6 Apps for The Tech-Savvies In 2021

“Tell me you’re a tech savvy person without telling me you’re a tech-savvy person.”

“Umm, check my phone. I have an app for every task.”

Ask any tech geek in your circle about one thing they want, and their answer will be “anything that simplifies complex tasks without affecting their mobility.”

One thing tech lovers love more than high-end gadgets is software that allows them to work from anywhere in the world – be it at the top of the hill or while basking in the sunshine at a beach.

For tech savvy people, the world is their office, and every device is their workstation. In their quest to be agile, organized, and efficient, they use several tools and apps.

In this blog, we are talking about six such apps that make the life of tech savvy professionals easier and enable them to be more productive.

1. Evernote


Productivity comes with organization. You can only be productive if you are organized and can get the work done effectively.

Evernote is a note-taking app, but it is also a lot more than that.

It is the perfect app to note down things while on the go. Evernote allows you to add text, photos, and audio to your notes. There is no fear of losing important papers with the in-app scanner as you can turn them into scanned documents.

It also lets you integrate apps like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Yahoo, and Gmail to share content across platforms.

As a tech lover, if you find some interesting information on a webpage that you want to secure, you can clip it through Evernote. The web page will be saved in the app.

This app is perfect for keeping track of all your random thoughts so that nothing gets lost because you don’t know which random thought might evolve into a world-changing idea.

2. DU Speed Booster & Antivirus

Du speed

The cache is a serious problem for every tech lover. There are multiple apps in the mobile phone of a tech geek that consume space and take a toll on speed as many apps run simultaneously.

So, an app that clears the cache and optimizes your mobile phone performance is essential.

DU Speed Booster & Antivirus serves that purpose perfectly. It ensures that your phone is always running smoothly without any lag, allowing you to carry out your tasks without any glitches.

With a rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store, this app is trusted by millions of people. It sniffs out all the junk, caches, temp files, and obsolete apps that are eating up onto your disk space.

Once it identifies these files, it runs a thorough cleaning operation to root out each one of them, no matter where it’s hidden.

Not only does it boost your phone’s speed, but it also boosts network usage by closing background tasks and apps that are unnecessarily running.

Finally, it has antivirus software that makes sure no malware intrudes on your mobile phone and all your workings remain safe and virus-free.

3. GitHub


GitHub is like the Eden for all the tech geeks where you want to go and get lost. The platform is a repository of open-source codes and software for almost everything.

GitHub launched its mobile application in 2020. The app has all the functionalities, but you can’t edit codes.

You can collaborate with your team, receive notifications, merge and pull requests, and manage tasks.

GitHub app allows you to complete your tasks irrespective of the device you are using. So, tech savants, this one is a must in your mobile phone if coding is your thing.

4. Screens – Multi Window Manager

ScreensThere is one thing we know about tech geeks is that there is always multi-tasking. There is no way you’re at one task at a time. If you’re coding on one window, you are chatting on the other and downloading software on the third one.

So how do you manage multiple windows? Through Screens.

Screens is an application that allows you to run multiple windows while quickly switching between them. It enables you to enter the split-screen mode with pre-selected apps.

The app has a simple interface where you can add applications that you want to work on simultaneously and add them to the two windows. It creates a shortcut where you can switch between both windows with just a tap.

5. Just 10

Just 10

Amid all the apps to get the geeky work done, you need something for yourself and your social life.

Just10 is a social app that allows you to connect with 10 of your closest friends in a hassle-free manner. It is a private app which offers a seamless experience just like those of airG scam free apps. In this app, your world only consists of these ten people without fear of intrusion.

Whatever your post, it is seen by these ten people only, and it will disappear within ten days. So, this is a sure-shot way to entertain your techie self through the most hassle-free approach.

6. TestM Hardware

TestM Hardware

Our smartphone has our lives in it. Wherever we go, we carry it along. If it is not on you, life feels incredibly incomplete, and we always think we are missing out on a lot. So, it is only natural to wish that your phone is always running at one hundred percent.

TestM Hardware ensures that.

It diagnoses every component of your mobile phone and gives you complete information and device status of every component.

Test M Hardware runs more than twenty comprehensive tests and checks every part of your device. You can also use it to find out if the new phone you are buying is stolen or not.

If you are confused about whether you should get a new phone or get this one fixed, trust TestM Hardware to put you out of the misery.

It checks everything, including:

  • Touch Screen
  • Sounds: speakers, earpiece, microphone, headphones
  • Motion sensors
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Charger, Fingerprint Sensor, Vibration
  • Cameras and flash

It takes not more than a few minutes to present you with a full diagnostic report. After you get the report, you can take your mobile phone to repair the faulty hardware.

Yes, this app is a godsend for those who never want their phone to stop running. Happy diagnosing!

Final word

In today’s world, there’s an app for every geeky task. So, it’s only better to know about the best among them so that you know which ones you’d download.

If you are tech savvy and these apps helped you, do tell us in the comments below.

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