Complete Review of Virtual Architect Ultimate In 2021

Virtual Architect Ultimate is suitable for both professionals and novices in the field of home design. It includes nine template floor plans with numerous characteristics that you may totally customize. You may also import any floor plan from the internet and make modifications to it.

The Fundamentals

If you can’t locate exactly what you’re looking for, you can import a plan that looks the most like what you want your home to look like. Then you may use it to trace the original floor plan and save the parts you like while removing the parts that don’t fit your vision.

After you’ve sorted out the plan for your new project, you can start adding furniture, selecting certain lighting and flooring elements, and choosing a paint color for your new home. You can use the wizard to construct a kitchen, deck, or bathroom, which makes the process incredibly simple and quick.

The roof wizard tool in the software also allows you to add a roof to your design with a single click. Virtual Architect Ultimate, like any other top-tier home design software, features a cost estimator tool that keeps track of the materials and time required to bring your concept to life and presents you with a fairly realistic estimate when you’re through.

Even if the real cost of your project differs from what the app estimates, it’s still something to keep an eye on.

This software also allows you to input images of your home, which you can then use to duplicate each feature using the app’s many textures, colors, and materials. Importing photos might help you visualize how you want your home to look in less time.

You can make your new project look exactly like the picture if you have a photo to compare it to. The roofing option covers the complete floor plan with roofing while also allowing you to adjust the kind, color, and other aspects of the roof.

You can export your design in DXF format, which is compatible with CAD, once you’ve finished generating your new project.


  • There are over 7,500 items in all.
  • Use a photograph as a reference.
  • Construct curved walls


  • Phone help is only available for a fee.

Interior and Exterior Design

It doesn’t get much better than Virtual Architect Ultimate when it comes to interior design software. The app contains hundreds of different things that you may use to decorate your bathroom or kitchen. All cabinets, faucets, tubs, showers, and appliances, for example, are totally adjustable in color, size, and design to match the ideal picture of your new bathroom or kitchen.

You may import a photo of how you want your finished design to look, just like any other room, and use it as a reference when picking tiles, wall paint, countertops, or fabrics. The kitchen and bathroom wizards will walk you through the process while teaching you how to use some of the more advanced features and tools if you need them.

Virtual Architect Ultimate, like a few other top home design tools we examined, allows you to create curved walls to add a unique touch to your new home. The program contains a staircase generator that does the task in a single click, making it simple to create staircases.

Virtual Architect Ultimate contains various landscaping features and tools that allow you to fully design the layout around your main lot, making the surrounds of your ideal project as unique as the floor plan. You can import a photo to use as a reference for your new design, just like any other part of the design.

Virtual Architect

Instead of relying on a pre-existing design, you may use the app’s more than 7,500 different plants, trees, flowers, and other landscaping objects to create something unique. The in-app plant encyclopedia informs you of which plants should be planted where, as well as the water and light requirements for each plan. It also gives you a preview of how the vegetation you choose will appear in the future, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Aside from plants, you can enhance your yard with fountains, pools, waterfalls, or barbeque places. The deck wizard function makes it simple to build a gorgeous deck. The fencing wizard allows you to effortlessly design a fence around your property to ensure complete privacy in your home.


  • Intelligent Walls
  • Door Wizard
  • Lighting fixtures are only a few of the features.
  • Library of Flooring Materials
  • Library of Countertops
  • Photorealistic 3D Design
  • Complete Electrical Planning
  • Automatic Roofs
  • Complete Plant Encyclopedia
  • Garden Visualizer




Even if you’ve never used a similar product before, Virtual Architect Ultimate is an amazing home design software. It comes with a number of wizards that make using various design tools and features a breeze.

This tool is significantly more versatile than many other similar apps we examined, with over 7,500 distinct things you may add to your home.


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