Top 10 Sustainable Promotional Products

Environmental conservation should be everyone’s responsibility. Although sustainability began as a consumer trend dabbed “let’s go green,” – today, it is something that every business owner and organization is expected to do.

It’s possible that sustainability began as a consumer trend. Going green was once considered fashionable. It’s the standard procedure now.

Now it’s up to corporations to follow suit. Consumers are increasingly socially conscious, and they expect their favorite brands to follow suit. As a result, the sustainability movement has been elevated to a commercial imperative.

Consumers are constantly becoming conscious as far as environmental conservation is concerned. Most of them prefer dealing with companies or brands that are committed to protecting the environment.

About promotional products

Promotional products can be described as the use of certain products to market different products. In recent years, most businesses have joined the bandwagon of using sustainable promotional products such as custom paper bags.

Eco-friendly, long-lasting promotional items are hot right now. To be sure, there’s a solid reason for this. They not only show your customers that you care about reducing your carbon footprint, but they also assist you to achieve your long-term business objectives.

This post is for you if you’re trying to replace your promotional materials with sustainable alternatives. We’ll go over the top ten environmentally friendly promotional products to help you decide which ones to include in your selection.

Why use sustainable promotional products?

The good thing about sustainable promotional products is that they help you kill two birds with one stone: You boost your company’s reputation by presenting yourself to the public as a company that cares about the environment. Secondly, you get to market your brand to a broader audience.

Below are 10 sustainable promotional products:

 1. Reclaim recycled journal

Reclaim recycled journal is a popular sustainable promotional product in the U.S. and across the world. 85 percent of the material used to make this product is recyclable.

Additionally, one percent of all sales from this product is donated to nonprofit organizations committed to environmental conservation.

 2. Bamboo cups

Bamboo has emerged as a great raw material for making sustainable merchandise because of its popularity, regenerative nature, and the fact that it doesn’t need fertilizer to farm. Besides, bamboo is a perfect alternative to plastic.

3. Recyclable backpack cooler

This is one of the most popular sustainable promotional products. If you are looking for something in place of a plastic bag and a recyclable way to carry your snacks, lunch, or any food, then a recycled backpack cooler is all you need.

4. Recycled money pencil

Do you recall the days when you abandoned the old paper notes and opted for plastic equivalents? Well, it appears all that paper was transformed into something useful. That something happens to be recycled money pencils which are entirely made from recycled banknotes.

5. Bamboo straws

Many businesses have abandoned selling or using plastic straws and opted for sustainable promotional products made from bamboo.  While it’s excellent that so many businesses have chosen to eliminate plastic straws, paper replacements just aren’t up to the task. These bamboo straws, on the other hand, maintain their shape while also being reusable. There are no sad pandas here.

6. Recycled plastic bottle pen

Recycled plastic bottle pens are entirely made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a perfect product for companies looking to promote their brands in an eco-friendly manner.

7. Custom paper bags

This is also a common sustainable promotional product used by many businesses to promote their brands.

8. Seed paper flyers

Seed paper flyers are a great alternative to standard paper because consumers can plant them once they are done using them.

9. Recycled paper sticky notes

Recycled paper sticky notes are great because they are environmentally friendly—no need to cut down more trees to make paper.  Why cut down more trees to produce more paper when we can just recycle what we currently have? That’s precisely what we’ve done with these sticky note sets made from recycled paper. The ideal addition to your onboarding packets or stationery cabinets.

10. Reclaim recycled computer backpack

A great sustainable promotional product for anyone who is frequently torn between hybrid work. It is almost similar to a reclaim journal.

Bottom line

Environmental conservation is increasingly becoming a concern for most consumers. Businesses need to use sustainable promotional products to boost customer confidence in their brands. Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for goods to add to your eco-friendly, sustainable promotional product collection.

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