What is RPA? Best Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

RPA Tools or Robotic process automation tools help organisations save time and money by automating mundane tasks. These tools collect data, analyse it, give answers, and talk to other systems so that menial tasks can be done quickly and well.

They may be used right away to accelerate business processes and are simple to incorporate into any system. The RPA platform is also scalable, which makes it easy for a company to adapt to changes in the outside world.

What is a robotic process automation tool?

Robotic process automation tools (bots) set up operations by automating processes with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) staff and software robots. These tools don’t interfere with other computer software systems.

The majority of jobs once carried out by human users may be accomplished by process automation tools, which is praised. Some of these tasks are logging into an application, connecting to API services, copying and pasting data, getting information from files and directories and processing it, accessing databases, doing calculations, and “scraping” data.

The best RPA tools have software robots that make sure they are always consistent and follow the rules they were made to follow.

Features of RPA Tools

Robotic process automation technology alters a computer’s or a robot’s software to read requests for interacting with other digital resource systems. The following are some of the crucial tasks that process automation tools perform:

  • Normal customer service activities include submitting scanned documents and e-signature verification.
  • Responsibilities related to general accounting and financial planning.
  • Managing attendance, recruiting new hires, onboarding, and offboarding are examples of human resources duties.
  • IT services include source-code management, email notification optimization, and server reset.
  • Managing supply chain activities such as order processing, inventory control, and shipment tracking requires

Top 10 Industrial Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools and Applications

Let’s delve more into the top RPA tools for 2022:

#1. Another Monday

Another Monday

Scalable intelligent process automation services are offered by RPA software. Digital solutions for machine learning and mobile integration are also offered by this RPA tools platform. Thus, the software aids in increasing productivity, reducing manufacturing costs, and streamlining corporate procedures.

Another Monday main attributes are:

  • Processing knowledge transfer
  • displaying the processing of exceptions.
  • assisting audits
  • visual comparison
  • Identifying opportunities for process standardisation and inefficiency
  • Processing knowledge transfer
  • Increased process automation
  • assigning duties


  • Quick scaling capabilities to swiftly and effectively remove jobs from the database
  • Create boards and pulses to display the results of various tasks.
  • pristine interface
  • coloured coding
  • Temporary templates

Price: Ask for a call back if you want to know more about how much the program or the licence charge costs.

Businesses Utilizing Monday

RPA Another Monday is used by the following sectors to streamline business operations:

These sectors include banking, insurance, and auditing, as well as energy.

#2. Purple Prism

Purple Prism RPA

An RPA platform called Blue Prism is designed to help firms run more quickly and agilely. This software makes it easy to get rid of the need for people to do repetitive tasks. This frees up people to do more important and strategic work.

Blue Prism main attributes are:

  • electronic exchange
  • RPA platform with intelligence.
  • A tool for process discovery
  • An AI-powered manager
  • Design tools for process automation
  • Cloud IADA, Cloud INTERACT, and Cloud HUB are all examples of cloud services.


  • Inventive business automation solution
  • Server-client architecture
  • Floor automation

Pricing: Please request a call back for information on pricing or licencing fees.

Businesses utilising Blue Prism

Blue Prism Process automation technology is needed by the following industries to make their business processes more efficient:

  • Vehicle-related consumer items
  • Manufacturing
  • Market for Retail Chemicals in Construction

#3. Rapise Inflectra

Rapise Inflectra

An RPA platform called a robotic process automation tool is used to automate routine corporate procedures. The programme is used by both developers and non-developers to automate desktop, online, and mobile applications. Additionally, the programme has automated playback and recording.

Inflectra Rapise main attributes are:

  • Validation of tests
  • intelligent rewinding
  • digital recording
  • exploratory experiments
  • I.D. drag and drop
  • Testing of hybrid applications
  • XPath and SkyTools
  • Character recognition using optical
  • Web driver integration for Selenium


  • Flexible and adaptable,
  • Tests for self-healing
  • An efficient object manager
  • Certain libraries

Inflectra Rapis is priced on a machine-by-machine basis. A single machine costs Rs. 99,936. Additionally, three machines are made available annually. For further information, kindly ask for a callback.

Organizations that use Inflectra Rapise

The following business sectors use the Inflectra Rapise RPA platform to automate business processes:

  • Energy
  • Public utilities
  • Health

#4. Kryon


The Kryon RPA platform identifies business operations that should be automated in order to save time and money. The program works by moving repetitive operations to a virtual server so that deadlines may be met quickly and efficiently.

Kryon software’s main attributes are:

  • Seen-through automation
  • Combined automation
  • A complete package of automation
  • Unauthorized automation


  • It’s simple to use. Scalable
  • For specifics on pricing, please request a callback.
  • Businesses Using Kryon

Kryon helps the following industries streamline their company operations:

  • Healthcare\sEngineering
  • Aviation\sManufacturing\sAccounting

#5. UiPath


The automation of manual and routine repetitive activities is guaranteed by the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. The programme offers AI-based capabilities for putting into place well-thought-out automation procedures. In order to fulfill automation tasks, UiPath robots closely cooperate with the application stack.

UiPath’s main attributes are:

  • Tools for process mining, embedded analytics, and connecting enterprise orchestrators
  • AI has improved the digital workforce.


  • video instruction
  • place to ask questions
  • Swift automation
  • Bot administration
  • Scalable attributes

Price: Request a callback if you would like more information on the pricing structure or the licence charge.

Organizations Using UIPath

The UiPath RPA tools are used by the following sectors to streamline company operations:

  • public sector retail.
  • Telecom\sManufacturing\sInsurance
  • BPO in banking and finance
  • Great Systems

#6. NICE RPA software

NICE RPA software

Fast robotic procedures are introduced into corporate automation processes using NICE RPA software to reduce the monotony of doing repetitive and menial chores. This RPA software extracts data from the systems to include intelligent automation capabilities.

Software from Nice Systems’ main attributes:

  • Studio for automation
  • Desktop analytics finder for automation.
  • Desktop analytics finder for automation.


  • Scalable
  • Desktop automation with full value integration

Price: If you would need more specific pricing information, please request a call back.

Sectors Making Use of Nice Systems

The RPA software from Nice Systems is used by the following sectors to streamline business processes:

  • computer programs
  • monetary services
  • Telecommunications
  • services and information technology

#7. Automation Anywhere


The use of robotic process automation tools helps to reduce the need for manual labour for computer-related tasks like data input. By combining AI and analytics in the software, an entrepreneurial digital workforce is created. This lets humans focus on more strategic and creative tasks.

Automation Anywhere main attributes::

  • Management of workload
  • Desktop virtualization infrastructure
  • Built-in SLA calculator for BotFarm
  • AISense for Citrix’s optical character recognition algorithm, Image-based automation


  • bank-level security
  • centralised management.
  • business-grade technology
  • More than 500 bots are available for download.
  • This increases tactical flexibility.

Price: There are three distinct editions of the programme, each with a different price: Enterprise Version 11, Enterprise A 2019, and Community Edition 2019.

Is automation used in any industry?

The Automation Anywhere RPA platform is used by the following sectors to streamline company operations:

  • BPO
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Telecom

#8. PEGA


PEGA RPA software uses the user interface of the available programs to automate common manual processes. Time-consuming routine tasks are readily converted to automation procedures to enhance business process outcomes.

PEGA main attributes are:

  • Testing, DevOps, and case management
  • Online services
  • Automation of Sales Opportunity Finder


  • Bots and virtual helpers
  • Development of low-code apps Client onboarding

Pricing: For the following four platforms: PEGA Customer Service, PEGA Marketing, PEGA Sales Automation, and PEGA, PEGA RPA is offered in three distinct versions.
Please ask for a callback for specific information on each platform and edition.

Businesses Using PEGA

The PEGA RPA platform is used by the following sectors to streamline company operations:

  • technology and assembly.
  • utilities and energy.
  • Allied health and life sciences
  • Automotive, entertainment, and media
  • Financial services for consumers
  • Transportation

#9. Contextor


Contextor RPA software is an RPA tool that utilises robotic desktop automation to its fullest potential. Built-in bots help run tasks inside a computer system to turn time-consuming manual tasks into automated business processes that save time.

Contextor’s main attributes are:

  • Application statements
  • Creating automation programmes
  • Workflow design, UX design
  • snippets of IntelliPrompt code.
  • immediate execution of code


  • Export or archive projects with agility.
  • Visual overview
  • Produce screenshots
  • design customization

Pricing: Ask for a call back if you want to know more about the price or licence charge.

Various Sectors Using Contextual

The Contextor is used by the following sectors to streamline company operations:

  • Banking\sFinance\sTelecom\sRetail

#10. Kofax


Kofax develops and oversees software robots to lessen the strain of doing repetitive work. Intelligent automation is used by the RPA platform to organise and run tasks for both the digital workforce and human resources.

Kofax RPA’s main attributes are:

  • Cognitive entrapment
  • Process management
  • Analytics
  • combining information from multiple websites, programmes, and portals.
  • centralised deployment and administration of robots.
  • a unified environment for design.
  • Lifecycle Management for Robots
  • Automatic process identification.
  • method for managing electronic records.
  • scalable platform


  • Quick and simple data collection
  • It enhances business procedures.
  • document digitization
  • coding hassle-free
  • several data sources.

Price: Request a callback for pricing information or to learn more about the licence charge.

Sectors Using Kofax

The Kofax RPA platform is used by the following sectors to streamline company operations:

  • Information technology services and
  • Monetary services
  • transportation and logistics software.


There is a built-in method for automating business operations in RPA software. Top RPA tools are used by businesses and organisations to automate routine business processes and increase labour productivity while lowering operational expenses. By diligently using these time-saving tools, you may simplify your company procedures.

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