PSD to WordPress Conversion: Freelancers Vs. Agencies

In today’s world, nearly every business requires an online presence. Therefore, it is vital to have a responsive website. WordPress that uses the themes built specifically for your business. There are various ways to create the desired WordPress theme for your website. Among them, PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the ways to make the desired theme for your WordPress website.

Moreover, if you are less technically sound, you can either hire a freelancer or an agency offering PSD to WordPress conversion services to get the expected results. But before outsourcing, you must understand the difference between the two for making a good choice.

Keep reading this blog post to understand the comparison between freelancers and agencies for PSD to WordPress conversion.

Who are Freelancers?

A freelancer is said to be an individual that earns money on a per-task basis. They are considered independent workers that perform their tasks either full-time or as a side job in addition to their employment.

For instance, when you hire a web developer he may work only on your project for a while but may pick work from another client later. Hence, they are self-employed individuals who do not work in the long term for a specific business.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits and limitations of hiring a freelancer for PSD to WordPress conversion.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

While hiring a freelancer, you can meet someone who excels in providing you with the exact requirements, whether website development, theme development, plugin development, etc. But it is complex to find a freelancer having a high range of such skills. Therefore, it will be time-consuming to look for another freelancer and explain your vision repeatedly.

Some of the benefits of choosing freelancers for the conversion services are discussed as follows –

  • Specialized Talent

If you require a particular skill set for a project, you can hire a freelancer that has spent years perfecting the same craft. The more experienced a freelancer is, the more value he/she can add to your project.

Most freelancers are specialized in a particular field. Some are specialized in back-end development, some are in QA, and some are in front-end development. But for PSD to WordPress conversion, you should look at the freelancer specializing in the same field.

Moreover, if you want to hire someone for a specific one-time part of a project, this specialization will be beneficial. But for a complex project requiring varied specializations, you will have to hire various freelancers that will be hectic to manage.

  • Cost-Efficient

Hiring freelancers is cheaper as they use their personal resources and can often work remotely. Outsourcing your project to a freelancer allows you to eliminate various overhead costs.

Choosing a freelancer will allow a business to decrease expenses without compromising the work quality. They require fewer resources in contrast to an agency. As a result, they take advantage of such small expenses and set cheaper rates than agencies.

Moreover, with a freelancer, there will be a single point of contact to clarify issues such as management issues, account issues, and questions. They let you easily contact them with any update or question at any time. In addition, you will likely be responded to in an hour.

Limitations of Hiring a Freelancer

  • Lack of Supervision

Unlike full-time employees, freelancers don’t work on fixed hours, and their work quality varies from time to time. So, it will not be feasible to supervise them all time. It directly leads to mistakes, mainly when deadlines are near. It means that their working hours and quality of work are not guaranteed. 

  • Lack of Commitment

Generally, freelancers manage numerous projects at a time. As a result, they have limited time to invest in a specific task. Apart from that, there might be other issues such as unstable internet connection, inadequate systems, etc. These things directly hamper the delivery of the project.

Moreover, full-time employees also do not guarantee the highest success rate. But, by performing regular communication, performance reviews, etc., they work with full dedication to projects. 

  • Unavailability

Freelancers work in different locations and varied time zones. Different time zones can lead to a situation where your freelancer will be unavailable when you urgently need them. Moreover, freelancers work on different projects simultaneously, resulting in taking a long time to implement the changes.

What are Agencies?

An agency can be defined as a business, firm, or organization providing a particular service. Moreover, they are the service providers who sell specialized skills such as web development services. Moreover, if you want to spend some money on your PSD to WordPress conversion project, you can choose a reliable company offering such services.

Now, let’s understand the benefits and limitations of hiring an agency for your project.

Benefits of Hiring an Agency

  • Expertise and Experience

A PSD to WordPress conversion company includes a team of professionals having different skill sets. Moreover, there will not be guaranteed cooperation between one or more freelancers you hire.

But employees in an agency work together on a daily basis, which results in a high level of cooperation and teamwork. Therefore, the end product delivered by these professionals is built with adequate expertise, including programming, SEO, etc.

  • Quality Control

By hiring an agency, you will have quality assurance of your project, as they can provide you with high-quality work and offer you a comfortable payment schedule. Usually, agencies focus on standardized quality control. As a result, there are negligible chances that your work progress will be delayed.

An agency can provide you with better quality work in the form of code review, dedicated testing by a professional QA team, and many more. 

  • Post Development Support

After the project development, if there is an issue on your website, you can get help from the agency. The WordPress development company that you hire for PSD to WordPress conversion works on your project and understands its working. So, you can leverage the benefit of post-development support that they offer after completing your project.

Limitations of Hiring an Agency

  • Little Costlier

Along with providing high quality and reliability of a project, agencies also include overhead costs required to be cleared. But in the end, you save money by having your project done on time according to your quality standards with no stress.


Though the choice of outsourcing your PSD to WordPress conversion project depends on your preference and the type of job you require. For a big project, you will always have to coordinate with various freelancers, but with a company, you’ll get what you actually paid for.

So, before finalizing your decision, make sure that you evaluate your business goals, budget, and the stipulated time frame.

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