, figuring out which components were compatible needed a lot of research. Even yet, there are times when you could buy a lot of parts just to find out later that they weren’t compatible with the case you had chosen.

Use PC Part Picker to locate the right parts for your computer.

PC Part Picker is one of the most popular websites for choosing the appropriate parts for your system. They are capable of writing software and assessing hardware to assemble your computer. The website’s database contains information on a wide range of hardware parts, including motherboards, RAM, CPUs, and graphics cards. You may inspect, evaluate costs, and view the specs of a particular component before making a purchase.

How to Get Started

If you’re not sure what to include in your construction, there are two areas you may start. The PC Part Picker team produces build guides that span a wide range of PC build tiers, from the entry-level Home/Office Build (roughly $500) to the high-end Intel Gaming/Streaming Build (roughly $3,000.) By opening a build guide, you can read a synopsis of each build component’s description and the rationale behind its selection for that specific machine.

By selecting Completed Builds, you can also view builds made by other users on PC Part Picker. In this section, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of the price, all included components and any additional notes. You will also find various filtering options to help you narrow down your search for a particular build.

How to Calculate the Cost of the Selected Components

Anyone who has built a PC knows how quickly the expenses of all the different parts can add up. Beyond the usual components such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, power supply, graphics card, and storage, there are extra costs to consider. Perhaps you want an aftermarket cooler, or perhaps you want a high-end casing to show off your build. It’s also a good idea to budget for extras like a sound card, fans, or case lighting. Not to mention the shipping costs if you buy your components online. These little costs might add up.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a running tab on your building’s budget. Any expense that is less than $1,000 is often considered to be a budget build. A total of $1,000 to $2,000 would be seen as reasonable. Furthermore, a premium construction would come with a price tag of almost $2,000. To view your budget, scroll to the bottom of the PC Part Picker System Builder page. There, you may view the entire cost including shipping surcharges and rebate deductions, as well as a base total that solely shows the cost of the components you have selected so far.

Best 25 Websites Alternatives to PC Part Picker

The Top 25 Sites Similar to PC Part Picker in October 2023 are featured based on how similar they are to PC Part Picker in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap.



Gigabyte is the best choice for business executives and PC users, providing everything from personal computer hardware to commercial server solutions. It is acknowledged for its excellence and originality. Taiwan-based electronics company. Under the names GIGABYTE and occasionally GIGA-BYTE, Gigabyte Technology, formerly known as GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd., is a Taiwanese producer and distributor of computer hardware. Gigabyte specializes in motherboards and has a website similar to PC Part Picker.

With 4.8 million motherboards supplied in the first quarter of 2015, it ranked as the leading motherboard provider. Furthermore, Gigabyte manufactures laptops and customized graphics cards, including thin ones marketed under the Aero sub-brand. Gigabyte was ranked seventeenth on the list of “Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands” by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council in 2010. The company is listed and traded publicly on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the stock ID TWSE: 2376.



You’ve come to the right place! With a website like PC Part Picker, you can use our AMD Custom PC Builder to look through and choose PC components from our thousands of available parts. You may use this to create a bespoke workstation for your company or a streaming gaming PC. After configuring your PC, you can print your parts list or view a store map to visit one of our locations; post your parts list on Reddit, our community forum, or other forums to get feedback; save your parts list for later use in the Build Dashboard; and add items to your cart to reserve them for pickup in-store.

Committed Computer Manufacturers

  • If you’re a hobbyist PC builder, your Build Dashboard allows you to generate and store several component lists. After you’re done, remember to publish your PC to the Build Showcase so that others can view it and be inspired by your choice and ingenuity.



With User Benchmark’s creation tool, you can rapidly select a configuration of popular and potent PC components. Easily create a virtual PC and compare it to millions of real-world benchmarks to see how it should perform. Using a website like PC Part Picker, construct two virtual PCs: one for the baseline and one for the alternative, so you can compare them side by side.



Pangoly bases its suggestions for what hardware and peripherals should go into the custom PC you are building via a website like PC Part Picker on your demands and the money you have available. Explore a wide range of laptops designed to meet your demands and your workload, whether it’s for productivity, gaming, or creating content. Take your mobile performance to new levels or enjoy longer battery life with sleek designs for optimal mobility.


Building your PC compatibility was never so easy with PC Builder; all you have to do is choose the parts you need from the most recent list, and with a website like PC Part Picker, you can start making your fantasies come true.



In 2012, Yvonne Ho and Linus Sebastian founded Linus Media Group Inc. (LMG), a privately held entertainment firm in Canada. The company distributes and produces several tech-related podcasts and YouTube channels, the most well-known of which is Linus Tech Tips (LTT). With a website similar to PC Part Picker, LMG’s other channels—Tech Quickie, Tech Linked, Short-circuit, and Game Linked—have accumulated 26.39 million subscribers and 9.16 billion cumulative video views.



For IT enthusiasts of all skill levels, Tom’s Hardware is the place to go. We provide a vibrant professional community and a wealth of editorial resources to help you along the way, whether you’re building a PC, buying a laptop, or teaching your kids how to build robots using a website like PC Part Picker.



Logical increments help you choose parts for your PC. To get more information, click on a build. Using affiliate links to purchase computer components from Logical Increments supports us financially without increasing your expenditures. Everyone may access the website for free thanks to your purchases! using a webpage such as PC Part Picker.



An enthusiastic group of PC experts is putting in a lot of effort to offer a unique and enjoyable service that enables anyone, regardless of level of computer proficiency, to select their own customized PC.

A website has been developed specifically to meet all of your demands about custom PCs. Using a website like PC Part Picker, you may choose from a wide range of computer parts according to your tastes and the compatibility of your present system. Furthermore, a wide range of items are available on our website for you to choose from, taking into account your budget. We have everything you need to put together a customized PC.



The greatest offers on PC parts and gaming laptops, plus much more! | is a business that offers gaming laptops and PCs, computer parts, computer construction, and more. Let your tech imagination go wild with our prompt shipment and top-notch customer service! Online electronics shop based in the United States. Using a website similar to PC Part Picker, an American business by the name of Newegg Commerce, Inc. offers computer hardware and consumer items for online sale. Its main office is located in the City of Industry, California. Most of it is owned by the multinational technology company Liaison Interactive.



With the help of websites like PC Part Picker, PC Case Gear has grown to become one of Australia’s most reputable and well-known computer stores by providing a wide range of computer cases and components online.



Offer a user-friendly user interface that guides customers step-by-step through the process of building a PC. Provide a comprehensive catalog with technical specifications and customer evaluations for CPUs, GPUs, and other devices. Offer a budget management tool that uses a website like PC Part Picker to provide suggestions for parts and real-time pricing changes. Enable virtual build simulation so that users may view and modify their PC setups. It is best to employ compatibility testing to notify consumers of potential issues and bottlenecks. Display performance indicators, including the anticipated frame rate per second and the game’s benchmark score.

Establish user accounts to enable the sharing, saving, and access to the build history of builds. Provide a community forum and customer care to provide a seamless and informed user experience.



The intricate process of putting together bespoke PCs is simplified and made easier to navigate by Nvidia’s PC builder’s user-friendly interface. Modern GPUs, motherboards, RAM, storage, and other top-notch Nvidia components are all available on the platform. With a focus on budget control, users may set financial limitations, get real-time pricing updates, and receive suggestions for specific components. With the use of websites like PC Part Picker and the virtual build simulation feature, enthusiasts can quickly view and modify their configurations. The builder alerts users to any issues or bottlenecks to ensure compatibility and performance indicators tell users about the capabilities of their system.

In addition to developing the GPU, Nvidia is the firm behind innovations in AI, gaming, hardware for games, creative design, autonomous cars, and robotics.



With the CGDirector PC Builder, anybody can design a build that minimizes workload while meeting their goals and budget. It’s been a long process, but we are thankful for our readers’ amazing remarks, which made it possible. With a website like PC Part Picker, we’ve been working hard to improve the PC Builder by adding support for new hardware types, taking compatibility issues into consideration, considering case and RAM clearances, and much more. However, it’s still a work in progress, and we appreciate any feedback to make it even better!



This website was created to help beginners choose the parts they need to put together their gaming PC. Prices and parts are often changed depending on the situation. ChooseMyPC simplifies things by providing a components list that you may edit with a website like PC Part Picker to meet your needs.



Welcome to Micro Center’s Custom PC Builder. There is still no one-size-fits-all gadget that works for all user types, despite the breakthroughs made in modern personal computers, according to websites like PC Part Picker. Even while many pre-built PCs can meet a wide range of client types, bespoke configurations are a superb alternative for many users, especially when it comes to high-performance computing, gaming, design, and more. Also, building your own PC is a lot of fun if you want to tinker with electronics!

If you want to create a PC from the ground up or use a pre-built base system with modifiable components, Micro Center is the place to go. We can help you choose any part of your system, including your tower, power supply, and hard drive if you’re interested in personalizing your setup. Whether you want to build your own computer from the ground up or just upgrade to high-tech peripherals, we can help.



Make use of it to produce the remarkable. We provide high-end gaming PCs, customized gaming PCs, software, and other computer-related items to the do-it-yourself and PC gaming community. US-based technology company that was in operation from 1985 until 1997. With a website similar to PC Part Picker, NeXT, Inc. was an American technology firm that specialized in computer workstations intended for use in higher education and business. Eventually, the business became known as NeXT Software, Inc. and NeXT Computer, Inc.

Based in Redwood City, California, the company was founded by Steve Jobs, the CEO and co-founder of Apple Computer. Following his expulsion from Apple, Jobs introduced the NeXT Computer as the company’s first product in 1988. The Next Cube and Next Station were released in 1990. Just 50,000 of these laptops were shipped, indicating extremely poor sales.



If you’re searching for the least expensive gaming PC constructed with inferior parts and questionable quality, go elsewhere right now. Origin PC uses only the best-performing components for gaming PCs; all customized gaming laptops and PCs are assembled in the United States by highly skilled and incredibly gifted technicians and assembly engineers.

Yes, we can build our renowned gaming PCs more affordably overseas. This is how most of our competitors do business. Having said that, we would rather build every gaming PC in the US since it gives us the most control over overall quality, functionality, and manufacturing. And with a website like PC Part Picker, we’re happy to only hire the best PC builders in the country.



Corsair Gaming, Inc., an American maker of computer hardware and accessories, is situated in Milpitas, California. Corsair Components and Corsair Memory was its previous name. In January 1994, Corsair Microsystems was first established in California. In 2007, it underwent another incorporation, this time in Delaware.

Among the products it designs and sells are solid-state drives (SSDs), computer cases, gaming peripherals (keyboards and mice), USB flash drives (UFDs), ATX power supplies (PSUs), speakers, and case and CPU cooling. With a website similar to PC Part Picker, it possesses sales and marketing offices in important nations throughout the world in addition to distribution centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. It rents a production facility in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, where a restricted number of items are assembled, tested, and packaged.



The greatest offers on PC parts and gaming laptops, plus much more! | is a business that offers gaming laptops and PCs, computer parts, computer construction, and more. Let your tech imagination go wild with our prompt shipment and top-notch customer service! Online electronics shop based in the United States. Using a website similar to PC Part Picker, an American business by the name of Newegg Commerce, Inc. offers computer hardware and consumer items for online sale. Its main office is located in the City of Industry, California. Most of it is owned by the multinational technology company Liaison Interactive.



Towers Counseling Services: building stronger foundations and reaching new heights in relationships with individuals, couples, and families. Lori Torres, left, is a married and family therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina, employed by Future plc, the company that runs the online computer hardware magazine. She offers family, couple, and individual therapy. AnandTech, an online magazine about computer hardware, is owned by Future plc. It was established in 1997 by Anand Lal Shimpi, who was 14 years old at the time. Before Ryan Smith took over on August 30, 2014, he served as the company’s CEO and editor-in-chief.

Originally intended for enthusiasts interested in computer assembly, the website offers comprehensive hardware reviews and benchmarks for readily available components. Later on, it also talked about portable electronics like tablets and cell phones. This website resembles PC Part Picker.



Visit PC Gamer for all the latest information, reviews, demonstrations, and exclusive news about your favorite PC gaming franchises. Every month, Future plc, an American video game magazine with headquarters in Britain, publishes PC Gamer, a UK-based magazine and website dedicated to PC gaming. There are several foreign editions of the magazine available; the US and UK editions are the best-selling PC gaming publications in their respective countries. With a website similar to PC Part Picker, the magazine provides previews of future titles, reviews of the newest, best-selling PC games, and articles about hardware, mods, and “classic” games, among other topics.



Asus is a leading producer of desktop computers, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, and networking hardware. The British online retailer Asus has been included in BusinessWeek’s Infotech 100 for a consecutive twelve years. British-based ASOS plc (AY-Soss) is an online clothing and cosmetics shop.

The firm was founded in 2000 with an emphasis on London’s young adults. Fulfillment centers situated in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom ship to all 196 nations. In addition to its range of clothing and accessories, it provides over 850 brands on websites like PC Part Picker. Originally called OsteoScreen, ASOS’s tagline was “Buy what you see on film and TV” since the company sold solely replica clothing, emulating popular items like Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket from the 1999 film Fight Club.



One free online PC builder that specializes in building really high-quality bespoke desktop, gaming, and general-purpose PCs is called PC Specialist PC Builder. This is one of the best user-friendly and exploratory web platforms out there, which makes it simple and quick for users to create a PC. When using a website like PC Part Picker, customers may build their own systems, modify PCs, and customize laptops with an abundance of functionality and customization possibilities. It also offers configuration services for workstations, liquid series, mini-PCs, overclocked PCs, powerful servers, and much more.



Xidax PC Builder is an online application that simplifies the process of building a PC, enabling users to simply design the PC they desire. This website provides two distinct services: direct custom PC buying through its online store using a website similar to PC Part Picker, and custom PC manufacturing. The primary disadvantage of using this platform, however, is that it just offers products that it has manufactured and enables customers to purchase them online via an online PC store.

To sum up

In summary, a multitude of websites akin to PC Part Picker enhance the vast terrain of PC construction, each catering to the unique requirements and inclinations of novices as well as aficionados. These top 25 options have shown to be quite useful, offering features like compatibility checks, community forums, and virtual build simulations.

With a website like PC Part Picker, these platforms adapt to the ever-changing needs of consumers and the introduction of new technologies. Whether consumers are searching for low-cost solutions, a specific brand, or high levels of personalization, these websites offer a rich ecosystem for them to explore, learn from, and create.

Users may create customized systems, interact with a lively community of like-minded PC enthusiasts, and make well-informed decisions by exploring this digital realm. Even with the rapid innovations in the computer business, these websites remain indispensable companions in the exciting search to create the perfect PC.


1. How can PC Part Picker assist me in building my own computer?

A website called PC Part Picker offers a platform for choosing and assembling PC parts. It assists people—especially novices—in making well-informed judgments regarding the components needed to assemble a sturdy and well-functioning PC.

2. I haven’t built a PC before. Could PC Part Picker help me figure out where to begin?

Of course! PC Part Picker is a great starting resource. It provides information about PC parts, assisting you in making decisions regarding your build and giving beginners a place to start when constructing PCs.

3. What is the purpose of building my own computer?

You may tailor your PC to your own requirements and tastes by building your own computer. It also gives you complete control over the parts you select for your build and helps you avoid pre-installed bloatware.

4. How can PC Part Picker help me choose the appropriate parts for my construction?

Compatibility tests and an extensive library of PC components are offered by PC Part Picker. Providing information and making sure the parts you choose are compatible for a smooth build, helps you make the proper decisions when it comes to component selection.

5. I’ve heard about PCPartPicker, but the quantity of data is overwhelming. How should I begin?

If you’re feeling overburdened, begin by determining your budget and unique demands. PC Part Picker makes it simpler to reduce your selections by letting you filter and search for components based on your requirements.

6. Can PC Part Picker assist me in avoiding incompatibilities when putting my PC together?

Yes, PC Part Picker’s compatibility check is one of its primary functions. It guarantees that the parts you choose work well together, saving you trouble while assembling the parts.

7. Is PC Part Picker appropriate for novices as well as experts in PC building?

Indeed, PC Part Picker serves customers of all skill levels, from novices to experts. Because of its easy-to-use design, comprehensive part information, and compatibility tests, this program is beneficial to both novice and seasoned computer builders.

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