Top 5 Easy Ways to Record a PC Screen in 2022

Whether you are using Mac, Windows, or any other gadget, there can be several reasons to record your screen. It can be related to some presentations at work, composing a YouTube video, recording a gaming session, or making some software tutorials.

There are several free screen recorders on the internet. In addition, if you use Windows, it comes with its own built-in recording tool that most people don’t know about. Moreover, you also have the option to record your screen from within the browser window. I tried it while I was browsing TV packages prices and it worked just fine. These hacks can help you without having to download and install large programs. However, it totally depends on what you are downloading and how much time you have.

We have hand-picked some of the best record your screen tools and software for your screen recording ventures. We have tried to figure out a mix and match of various important features pertinent to meet the needs of new and pro users. Below are some handy suggestions.

Top 5 Easy Ways to Record Your Screen

Most of these tools allow you to edit your videos once you are finished recording. You can trim your video snippets, adjust their length, volume, add titles and watermarks, and much more. They are also helpful in recording voice-overs. Check them out!

Most of the aforementioned suggestions are free. Also, we have chosen the options based on features like a user-friendly, simple interface, clutter-free options, and so on. Moreover, they are able to handle advanced edits and tweaks as per the need of the users. Let’s know them better!

1. Screencast-O-Matic

Looking for a fast, efficient, and free screen-recording tool? Get your hands on Screencast-O-Matic. The tool comes with some great sound features even with the free version. However, you wouldn’t regret investing in its pro version if you want to enjoy some more impressive features. Here are some of the key features of this user-friendly tool:

  • With the free version, you get to have 15 minutes of screen recording facility.
  • With the pro version, you can have longer recordings.
  • Recording your screen and webcam is effortless.
  • You can create superb presentations and video tutorials.
  • It allows you to publish your output to YouTube.

It is one of the perfect picks for users new to screen recording and video editing. Yet, it also meets the needs of a seasoned pro.

2. Filmora Scrn

Another user-friendly screen recorder on our list! It comes with an easy design and recording and editing videos are also quite convenient. To enjoy hassle-free and glitch-free recording sessions, Filmora Scrn is a reliable tool. This promising software meets the recording needs of its users.

Moreover, it is compatible with both. Windows and Mac. Some of its catchy and useful features are changeable cursor, annotations, tutorial features, and so on. Therefore, you can rely on this tool for great quality output.  Here are some more features:

  • It comes with GPU acceleration that boosts the recording gameplay.
  • It features an intuitive and modern interface.
  • You get to have your hands on a variety of video editing tools to enhance the video quality.
  • You can record your screen with 15-120 FPS.
  • It also benefits users by exporting the output in multiple formats.

3. Apowersoft

For an effortless and simple recording process, Apowersoft is a promising screen-recording tool. You don’t have to essentially download it because it can also be used for online screen recording. You can also take advantage of its superior features. Moreover, the interface is simple and user-friendly making screen recording effortless. Here is a quick look at its features:

  • The screen capture feature makes saving and sharing videos easy.
  • You can record audio and video simultaneously.
  • You can insert the webcam whilst recording also.
  • The screen recorder facilitates exporting videos in several output formats.

If you are particularly looking for refined and powerful filters and output formats, then this is perhaps your perfect pick!

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is compatible with both, Windows and Mac. You can record videos in good quality with this tool. The interface is convenient and intuitive. You can benefit from a bunch of efficient features especially if you are into making ‘how-to’ videos. Here are some key features of the said tool:

  • It comes equipped with video editing tools.
  • You can add a watermark to your videos.
  • It keeps a record of your project history.
  • You get to convert your video recording into your preferred formats.
  • You can make volume adjustments and trim your recorded videos.

Since ‘how-to’ videos have emerged as a proper genre, you may want to try this tool to become popular in that particular niche!

5. Awesome Screenshot

It is available as a plug-in for Chrome. This tool is user-friendly and comes with a good range of features. It makes sharing your video snippets easy. You get to use a variety of annotation tools with this online screen recorder. Awesome Screenshot has garnered rave reviews from the users, which are millions across the globe. Here are some of its significant features:

  • You can capture any part of the web page using this recorder.
  • You get to have your hands on a variety of editing and annotations tools.
  • It can add arrows, circles, make sections, and blur sensitive video snippets.
  • It allows you to choose crop area dimensions before cropping your videos.
  • This recorder supports PNG format.
  • It is also compatible with horizontal scrolling while capturing.
  • You can upload your videos to with a single click.
  • It will also give you a link to share your video file with other sources.
  • Since it offers its own storage, you don’t have to rely on local storage.

Moreover, the record your screen tool is user-friendly and you can multitask while using it. For some of my bills, I had to pay by phone while I used this tool for my video editing and it was smooth. Thanks to the easy-to-handle interface and no complexities.

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