Working from Home? It’s Time to Look at Remote Access Mac Software

The global pandemic had put the world at rest. People from all across the globe sat at home, hoping for things to get normal.

With the advent of modern technology, companies worked at their average pace. Work from home seemed the need of the hour. While new-fangled technologies continued their evolution, one existing technology that has come to light in recent times is the remote desktop software. This software enables you to control one computer from another remotely. The remote control allows you to take over the mouse and the keyboard. And, that means you have the ease of using a computer just like your own.

When you remotely access a computer, you need software to install on the computer you wish to connect to the host. Another device, known as the client, relates to the host who controls it.

Remote access comes to use when the host needs to control the clients’ desktop. For instance, he may need to install some programs, check the workflow, detect and delete duplicates to enhance the device’s performance.

Some free remote access programs listed below need nothing but a few clicks as starting steps. The best programs are:

The app functions in virtually the same way. Just sign up for the account, install the app on the clients’ computer. Now sign in and enable unattended access in the app’s preferences, and set up a password. The best thing about AnyDesk is that the app is as tiny as 3 MB. Thus it consumes little resources.

With AnyDesk, you can transfer files and clipboard integrations in addition to mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  • TeamViewer

One of the best remote access tools with a great free option is TeamViewer. All it needs is a little setup. With the app, you can access features like file-sharing, remote controlling, copy-and-paste, remote printing, etc. For instance, the user can access the host’s computer and check if the system runs in an apt condition, monitor duplicates, and system performance. Are you wondering how to do it with complete ease? Just download the TeamViewer app and see the list of computers you wish to connect to. Exchange the code and explore your client’s computer!

  • DWService:

DWService is an open-source and free remote access tool that allows remote computer access through a web browser. You can install a small agent on the remote machine with the help of this service. The best thing about DWService is that it has available versions for almost all operating systems.

All you’ve to do is install the agent for logging on to the web interface to connect to the machine remotely. Know that you don’t need to download a client to connect, which means there are no mobile apps. To access the service, you need a browser.

You’ll be amazed to know about the lovely extras, which you might never expect from an open-source solution. It can be command-line access or a simple-file transfer interface for remote machines. Although the option isn’t as user-friendly and polished as TeamViewer or Chrome, it is undoubtedly an excellent solution for anyone who doesn’t mind the restrictions of an open browser.

  • Zoho Assist:

One of the most popular yet reliable remote desktop software for Mac is Zoho Assist. This app helps in delivering remote support and unattended remote access for both PCs and Macs. The comprehensive tool provides customer support and abilities for entry and other device controls.

The tool works wonders explicitly for customer support and IT professionals. You can unleash the benefits of help desks, managed service provider support, and outsourced IT. Some features of the software include custom company branding and remote printing. The tool is highly secure and leverages two-factor authentication. An added feature is that it has an action log viewer function that gives real-time visibility of who’s accessing the network.


Taking out time to set up remote access on your computer is indeed a great idea. What better than accessing documents, fixing issues while you’re away from the office.

All it takes is an installation process and some sign-up steps to attain the peace of mind of accessing anything you need in a pinch. If you find yourself working from home, consider the video conferencing apps for staying in touch with your colleagues.

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