Sisyphus Table – Where Art and Technology Merge

In today’s article, we are going to discuss about the most popular art table, the Sisyphus table where art and technology merge, so the real history was that In Greek folklore, Sisyphus table was the King of Corinth who gotten discipline in Hades.

While there, Sisyphus needed to more than once roll a huge stone up a slope since it would instantly move down when he achieved In any case, on account of the Sisyphus Table, there is no discipline. Instead, it conveys a thoughtful, kinetic art and dynamic figure that serves as a side table or footstool.

Admirers of craftsmanship, kinetic art, innovation, and furniture configuration will be attracted to this versatile piece. As of now, delighted in as a craftsmanship establishment in historical centers the world over, this impressive Sisyphus table is presently accessible to appreciate at home. It includes a metal ball that moves through the sand inside the art table, making, crushing, and reproducing a wide range of examples.

The Artist Sisyphus Table

The art table is structured and carefully assembled by Bruce Shapiro. The organization’s site gives a concise bio on his broad imaginative and specialized aptitude, including 25 years of making active artistry for galleries everywhere throughout the world. He is the first to present kinetic art owning and showing operational craftsmanship models like this one of every a home domain.

Various parts of these tables can be redone to accommodate your inclinations and home highlights. The organization’s site is helpful and straightforward to flip through the different alternatives to plan a kinetic art table, much like you would do on a vehicle producer site. The site gives an image of what those alternatives might look like want to perceive what might arrive should you press the purchase catch.

Option of Customization of Sisyphus Table

It is helpful and simple to flip through the different alternatives to plan a art table, much like you would do on a vehicle producer site. The site gives an image of what those alternatives might look like want to perceive what might arrive should you press the purchase catch.

To start with, you select the base for the side table or end table. If you run with the metal base, the value begins at $1,299 for the side table and $1,899 for the end table. For the metal table, you can pick a cherry, walnut, or dark metal facade the table in addition to a warm white or characteristic white element for the dynamic craftsmanship territory.

For instance, a Cherry Metal Side Table with Warm Lights estimates 22″ in width by 22″ tall. It has a welded, strong steel base that has been improved by a powder-covered dark wrap up. There are additionally a 1/4″ safety glass top and dimmable inside LED lights.

The Driving Technology Force: Sisbot 

Beneath the fine layer of sand found under the glass best of each table is a two-engine, hand-manufactured robot that the organization has named Sisbot. It controls a magnet, which pulls a metal ball through a modified way that comprises polar directions.

The metal-base Sisyphus tables have stepper engines. They are calm and exact, functioning admirably for the littler tables. The more oversized wood-base tables utilize servo engines, which are similarly as tranquil as the other sort of machine yet can go quicker with the end goal to cover a considerably greater zone of sand.

A Kinetic Art Playlist 

The Sisyphus accompanies 25 tracks of pre-customized pathways to make dynamic artistry upon conveyance. There is no killing the table on, or; it just continues working. The playlist of diligent craftsmanship is controllable by utilizing an internet browser and WiFi association.

Or on the other hand, you can download the organization’s iOS or versatile Android application to choose your top picks, set up together redone records, change the speed, delay the diligent craftsmanship, and change the table lighting. It’s even conceivable to make your plans by utilizing Adobe Illustrator and sending the records straightforwardly to your table.

Quick Set-Up 

The cutting edge craftsmanship is essential enough for pretty much anybody to set up in merely minutes. It’s only a question of getting the free application from the iTunes store or Google Play store. At that point, connecting the table and associating it with the application. Get our free application on iOS and Android. For further help, the organization offers video instructional exercises to guarantee you are OK with your Sisyphus Table.

How it was working

sisyphus table

This year’s WestEdge Design Fair, these coffee and side tables from Sisyphus Industries were some of our favorite designs. The brand, led by CEO/artist Bruce Shapiro, turns average tables into kinetic art pieces for the home using a sand and steel ball layer. Of course, it must be more to it than that as the steel ball has to move to create the mesmerizing surface patterns, and that’s where the hand-built robot comes in. Intrigued? Read on to see how Sisyphus Industries makes these unique tables.

Each Sisyphus table begins here, at our custom CNC machine. Every piece is CNC-machined and hand-finished. The Sisbot works by moving a magnet which pulls a steel ball through the sand, creating unending patterns. The Sisbot is WiFi connected and controlled by a small Raspberry Pi computer and mobile app that plays any more than 160 different design patterns, much like a music player plays an mp3 file. Each Sisyphus table allows the user to create their custom designs as well.

Post-assembly, each Sisbot undergoes rigorous testing to ensure not only quality but Sisyphus’ long-lasting performance as well. Next up, CNC-machined and hand-finished hardwood veneers – either walnut or cherry – are sprayed with lacquer and dried before application to the table.

sisyphus table

Each hardwood veneer ring is then sprayed individually by hand with lacquer. This portion of the process, where a few coats are applied, takes 30 minutes to squirt. Sisyphus’ metal table frames are welded by a production team before being powder coated and delivered to our shop.

At this phase, the Sisyphus steel metal frames are fully assembled, and the base of the table has been established. The fully assembled Sisbot is installed in each metal table frame. Software-dimmable white LED lighting (a full spectrum color option is just around the corner!) is established to surround the sand field. A 12VDC universal switching supply provides power for both the LED and Sisbot.

sisyphus table

The Sisbot is then tested 24/7 at this step to ensure its long-lasting performance. The Sisyphus Table is officially ready to be boxed and shipped off to it’s new home. Once delivered to the new owner, the real magic happens. Fine, white silica sand, the Sisyphus table’s primary medium, is poured and spread across the table, and tempered glass is added to the table’s top as the final step. The finished Sisyphus kinetic art table in action.


In short, It is a delightful item made for the geek craftsmanship sweetheart with a bigger than standard spending plan. Also, for that business person you know who has everything, this is an amazingly fantastic blessing for them.

Since each table is high in quality, no piece is indistinguishable, giving you or a friend or family member the chance to possess something one of a kind. Now you will understand the exact concept and actual meaning and worth of the Sisyphus table in the above article.

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