Squirdle Game Full Guide: Alternatives, Playing Gameplay & Mode

You’re in luck because Wordle, the massive word-guessing app, has an endless supply of odd, entertaining, hyper-specific spin-offs thanks to its almost endless popularity. This party’s newest member is Squirdle. But Squirdle can be hard to master since you have to know all there is to know about the Pokémon universe at your fingertips.

Whether or not you’re a huge Pokémon fan, this post will catch you up to speed on the latest Pokémon-focused game, Squirdle.

Squirdle: What is it?

Pokémon’s universe is so detailed and so vast that it nearly resembles a dictionary. Squirdle makes use of the fact that Wordle has a relatively small number of 5-letter words compared to the total number of Pokémon (898 and counting!). This allows for the creation of a charming little Pokémon-guessing game. Thus, the word-guessing game Squirdle—which uses Pokémon names rather than dictionary words—was created.

Where is Squirdle played?

Only on Squirdle’s official website, https://squirdle.fireblend.com, can you take the ultimate test of your Pokedex knowledge, designed by software developer Sergio Morales Esquivel.

Squirdle does not yet have an app. On your iOS and Android devices, though, you may make an app icon for Squirdle, just like you do with other Wordle games. Learn more about the same by reading our comprehensive guide.

Where is Squirdle played?

Wordle Meets Pokémon

Wordle has almost as many five-letter words as there are Pokémon species (898 and counting). This gave Fireblend the idea to cleverly combine Wordle with the Pokémon universe. Squirdle is the outcome. We’ll find out what Squirdle is in the following part, and as the essay progresses, you’ll discover how to get started and eventually succeed in this wit-based Pokémon competition.

A Word-Based Pokémon Adventure

Imagine a game in which standard dictionary terms are replaced with Pokémon names. Squirdle is that. The task is to figure out the right Pokémon name with the fewest possible hints. To be clear, this is not a game to be taken lightly. Despite being grounded in the whimsical world of Pokémon, the game necessitates a thorough comprehension of Pokémon traits. You will be assessed on your understanding of Pokémon kinds, generations, weights, and heights. Upon mastering the controls, the game offers a really satisfying experience.

How can I launch Squirdle?

There isn’t yet an application for Squirdle. Go to https://squirdle.fireblend.com, the game’s official website, to get started. To quickly access the game, you can instantly create an app icon on your desktop or on the widget pages of your iOS and Android devices.

Guidelines for Squirdle

Squirdle is a vibrant Pokémon-themed game, but it’s not for the average fan. The game demands a lot of knowledge about the monsters and their many attributes, such as heights, weights, generations, and types, and the rules are overly complicated. It’s just as difficult as it seems, but it’s also just as much fun. The more challenging a game is, the more satisfying it is to correctly guess the solution.

Squirdle does, however, provide assistance during your guessing process. Actually, you don’t have to write Pokémon names exactly. You may select from a drop-down list of Pokémon by typing in a few characters. This is really helpful, especially for those players who enjoy Pokémon but are new to the game.

Guidelines for Squirdle

Engaging in Squirdle gameplay

Squirdle allows you eight attempts to identify the Pokémon—that is, to kind of catch it. Your attempts must all be valid Pokémon names, which can be any combination of letters. After selecting your preferred game mode, you may start guessing as soon as you enter the Squirdle website. To enter your guess, just click the typing box indicated by the text “Pokémon Name.” A list of appropriate Pokémon names will appear as a drop-down menu.

Click Submit after choosing the appropriate Pokémon from this list.

This will provide details about the solution to your estimation. To find the solution, keep going through the previous stages. Remember, you only have eight guesses, and each one is just as significant as the others. Additionally, you may uncover additional details about a guess by hovering your mouse cursor over it. In the image above, there are still four guesses. It’s important to note that Squirdle is a challenging game compared to previous World spin-offs, so by the time you get the final few trials, you should already be making solid guesses.

Playing The Squirdle Game

You may start playing the standard guessing game as soon as you enter the official website. You have to guess the name of the Pokémon that the user interface (UI) says is on its mind. To find the correct Pokémon, you have to make just eight guesses. You do not need to spell the Pokémon’s names out, so don’t worry. The user interface will start recommending names as you type. You must choose a name and enter it as your estimate.

Modes of Play for Squirdle

There are two game modes available in Squirdle, which allows for more gaming variety and makes it easier for inexperienced players to pick up the basics.

  • Normal Squirdle: Accessing the standard game mode is as simple as visiting the Squirdle website. You can play Squirdle in this game style as much as you’d like, each time obtaining a different Pokémon.
  • Only for Generation 1: This resembles a standard Squirdle. The sole distinction is that the solution set for this game mode will only contain Pokémon from Generation 1. You may still submit estimates from previous generations, though.
  • Daily Squirdle: This mode is available to all gamers worldwide and changes every day with a new Pokémon. Each day, you will be given one Pokémon to guess, and each participant will receive the same Pokémon.

Upon guessing, you will receive feedback from the user interface. Squirdle displays color-coded tiles depending on the generation, type 1, type 2, height, and weight of the desired Pokémon according to your estimate, in contrast to Wordle, which provides feedback by pointing to the positions of correct or erroneous letters. Your guess is incorrect if you receive a red tile. Your prediction must be greater or lower depending on the direction of the arrow if you receive a blue tile with a white arrow. If you get a yellow tile, you are correct for one of the categories. If the tile is green, you did the feature correctly.

You have eight guesses in all. You have to use the feedback to reduce the number of Pokémon names you can think of with each guess. It can be a little difficult, but if you succeed in finding the desired Pokémon, picture the dopamine rush that will follow.

Top Alternatives for Squirdle

The following word games should not be confused with exact replicas or clones of Squirdle. While they are similar to Squirdle, they are all different from one another. Let’s consider a version of Squirdle in which all terms are NSFW.

1. Lewdle

3. Lewdle

The whole content of the Envision Squirdle is vulgar language. This game has the exact same structure and graphics as Squirdle, down to the color blocks. Conversely, one noteworthy feature of Lewdle is the presence of a content notice alerting users to possible legal ramifications associated with the overt use of profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity. It goes on to advise you to “go play Wordle instead!” in case you run into this kind of circumstance. Every day, one puzzle is introduced by Lewdle, which comprises terms that range from quite acceptable for professional speech to utterly inappropriate.

2. Le Mot and Un Juego de Palabras Diario

10. Le Mot and Un Juego de Palabras Diario

Although English is without a doubt the language that is spoken by the greatest number of people globally, there are other languages as well. Given Squirdle’s rise to fame, it made sense to extend its features to include other languages. Although Squirdle has hundreds of language-specific clones, we have only used Le Mot (French) and Un Juego de Palabras Diario (Spanish) thus far. Although they both function similarly to Wordle, each uses a different vocabulary. More translations of Antiwordle clones include BopAnN (Russian), Zidou (Cantonese), and AlWird (Arabic). Whichever version of Wordle you happen to be using, there is probably one out there that meets your needs.

3. Nerdle

11. Nerdle

Squirdle, like math and related disciplines. Like Primel, but tailored to real mathematicians. There are six chances to use Nerdle to answer a problem successfully. Accurate numbers or symbols in the equation are marked in purple in the appendix of each estimate, whereas wrong numbers or symbols are noted in green. Any numerals or symbols that are not represented by their real value in the equation are shown in black. It is necessary to wait eight hours after solving one puzzle before moving on to the next. Each and every conundrum needs to have the “=” sign in it.

4. Crosswordle

4. Crosswordle

Your goal in this Squirdle-like game is to find two words that cross across to solve a crossword puzzle. It is made up of blocks that are green, yellow, and black/gray, and a new puzzle is added every day. You may make as many estimations as you like until you succeed or are compelled to give up. Unlike other Squirdle substitutes, Crosswordle lets users create custom puzzles to share on social media.

5. Lordle of the Rings

5. Lordle of the Rings

Including Squirdle and the phrases from the LOTR book. Do you consider yourself to be a fan of Tolkien? This is your appropriate branch. Using six estimates, a five-letter word taken from the Lord of the Rings book may be determined. Certain places, like Rohan, and certain people, like Frodo, are trustworthy choices.

6. Primel

6. Primel

This scenario makes use of prime integers. You have six tries to figure out a five-digit prime number in this game that looks like Squirdle utilizing only prime numbers. There’s a different problem for every day, and the set consists just of gray, yellow, and green pieces.

7. Worldle

1. Worldle

You have to use Wordle to find worldwide places. Geographical topics are covered in this Wordle variant. It takes six tries to figure out the nation or region that is presented. As opposed to black/gray, yellow, and green, the units are represented by distance, direction, and proximity. Therefore, if you anticipate Ukraine, Worldle may display 55 kilometers and a northwest-pointing arrow with a 34% accuracy rate. This suggests that the specific nation or region is situated 55 kilometers northwest of Ukraine, based on the closeness rate of 34%. To increase the game’s difficulty, alternate solutions and a daily enigma challenge are included.

8. Word Master

2. Word Master

A remake where the quantity of games is unrestricted. This is the one we can put on our list that is the closest to a Squirdle clone. This is a remake where there is no cap on the number of games that may be played, but the time restriction for guessing a five-letter word is increased to twenty-four hours.

9. Framed

9. Framed

Framed, a game for those who are more visual, asks you to recognize the film from the still pictures that are shown. Every time one of your six predictions materializes, a fresh snapshot is taken. Every day, updates are made to the movie and the images. If the only movies you’ve seen are critically praised ones, this one might be really difficult for you. Still, Framed has no problem selecting strange titles.

10. Semantle

16. Semantle

Do you find the idea of putting your vocabulary to the test intriguing? Investigate the Semantle. The object of this game is to figure out which word is concealed. The word’s letter composition is kept a secret; instead, the conclusion is determined by evaluating how “semantically similar” the correct response is to the participant’s estimate, or how similar the two words’ meanings are. The scoring system uses a positive one-hundred-point scale to represent positive ones. Your estimate’s relevance to a precise response reduces as its score does. There’s no cap on the number of estimates—in fact, a typical game can need more than one hundred.

11. Dordle

17. Dordle

Dordle is quite similar to the hugely famous game Wordle. It is essentially a four-word problem with more words, rows, and columns to complete. The player must concurrently parse two words in Dordle instead of Wordle. A unique twist on the basic gameplay is included in the Wordle version, known as Dordle. You have to anticipate one word in the official Wordle game before you can go on. To advance in the Dordle game, the player must anticipate two words at the same time. You have not yet heard the whole tale, which is why you don’t think this is simple.

12. Quordle

12. Quordle

If one Squirdle isn’t enough, consider four. Question: Play four different Wordle games at the same time, each with a unique solution. Every precise forecast is considered in all four games. Unlike the original, which only had six estimations, eight are given. There are two different game modes in Quordle: daily and practice. While everyday practice is an endless amount of time to refine one’s skills, each practice consists of a single puzzle.

13. Hello Wordl

7. Hello Wordl

Think about the words that eleven letters may be used to determine. Another Squirdle ripoff is called Hello Wordl, in which users must anticipate a word using blocks of the same hue. Word Master and other similar games are also endless. On the other hand, one feature that distinguishes Hello Wordl is its capacity to change the number of letters in the word you are trying to figure out. Increase a word’s letter count from four to eleven. You may only estimate up to six times, regardless of the word’s length.

14. Absurdle

8. Absurdle

It is Squirdle’s antagonistic version. This Wordle variant is meant for the most committed word game enthusiasts. Its deliberate attempt to avoid giving an explanation explains this. Instead of starting the game with a predetermined word for your prediction, it uses your estimates to expand its word inventory. It’s possible, as you already surmised, that the final term does not even contain the yellow letter. However, you are free to estimate as often as you choose. Four estimations appear to be the highest possible total.

15. Waffle

18. Waffle

If Wordle had a grid and you had to solve for six five-letter words at once, the answer would be waffle. Reinstalled are the green, yellow, and gray parts, which stand for the proper letter and location, the proper letter but improper positioning, and the improper letter and placement, respectively. By contrast, this spin-off does not aim to estimate syllables. All you have to do is correctly make all six words by rearranging the letters that Waffle has supplied in less than fifteen letter swaps. Although it may seem difficult at first, after a few swaps, you’ll get the concept.



IYKYK is a hybrid of Wordle and the card game #CultureTags, developed by the same team that produced #CultureTags. You have three tries to figure out an acronym that is given to you in this game. The user is given the first letter of each word, the number of letters in the word, and a suggestion after the second estimate. In this context, the blocks that are green, yellow, and gray are also present. This game is not the same as #CultureTags, even if it was inspired by it.

17. Heardle

20. Heardle

Can you tell what kind of composition it is only by hearing the first few seconds of it? This is what Heardle meant for you. In this game, you have one second to identify a song that has been picked from a list of the most streamed artists. You have six approximations, and you can access more of the music with each wrong response. It is also possible to skip a turn, which allows you to see more of the performance. A timer indicates how long it will take to solve the next challenge after the enigma has been solved or missed.

18. Cloudle

13. Cloudle

The makers of the Cloudle game put it succinctly: “Squirdle enhanced with meteorological data.” You are required to use Cloudle to provide a five-day prediction for an unnamed city on Earth. You will be allocated nine distinct weather conditions every day, along with six predictions. Meteorological knowledge is certainly helpful but not necessarily required to grasp this one.

19. Redactle

14. Redactle

Redactle is an activity that fans of the Wikipedia game will definitely like. Every day, Redactle completely modifies one Wikipedia page (chosen from a list of around 10,000). The goal is to deduce the content of the article being read by accurately recognizing the words that have been censored and figuring out what the blacked-out text means. As with Semantle, the number of estimations is unrestricted. You will also be required to submit a wide range of well-informed estimates.

20. Globle and Worldle

15. Globle and Worldle

Both Globe and Worldle provide daily challenges that urge users to identify the correct country, adhering to the global theme. After an estimate is generated, you will receive feedback that will measure the degree to which your guess differs from the correct answer. Utilize these cues to locate the place on the map with accuracy. In addition, Worldle provides a thorough description of the target country—a feature that might be helpful to those who are familiar with national borders.

In summary:

Squirdle, in summary, offers a novel method of education and problem-solving that integrates strategy, creativity, and teamwork. Squirdle provides an enjoyable method to develop critical thinking, collaboration, and cognitive abilities through its distinctive gameplay mechanics and captivating challenges. Squirdle is a viable option for people and organizations looking to have fun while improving their cognitive abilities because of its expanding user base and its uses in education and other fields.


Squirdle: What is it?

In the cooperative puzzle game Squirdle, players work together to overcome obstacles and go through stages. It blends aspects of strategy, logic, and creativity.

How is Squirdle played?

Collaboratively, players navigate vibrant Squirdles through barriers and riddles by sketching routes and using diverse instruments to surmount obstacles and accomplish the objective.

Which platforms does Squirdle work with?

Currently, Squirdle may be downloaded from the appropriate app stores and used on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Does Squirdle work for people of all ages?

Yes, Squirdle is intended to be fun for players of all ages and has a variety of difficulty settings to suit all skill levels and tastes.

Is Squirdle a solitary game?

Even though Squirdle places a strong emphasis on social gameplay, lone players may still have fun by managing several Squirdles and figuring out problems by themselves.

Does Squirdle have in-app purchases?

While Squirdle provides optional in-app purchases for extra features and content, the basic gaming experience may be enjoyed entirely without paying any money.

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