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Looking for best pictures editor? No worries! We have posted some top rated and best Picasa Alternative for Windows 10 computers here. In 2016, Picasa was among the best and popular photo Editing software. Google discontinued the service due to some issues, however, and Google photos replaced it.

It is possible to join your Picasa Web Albums with all images with your local folders using the local Picasa program. This is a software for photo editing that lets you take advantage of Google+ integration to automatically back up your images. This software is a best picture editing Picasa users with varying levels of experience with a particular variety of best replacement for picasa editing functions and other features.

If you have been using a Windows managing system for a while, then you should know that there is a lack of applications on the platform for image command. Take a look below for finding out best Picasa Alternative applications for photos editing.

Best Picasa Alternative Apps For Editing

So, we have listed down the best replacement for picasa that you can use today, to make things a bit easy. For picture Featuring and photo editing, these tools can support you. So, let’s find out the best Picasa Alternative apps.


Picasa Alternative

Phototheca makes it very simple to manage, arrange and sort your images on your desktop in one place. The business provides a free and paid version, all of which give you a library to import your pictures. In addition to regular features, such as slideshows and photo searching, it also provides a few exclusive features, such as showing images by calendar or in a timeline mode. It is one the best Picasa Alternative according to its amazing features.

This is another great photo editing app on the list that provides a plethora of features for image editing and management. Although the app does not have cloud storage functionality such as Picasa, because of its easy-to-use image editing tools, it stands out from the crowd. It offers users not only image editing but also useful features such as screen capture, picture splitting, etc.

If you are looking for an advanced photo viewer tool for a device running Windows 10, then you need to give XnView a try. XnView has superior picture storage functionality compared to the other Google Picasa Alternatives. XnView’s user interface replicates the look of Google Picasa. In addition to that, the Windows picture viewer tool supports more than 500 different types of image files.

Google Photos

Picasa Alternative

Google Photos works as a substitute for Google Picasa. So, the best alternative to the Google Picasa tool could be considered. It connects with other Google services, such as Google Drive, to sync images, which makes Google Photos more useful. It also gives you a few picture editing features, apart from that.

Flickr is another great platform for sharing photographs on the cloud, where you can upload pictures for free. While Flickr is commonly referred to as an image-sharing platform, it also specializes in storing and managing photographs. Flickr allows users to store 1,000 images under its free account. Flickr also provides a few image editing tools from Aviary, apart that.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Picasa Alternative

If you are looking for an easy and lightweight Windows 10 Photo Viewer app, then you need to try Apowersoft Photo Viewer. The tool is known for its ease of use and simplicity at all times. Besides that, it also includes several photo editing tools to change brightness, contrast, etc.


best replacement for picasa

It is a common storage service for the cloud that can be used to store almost all types of files, including images, videos, docs, etc. In general, the cloud storage service is recognized for its ease of use and simplicity. When we talk about the photo management function, Dropbox helps users to organize images by setting up folders.

Photoshop Elements

best replacement for picasa

Photoshop Elements is usually a stripped-down version of Adobe Photoshop, but it comes with all the features you need. Not only can you handle your images with Photoshop Elements, but you can edit them as well. In addition, some other Photoshop Elements features include ease of uploading for sharing, scrapbook pages, calendars, etc.

The great thing about HoneyView is that it supports a large variety of formats for image files and is certainly the best Windows picture viewer software. When we speak about the features of photo editing, HoneyView provides users with simple photo editing tools to alter colors, brightness, etc. So, HoneyView is one of the best Picasa Alternative apps you can consider in 2020.
You can select FastStone Image Viewer if you are looking for the best free image viewer app for your Windows device. One of the best-rated image viewer apps out there is the FastStone Image Viewer. The excellent thing about the image viewer is that a wide variety of image file formats are supported. So, there is other Picasa Alternative app that you can use today.


best replacement for picasa

This software is both a forum for photo management and photo-editing, designed to allow users to edit images easily and quickly. Whatever you like, you can arrange your photos-chronological, color matching, etc.-and easily search for a given photo. ACDSee also includes editing functionality, such as adding filters, using drawing and selection software, reducing the red-eye, and allowing images to be applied to borders, vignettes, and text.

It is one of the best and top-rated Picasa Alternative app on the list, similar to the above-mentioned HoneyView software. You can display your pictures comfortably with the Imagine Picture Viewer. Imagine Picture Viewer also has a few simple editing tools, apart from that.

Microsoft Photos

Picasa Alternative

Much like Google Images, the Windows 10 operating system’s default photo management software is Microsoft Photos. Although Microsoft Photos is not commonly used, it provides all the photo editing and organizing features available. What’s more fascinating is that a video editor that can be used to create videos from your photo collection is also supported by Microsoft Images.

The app is intended to help you keep your pictures as organized as possible. Not only images, but Freshview also supports formats for audio and video as well. So, Freshview is another of the best and most easy-to-use app, Picasa Alternative that can be used on your Windows device. So, these are the best choices for Google Picasa that you should suggest.

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