Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & Bar Guide: Venues, Food, Styles & Price

The nomenclature of Pier 88 evokes thoughts of brisk maritime currents, vibrant wharves, and the enticing fragrance of recently prepared seafood. Whether one is a foodie at heart or a seafood aficionado, Pier 88 guarantees an indelible gastronomic experience. We shall delve into the realm of Pier 88 and investigate its distinctive provisions. Pier 88 is centered around the renowned Low Country Boil. Consider the following: a steaming pot brimming with a half-pound of snow crab legs, succulent shrimp (excluding the heads), all-meat sausage, a boiled egg, a potato, and corn. It is a sensory delight, with its multicolored hues and blending flavors. The best part, too? Pier 88 offers this coastal delicacy for your enjoyment. It is an encounter, not merely a dining experience.

Pier 88 is committed to procuring exclusively the most recently caught seafood. Every morsel, originating from the abyssal depths, comes to you bearing the imprint of the ocean. Pier 88 serves an exceptional selection of seafood, including fried calamari, oysters, shrimp, crawfish, and clams, all of which exude an aura of genuineness and enthusiasm. What is the ideal complement to seafood? An expertly curated beverage, without a doubt! The full-service bar at Pier 88 provides a variety of options. Indulge in a variety of signature cocktails, peruse an extensive wine list, or choose a revitalizing beer. The bar enhances the seafood experience, contributing to the overall memorability of each visit.

Fresh-caught seafood Seasoned with Cajun Spices in the Style of Louisiana

Family-friendly and casual, Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & Bar specializes in Cajun seafood prepared in the style of Louisiana, specialty cocktails, and the best happy hour. Freshly caught seafood is boiled at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & Bar with seasonings prepared in the style of Louisiana, including Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Butter. In contrast to numerous conventional seafood or casual dining establishments, our dining experience is both extraordinary and reasonably priced due to our discerning service, sophisticated atmosphere, hands-on approach, and distinctive flavor.

Fresh-caught seafood Seasoned with Cajun Spices in the Style of Louisiana

Boiling Seafood & Bar at Pier 88: An Indulgent Cajun Dining Experience

Our high-volume casual dining establishment serves boiled seafood prepared in the southern Cajun style, which is preserved in a cooking bag. In addition to boiled seafood, our restaurant’s menu features fried seafood and bar snacks that are prepared from the ground up. A full-service bar is available to complement our varied menu, providing patrons with an extensive selection of beers, specialty cocktails, and wines. We maintain that our adaptable price points, inventive, high-quality recipes, and ample servings furnish patrons with exceptional value, thereby enabling us to appeal to a wide range of customers. At present, Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & Bar operates from nine locations, with three more scheduled to open shortly.

Adaptable Pricing

Pier 88 accommodates a wide variety of clients. Flexible pricing guarantees that all individuals, whether they are partaking in a midweek indulgence or commemorating a momentous occasion, can appreciate the Pier 88 experience without incurring excessive financial strain.

Particulars and Timing

Pier 88 has disseminated its enchantment of the sea to numerous locations. Consult their website for drink menus and precise hours of operation. Pier 88 caters to a diverse clientele, including individuals visiting the heart of Chattanooga, the Nile River in Cairo, or the Chesapeake region, and welcomes them with open arms and an abundance of seafood.

Pier 88: An Unusual Waterside Dining Experience in El Gouna

Docked directly in the waters of El Gouna, Pier 88 is one of the most exceptional and distinctive dining establishments to date at this Red Sea resort. Maintaining a Reaching Pier 88, a square-shaped floating dock on the water, is as simple as ascending a wooden plank as if one were on a boat. The venue exudes an air of understated yet distinctive allure through the use of wooden floors, white wooden tables, a bar encircling an open kitchen furnished with red leather high chairs, and grey sofas adorned with black and white accents.

Pisa-colored white cushions

Whether you arrive for lunch ad hoc or make a reservation for dinner and drinks, Pier 88’s extensive menu offers a delightful selection of dishes that are complemented by the mesmerizing illumination of the Abu Tig marina at night. While calming background music from artists like Michael Buble and French singers adds to the atmosphere, the combination of olive oil and garlic over an open flame consistently releases the zesty aroma associated with food preparation.

To begin, we suggest their renowned pil pil shrimp (58LE), which are presented alongside fresh bread for sampling the juices, in a small, hot pan seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and chili. Additionally suggested are the assortment plate (62LE), which features chicken fingers, goat cheese, smoked salmon, and shrimp cocktail, and the fresh and delectable tomato salad (45LE), which consists of onion, chili, and olive oil. A variety of new and original signature dishes were recently added to Pier 88’s menu, including salmon fillet in lemon butter sauce (109 LE), jumbo shrimp in garlic butter (110 LE), spaghetti with broccoli and clams (90 LE), and gnocchi with gorgonzola (85 LE).

Pier 88: An Unusual Waterside Dining Experience in El Gouna

Pier 88 offers a selection of signature fillets and delightful desserts

While at Pier 88, you must sample its signature fillet, which is renowned for being tender and juicy. Pier 88 offers the most exceptional fillet globally, the Wagyu fillet, for a staggering 290 LE; however, the price is well worth it. The ladies’ beef fillet, ranging in weight from 160g to 180g, is priced at 85LE. The standard beef fillet costs 108 LE, and it is available with a selection of Café De Paris, pepper, mustard, mushroom, and balsamic sauces. Additionally recommended is the cheeseburger (85 LE) at Pier 88, which comes with tzatziki and fries.

Even though the dessert selection at Pier 88 is somewhat restricted, you should save room for their hot mixed berries (48 LE). This delectable dish consists of a tall, chilled glass of vanilla ice cream blended with a combination of hot berries and berry coulis, which is drizzled directly from the pan onto the ice cream. Before a night out, Pier 88 is also an excellent location for drinks, with Stella and Heineken priced between 25LE and 35LE per glass, and wine ranging from 40LE to 70LE per glass. A night out in El Gouna that is highly recommended is Pier 88, which is renowned for performing Arabic pop songs that elicit enthusiastic responses from patrons seated on the couches and bars during busy weekends and public holidays.

  • 360 Tip: Ensure that the waiters do not forget the sides of bread and salad that are always served with their steak entrees.
  • Ideal Bit: The establishment serves excellent steaks and appetizers, is ideal for pre-party drinks, and has an incredibly charming ambiance.
  • Pitying Bit: Amidst the busier seasons, the venue may become exceedingly crowded, rendering it nearly impossible to enter and locate a spot without difficulty.

Pier 88

A bar that prepares boiled seafood and serves shrimp, fish fry, and fried wings. An excellent-atmosphere seafood restaurant that welcomes families.

Such as amenities

Cards of Credit Accepted:

  • Eastern Express
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No-Cost Parking:

  • Reservation for Motorcoach Parking:
    • The dining facilities
    • The capacity is 150.

As a cuisine:

  • Bar or nightclub.
  • Fish and seafood
  • Athletic Bar


  • Lunch
  • Consumed Dinner

Boiling Seafood & Bar at Pier 88

This family-friendly, casual eatery specializes in Cajun seafood prepared in the style of Louisiana, specialty cocktails, and the best happy hour. Freshly caught seafood is boiled at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood & Bar with seasonings prepared in the style of Louisiana, including Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Butter. In contrast to numerous conventional seafood or casual dining establishments, our dining experience is both extraordinary and reasonably priced due to our discerning service, sophisticated atmosphere, hands-on approach, and distinctive flavor.

Boiling Seafood & Bar at Pier 88

Venues Pier 88

Nile River

  • The dining experience at The Nile River, located at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, is infused with the abundant cultural legacy of Egypt. The restaurant’s ambiance enthralls diners by transporting them to the famed Nile River’s shores and evoking the splendor and atmosphere of ancient Egypt. Complementing the atmosphere with delicate illumination, earthy hues, and elaborate artwork, an aura of genuineness and allure is generated.
  • Nile River’s menu showcases a diverse assortment of seafood preparations that are meticulously crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Both traditional Egyptian cuisine and international flavors have inspired these dishes. A diverse selection of seafood boils, grilled specialties, and signature dishes are available to patrons, each presented with an authentic Egyptian influence.

Pyramid Hills

  • Irrespective of the occasion—an intimate dinner for two or a social gathering with loved ones—the Nile River venue offers an exceptional and unforgettable dining encounter. Guests are invited to indulge in delectable seafood while being engrossed in the mesmerizing ambiance of ancient Egypt.
  • Pyramid Hills, a restaurant within the Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, offers a culinary experience that draws aesthetic inspiration from the well-known pyramids that once stood in ancient Egypt. To evoke the mystique and magnificence of these ancient architectural wonders, the venue’s décor combines modern and sleek elements with understated Egyptian motifs.
  • Patrons who dine at Pyramid Hills can anticipate a menu that presents a harmonious amalgamation of tastes, incorporating modernized variations of indigenous Egyptian gastronomy alongside worldwide motifs. There is an assortment of delectable seafood boils and inventive seafood-based dishes to satisfy every palate.
  • With its sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere, Pyramid Hills is the ideal location for formal events, intimate dinners, and casual gatherings. Guests are assured of a memorable dining experience at Pyramid Hills, whether they are taking in the warm hospitality of the staff or admiring the breathtaking views of the pyramids from the restaurant’s windows.


  • Italiano, Situated within the Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, Italiano provides patrons with an oenological expedition to Italy. In a warm and welcoming ambiance, they are invited to indulge in the genuine flavors of Italian cuisine. The venue emanates a rustic allure, characterized by an intimate and romantic ambiance due to its warm wooden furnishings, exposed brick walls, and soft candlelight.
  • The menu at Italiano features traditional Italian fare prepared with premium ingredients, such as locally procured and imported seafood that has been recently caught. Every dish is meticulously crafted, ranging from seafood risottos and indulgent desserts to traditional pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas.
  • Italiano provides an inviting and unhurried dining environment, ideal for gatherings with friends to partake in a feast or for indulging in a leisurely meal with a loved one. Italiano, one of the Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants’ most popular Italian eateries, is renowned for its genuine flavors, elegant atmosphere, and impeccable service.

Almaza Bay

  • Almaza Bay, located at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, provides patrons with an enchanting experience reminiscent of the tranquil Mediterranean coastline while indulging in the pinnacle of coastal opulence. The prestigious Almaza Bay resort in Egypt served as inspiration for the location, which exudes sophistication and elegance through its chic interior design, wide-open views, and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Almaza Bay’s menu showcases the bounty of the sea through a variety of vibrant and flavorful seafood dishes. There is something for every seafood aficionado to enjoy, including grilled fish, seafood pasta, and seafood salads, in addition to fresh seafood platters.
  • Almaza Bay provides guests with an indelible gastronomic experience, whether they choose to dine alfresco on the expansive terrace that overlooks the sea or luxuriate in the elegant interiors of the restaurant. Almaza Bay, located at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, is an essential visit for discerning diners due to its exceptional seafood selection, astounding vistas, and impeccable service.

Club 88

  • Club 88, situated within the Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants complex, is a dynamic and spirited establishment that provides an unparalleled fusion of culinary and entertainment offerings. Club 88, characterized by its sophisticated ambiance, dynamic music, and streamlined design, is the preeminent establishment for individuals seeking to socialize, dance, and grandly enjoy themselves.
  • Club 88’s menu presents a diverse selection of seafood specialties, bar bites, and signature cocktails, all of which are ideal for invigorating an evening of celebration. An extensive selection of premium spirits and delectable seafood boils and sushi rolls ensures that there is something for every patron to savor.
  • Further enhancing the gastronomic experience, Club 88 consistently organizes themed events, live music performances, and DJ sets to guarantee an unforgettable experience for each patron. Guests are assured of an indelible experience at Club 88, whether they are simply letting loose on the dance floor or commemorating a momentous occasion with friends.

Club 88

El Gouna

  • El Gouna, one of the dining establishments at Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, provides patrons with a dynamic and vivid gastronomic encounter that draws inspiration from the Egyptian coastal town of El Gouna. The venue encapsulates the relaxed allure and bohemian ethos of this coastal locale through its unhurried ambiance, beach-inspired interior design, and breathtaking vistas of the waterfront.
  • The Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary traditions influence the wide variety of seafood dishes that El Gouna serves. Each dish is brimming with vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients, including seafood kebabs, grilled fish, seafood tacos, and ceviche.
  • Guests are instantly transported to a tropical paradise at El Gouna, whether they are indulging in the lively ambiance of the indoor dining area or lounging on the outdoor terrace sipping a refreshing cocktail. At Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, El Gouna provides a coastal haven experience through its delectable fare, picturesque ambiance, and gracious hospitality.


  • Khufu’s, situated within the Pier 88 Boiling Seafood Restaurants, presents a gastronomic encounter imbued with historical significance and customary practices, all the while honoring the legendary pharaoh Khufu of ancient Egypt. The establishment is embellished with elaborate furnishings, regal accents, and hieroglyphic motifs, which collectively evoke an atmosphere that engrosses patrons in the era of the pharaohs.
  • A variety of seafood dishes influenced by ancient Egyptian recipes and culinary traditions are featured on the menu at Khufu’s. Every dish, ranging from seafood stews and Nile river fish to grilled octopus and spiced shrimp, pays homage to Egypt’s illustrious gastronomic heritage.
  • Khufu provides patrons with not only delectable food but also immersive experiences in Egyptian culture using live performances, narratives, and themed events. Whether celebrating a momentous occasion with family or friends, patrons of Khufu are pampered with a royal feast befitting a pharaoh.

Inspiration, innovation, and boundless opportunities for expansion

Establishing prosperous alliances in pursuit of the mutually agreed-upon objective of delivering services of the utmost quality.

Our Quest

  • PIER88 is dedicated to achieving the highest standards. We are committed to ensuring that our guests and staff are impressed with the superior quality of our fine dining services.

Our Objective

  • Establishing and providing an indelible atmosphere that elicits delight and contentment in our patrons is our utmost objective.

Our Efforts to promote Sustainability

  • The operations of the PIER88 Group conserve and safeguard the natural environment. Our objective is to advance social equity while simultaneously improving the quality of life for the local population and the neighboring communities. Additionally, we foster economic growth for the benefit of our stakeholders and shareholders.

Our Proficient Group

  • Every individual on our staff has undergone comprehensive training to provide the highest quality of service to our patrons. Personal development and career advancement are objectives that PIER88 facilitates for every employee.

In closing,

Pier 88 serves as an icon of gastronomic distinction, providing a distinctive and lively dining encounter for customers in search of succulent fillets, flavorful seafood prepared in the Cajun style, and exquisite desserts. Through its inventive culinary creations, ample servings, varied menu, and comprehensive bar service, Pier 88 offers patrons an outstanding value proposition and appeals to a heterogeneous clientele. Pier 88 provides patrons with a sensory experience that is something to behold, from the succulent Wagyu fillet to the spicy mixed berry dessert. In addition, its vibrant ambiance and varied drink offerings render it a perfect location for pre-evening social gatherings, guaranteeing guests of El Gouna an indelible experience.

In closing,


What distinguishes the seafood at Pier 88?

Specializing in boiled seafood prepared in the southern Cajun style, Pier 88 serves it in cooking bags to preserve flavor. Furthermore, the establishment’s menu features freshly prepared bar snacks and fried seafood, providing patrons with an extensive selection from which to select.

What are some of Pier 88’s signature dishes?

Famous for its tender and juicy signature fillets, Pier 88 offers a variety of fillets prepared with a selection of sauces, including Wagyu fillet, ladies’ beef fillet, and regular beef fillet. Additionally, the cheeseburger, accompanied by tzatziki and fries, is quite tasty.

What can I anticipate from the dessert menu at Pier 88?

Although Pier 88 has a limited dessert menu, its hot mixed berry dessert is a delightful treat. Served directly from the pan, it consists of vanilla ice cream topped with a mixture of hot berries and berry coulis.

Is Pier 88 an appropriate location for alcoholic beverages and nightlife?

Before a night on the town, Pier 88 is indeed an outstanding location for drinks. They provide an assortment of reasonably priced beverages, including Stella, Heineken, and wine. Guests can experience a vibrant ambiance and Arabic pop music on weekends and holidays, rendering it an unforgettable nightlife destination in El Gouna.

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