6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Games

One of the best parts of gaming is getting the chance to experience new worlds and virtual universes across a range of different genres. As such, it is common for players to have hefty game collections, in both the virtual and physical realms.

Even if you aren’t a dedicated gamer, we all know that moment when a shiny product or gadget catches our eye, and we must have it. However, when it comes to buying new games either online or in-person, there are a few questions to consider before swiping your card or mashing that ‘confirm purchase’ button. If you want to be the most intelligent shopper around, read on below.

What console or platform is this game compatible with?

Most gamers are aware that certain titles are only compatible with specific gaming mediums. For example, the highly anticipated upcoming racing release Gran Turismo 7 is available for play on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Gamers that do not own one of these next-generation consoles will not be able to access the game’s content even if they purchase it. Likewise, some titles are PC-specific and cannot function on consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. Although this may seem like common sense, if you don’t double-check factors of compatibility, you’ll be left with a brand-new game and nowhere to play it!

Is there a free version?

Let’s face it—people love a chance to save money when they can, and gamers are no different. If you have a new title on your wish list but are trying to stay friendly to your budget for the month, researching free-to-play games is a great way to do so. Whatever genre you prefer to play most, there is bound to be a handful of cost-free options. For instance, everything from role-playing games that contain challenging missions in a variety of high-intensity locations, to Free Online Games that feature bright and vibrant Vegas-style slot machines, are available with the click of a few buttons and no down payment. The possibilities are truly limitless thanks to the world wide web.

Reading game reviews is a great way to know what to expect out of a title’s unique features and functionalities

Have I read an adequate number of reviews about the game?

A game’s trailer may get you initially excited about purchasing a new release, but it’s crucial to not just go off of attractive marketing alone when buying games. After all, scenes and moments from the title may only feature visuals and graphics, not provide information about a game’s functionalities. Reading game reviews helps players to know exactly what they will be getting before they put their money down. This is also helpful when shopping around for new gaming accessories like a keyboard, mouse, or gaming PC. Of course, it goes without saying to make sure your sources are reliable.

How is the game’s condition?

While this question will only apply to gamers that frequently purchase titles in a physical storefront location, it is still useful for all players to keep in mind. When you are about to go to the checkout desk, have a quick look over your game to check for any scratches or small damages. This can avoid frustration later since titles sold in bad condition will often boast in unwanted lags or delays and interrupt gameplay.

Is the game a sequel or a new installment?

Another thing to consider before purchasing a new game is whether the game at hand is a sequel to an older version or an entirely new edition altogether. Most of the time, if a gamer enjoyed the first title in a series, there is a good chance that they will equally like the second. However, purchasing a completely different installment of a game you’ve never played before is always something of a risk as you won’t quite know what to expect. This is where you’ll want to watch the game’s trailer several times to get good handling of its features and functionalities. If you’re still sure you want to buy it even if it is not a sequel, go for it! The worst that can happen is you don’t love it and you can then regift it to another fellow gamer.

Purchasing New Games

If you’re really eager to purchase a new game release, make it a point to save for it!

What is your budget?

No one wants to talk about budgets when it comes to gaming, as we all wish our pockets could afford us unlimited access to all the games we want to add to our growing collection. However, unless you’re going to play free games, you’ll need to open your wallet at some point. Having an idea about how much you want to spend on will help you eliminate those games that are out of your pool of possibilities and those you can afford. Don’t be afraid to invest in a game that you are really excited about if you’re also able to purchase it without going over your budget.

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