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There are thousands of movie and TV enthusiasts visit solarmovie reddit daily in search of the latest and greatest entertainment. Unfortunately, some left the popular online streaming site disappointed because they did not find what they were hoping to find. But Here are multiples best SolarMovie Alternatives available for you.

If that ever happened to you, be sure to read this article to the end because we listed some of the top 10 best SolarMovie Alternatives Sites to ensure you get your daily dose of fun.

What is Solarmovie?

Solarmovie pe is a popular online streaming site that offers movies with high resolution and seemingly unlimited TV programs. Popular online streaming site Solarmovie pe on Reddit has movies in high definition and what looks like an endless number of TV shows. Sun Movie has a lot of English-language movies, but it also has movies from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Despite the fact that there are many new SolarMovie alternatives for HD streaming available online,

Sun Movie is sometimes called “Netflix online,” and it’s easy to see why. SolarMovie123 is a great website for streaming movies and TV shows online. Its cool, easy-to-use interface and cool icons make it simple to find movies and TV shows you can watch without having to read long descriptions. It’s like a lot of other streaming sites that SolarMovie Reddit doesn’t store files on its computers. You now know how a site with so many recently released movies is online, if you were asking.

Solarmovie Alternatives

What Happen to SolarMovie?

There were rumors that the quick closing of SolarMovie had something to do with the government taking over KickassTorrents. KAT was shut down on July 21, 2016, and the person who was thought to own it was caught in Poland. He also owns and works at Solar. Besides that, SolarMovie was down all night for no reason. You can find Solarmovie clone sites like,,,, and more. But we still need to remember a few good movie options. Because no one knows for sure if something terrible will happen again. Since pirate sites are so risky, they could be stopped at any time.

Features of SolarMovie

  • You can watch free, high-quality movies and TV shows on the website. You don’t even have to sign up.
  • The website is safe to browse and has an easy-to-use layout.
  • It has good search tools that make it easier for users to find the movies they want.

Problem with SolarMovie

Without a doubt, SolarMovie pe has made it easier for movie fans to stream as much material as they want for free. That doesn’t mean the website is perfect, though. That’s why you should look into other options besides SolarMovie. New SolarMovie does have some issues, but it’s not fun to deal with them while watching a movie on the site.

One of the main reasons the website has become a target for many problems is that it steals viewers from big content producers. Because of this, SolarMovie often has problems like computers that take too long to load and copyright violations.

There are even ISPs that have banned the site, along with a few others that are like SolarMovie. This could be bad news for a lot of you who like to watch free movies on SolarMovie. There are, however, many websites that can be used instead of SolarMovie, so don’t worry. In the next part, we’ll talk about those sites.

New Solarmovie Mirror Sites:




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Top 10 Best Solarmovie Alternatives

If that happens, it is best to have a few other ways to raise your arm. Listed below are the 10 best solarMovie alternatives that can be found in 2023.

  1. Amazon Prime

solarmovie reddit

Amazon Prime is the father of online streaming HD sites. It has long been the case that even its colors begin to age and fade to gray. And we don’t want to say any more about its amateurish design. But rotten facade hides a wealth of content that may need to be revived at least twice to use it all.

2. 123Movies

solarmovie reddit

Apart from its color scheme, 123 Movies is included in best  SolarMovie Alternatives, so similar to Solar movie that it is sometimes misquoted as a mirror of Solar movie. These two online streaming sites also offer the same selection of movies and TV shows, but you can say the same with most online streaming sites. Go Movies has a useful feature, called Night Mode, which changes its color scheme and makes the site easier to view.

3. MovieWatcher

solarmovie reddit

MovieWatcher is a fast-paced online streaming service that knows that simplicity is almost always a bit complicated. The site offers movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p, and allows its users to properly download any movie or TV program for offline viewing. The Viewer identifier identifies content from reputable content providers, and many different broadcast and download sites are often available.

4. Putlocker


PutLocker is one of the oldest online streaming sites available and included in list of best SolarMovie Alternatives. In addition to the Hollywood blockbusters and other basic Western cinema, put Locker also offers a good selection of Japanese anime, Asian dramas, and cartoons from around the world.

5. Tubi

 solarmovie alternatives

Tubi is an anonymous online streaming site that hides more content than you might think at first. Like many other online streaming sites, House movie is ad supported, but you can avoid it by using any popular web browser extension to block.

6. Fmovies

 solarmovie alternatives

Watch Free Fmovies is in the process of making movies accessible to people from all over the world at no cost to them. If a business model like that sounds unsustainable to you, then there is still much to learn about online streaming sites. But in the meantime, you can check out Watch Free by searching for a specific movie or browsing the latest and most recently downloaded movies.

7. Afdah

 solarmovie alternatives

Afdah Free offers free movies, and the site clearly states that it remains open to interviews with copyright holders. We could be if we used a popular website that has some of the biggest blockbuster movies currently on display.

8. Primewire

 solarmovie alternatives

Primewire homepage features a very prominent search bar, which lets you enter the name of any movie or TV program you come to mind. Unless you like unfamiliar movies, we assure you that you will always find what you are looking for.

  1. AZMovies

 solarmovie alternatives

AZmovies is a free online streaming site with movies of all kinds, including action, entertainment, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fairy tale, history, horror, music, music, mystery, romance, sci-fi, short, sports, fun, war, and western.

10. Megashare

 solarmovie alternatives

Megashare is a new online streaming site, and we predict it will be a rising star for the year 2020. The minimal site design has been able to show a lot of useful information in a small area without adversely affecting the full use of the site. The small site design has been able to show a lot of useful information in a small area without adversely affecting the full use of the site.

In a short time, Solar Movie has become one of the leading destinations in the free realm of streaming movies. The reason why this site has gained so much popularity may be due to the high quality of voice and image associated with the likes of 123Movies and F Movies. In fact, unlike other movie streaming sites where you have to constantly ask admins/peers to provide 720p or 1080p movies, Solar Movie delivers the fastest HD movie streaming and downloads per minute.

SolarMovie Unblocked: 25+ Best SolarMovie Proxies Sites List Updated

Sr. No.

Solarmovie Proxy URL



1 Online Very Fast
2 Online Very Fast
3 Online Very Fast
4 Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6 Online Very Fast
7 Online Very Fast
8 Online Very Fast
9 Online Very Fast
10 Online Very Fast
11 US Proxy Online Very Fast
12 UK Proxy Online Very Fast
13 Online Very Fast
14 Online Very Fast
15 Online Very Fast
16 Online Very Fast
17 Online Very Fast
18 Online Very Fast
19 Online Very Fast
20 Online Very Fast
21 Online Very Fast
22 Online Very Fast
23 Online Very Fast
24 Online Very Fast
25 Online Very Fast

Unlock Solar movies through Solarmovie Proxy sites

Over time, the rules of the internet have become stricter instead of a spike in many illegal streaming and movie download sites. Therefore, these sites are eventually banned in many countries by ISPs. Solar Movie has also fallen victim to this threat. Unless it has acquired a new domain ( after the previous one was demoted, its chances of eating it look dark again.

Fortunately, the new site can now be opened with proxy locations/mirrors that have already created a reference and primary domain library however on various servers. In addition, these proxy sites are run and managed by the staff itself, so they are not only secure at the edges but another better way to get Solar Movies blocking.

It helps that these proxy/mirror sites are updated regularly with the latest episodes of TV series and movies to keep users stuck on their screens. Although you can also use a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions, VPNs are known to be very expensive and can affect your download speed. You have to ask yourself, what about third-party web proxy servers at the moment? Yes, third-party proxy servers can jeopardize your online privacy and reduce download speeds thereby ruining your overall streaming experience.

So, if you were looking for an alternative to unlock Solar Movie, you are in the right place. Below is a rundown of the best Solar Movie proxy sites and mirrors that will allow you to download/distribute tons of HD movies such as Infinity War, Skyscraper, et al. within the confines of your home. Also, you don’t have to rely on the video converter to rip these downloadable movies into HD because they are already in high definition.


So, even if the main solarmovie Reddit website is blocked by your ISP or regional government, you can always rely on the SolarMovie Alternatives sites listed above and in the glasses as it is the best way to unlock Solar Movie.

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