How to choose the right SEO Agency for your business?

If you own a web page or website, you are more likely to hire an SEO agency. An SEO agency provides you with Search Engine Optimization service experts who help you improve the content of your website; to increase its visibility in search engine results.

A prime way to attract potential consumers to your online business/website is by inserting or tagging keywords in your content.

Some of the top SEO agencies are SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd., PageTraffic, SEO Yodha, Web Key Digital, SEO Discovery, and so on.

Characteristic features of a good SEO agency

All the good SEO agencies possess some elementary characteristics. These are as follows:

  • A verified procedure- An SEO agency with experience will always have a tested strategy while working with clients. These strategies are proven to bear fruitful results. They have a fixed procedure of applying these strategies, to reach their targeted goal.
  • Having an A-team – Experienced SEO agencies usually have a team of experts to carry out projects. Starting from planning, leading a project, account managing, to execution, a lot of hard work is required for each project. Hence, good agencies have an A-team that is publicly known.
  • Building client profile- Good SEO companies work with their clients and showcase the work they have done with them. This is a way to ensure that they are experienced. It also helps us pick out the right agency as we get to go through the type of work they have done, their success rate, and whether they are the right fit for our business.

How to hire the right SEO agency to fit your business?

First know why you need an SEO agency. You ought to have your own set of goals before hiring an agency. Rushing into any kind of decision can make the whole procedure go wrong, in turn wasting your time and resources.

You need to know whether your imaginations can meet reality. Having unrealistic goals will only disappoint you. Your targeted goals will help you determine what SEO strategies you should opt for.

If you own a start-up company and you haven’t availed of online SEO services in the past, you would preferably hire someone you are associated with within the SEO business. You would also work with someone you can trust and confide in. In case you don’t know someone yourself, you would probably take referrals.

While hiring an SEO agency you need to have complete knowledge about the company. In case you don’t, it is preferred to do a background check. The things you must know about include customer service, leadership quality, staff experience, and transparency.

Before hiring an agency for your business, you should also make sure that the agency can provide what you are looking for, i.e. meet your expectations, suit your business culture, and your budget.

Get an idea about the agency’s past projects and whether they were successful.

Working with an SEO company

In order to work efficiently along with an SEO company, you need to provide a cordial environment. All the working members should be on the same boat in order to work together.

People running your business can merge with members of the SEO agency so that they can achieve targeted goals. That way both companies can overcome any communication gap.

Working together can help maintain the culture of your company. It also means keeping yourself updated with the status of work.

Optimizing your online content can give a hike to your sales.

The SEO agencies need to strategize well, to help you meet your expected outcomes. Sharing details of your company can help them do their research. Accordingly, they can guide you towards taking the necessary steps to get maximum benefit. Hence, keeping them updated about your business is necessary.

The whole process is time-consuming and about commitment. If the agency finds your business suitable and you, flexible, they will take you up as their client.

While making a contract with an agency make sure it is fairly detailed and you talk about the minute details. Share the agreement with your legal department before signing.

Top SEO agencies across the world and their work

SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2000. It is one of the most renowned digital marketing companies in the world. They have a record of over 6000 and more clients. They provided services like search engine optimization, link acquisition, social media optimization & marketing, local SEO, and so on.

It is known for its high performance, “problem solvers”, and dependable results.

NP Digital – The co-founder of NP Digital is Neil Patel. It is best known for SEO-optimized content marketing. The major partners are Neil Patel, Mike Kamo, Mike Gullaksen, and the president being Jeff Johnson.

SEO company HigherVisibility is located in Memphis, top of the list of best agencies. They have been growing since 2009 and were recently named SEO Agency of the Year by Search Engine Land. They have a goal to understand our business and bring in strategies for us, to achieve our targets.

Another company named Distilled, located in Seattle was founded by Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow in 2005. Some of their campaigns were a success and came out in Forbes, The Huffington Post, TIME magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. They continue to do phenomenal work in analyzing online sites and giving a clear idea about specific traffic details.

The search engine optimization service is a growing industry worth  $65 billion.  Different companies across the world are trying to fit in this business. It is an upcoming market where our future lies.

If you are planning to hire an SEO agency for your business, go ahead and do it. It is a great way to expand your business.  Just make sure you choose the company as it is the hard part.

Do not rush into any decision and do not expect immediate results. This is a time-consuming process. So be patient. Have faith in the agency you hire and your business.

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