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Teemo Build inherent abilities as a cunning Yordle of Bandle City are utilised in a fantastic Teemo. Teemo, who is referred to as the “Swift Scout” by Tristana and the associated in-game mythology, along with Arcane’s Jinx and the cunning Miss Fortune, is perhaps one of the most well-known figures in League of Legends: Wild Rift. However, despite Teemo Build’s adorable appearance and infantile demeanour, he is everything but sweet. He is a quick and skilled marksman who also has some poison magic up his sleeve. Check out our Teemo guide to identify the ideal Korean Teemo build for your play style if you want to understand how to utilise these abilities to their utmost potential.

Teemo Build Overview:

Teemo build is widely known among his Yordle relatives and is one of the many Yordle residents in Bandle City. Even by Yordle standards, he is a bit of an eccentric yet, while in the city, is just as gregarious and extroverted as other Yordles. He reveals his peculiarity when he is outside the city on a mission with the renowned Scouts of the Mothership. Teemo adapts to the loneliness of solo missions like a new person, and he displays his danger and skill in combat with poisons and guerilla warfare. Teemo is one of the most deadly Yordles alive with his distinctive blowgun, and he has a particularly impressive track record of success against would-be infiltrators of Bandle City. Teemo’s relationship with Tristana, who is the captain of the Bandle Gunners, has made him more open during missions.

One of the finest marksmen/mages to play with in-game is Teemo. Teemo build is ideal for novices and has a low difficulty rate because of his simple-to-understand skill set and powers. In addition to being a champion that is suitable for beginners, Teemo possesses a “guerilla” play style that is ideal for competitive players in the Baron/Solo lane. With his potent and powerful magic damage skills and auto-attacks, Teemo’s robust and heavy-hitting build will let you dominate the early game. Due to his poor HP and defences in the late game, Teemo will feel a little underpowered.

Teemo build

Players will have to rely on Teemo’s stealth skills, quickness, and constant debuff assaults to carry the game throughout. He also has low AP scaling and is not suited to being a team fighter. In addition to this, he possesses great burst damage yet is vulnerable to crowd control spells. Teemo-main players should constantly focus on hit-and-run strategies and take into account their “guerrilla” warfare prowess.

Blinding Dart > Auto-Attacks > Move Quick > The Noxious Trap is the order of guerrilla warfare.

Teemo build’s bestattack combination involves sneakily positioning himself with Guerrilla Warfare and waiting for adversaries. The main damage-dealing enemy champion with auto-attacks is then quickly defeated with a Blinding Dart. When pressed, Teemo can flee while hurling debuffs at chasing adversaries by using a Move Quick and Noxious Trap combo. Depending on how near the adversaries are to Teemo, this combo may also be used by switching the sequence of Move Quick and Auto-Attacks.

Move Quickly, Blinding Darts, Noxious Traps, Auto-Attacks, and Guerrilla Warfare

To fully utilise his skills, a Teemo player should constantly play aggressively. Due to its blindness debuff, levelling up Blinding Dart should be your first ability priority. Move quickly and guerrilla warfare ought to come next. Teemo can sneak about the battlefield and surprise adversaries by using guerrilla warfare. Move Quick, on the other hand, enables Teemo to advance or flee dangerous circumstances. Last but not least, Noxious Trap should be used whenever possible to broaden Teemo’s range of skills and adaptability.

Poisonous trap

Noxious traps may be employed efficiently in both offensive and defensive manoeuvres, as we previously discussed. The Noxious Trap has the ability to swiftly eliminate slowed enemy champions, which can alter the course of the game depending on the scenario. Teemo’s skills make him a great solo-laner or lane support when used with a style of play that goes well with them.

Teemo Builds Items That Work

Now for this, Teemo’s builds. Teemo has two primary roles because of his flexibility and ability to deal massive damage. His primary function is as a debuff machine that consistently does damage while applying powerful paralysing debuffs. Due to his offensive skills, he also plays the role of an attack damage carrier (ADC), which provides constant damage output. Depending on the needs of your squad and your personal play style, you may need to use one or the other item build.

Teemo build

Create with Debuff Dealing Teemo

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Mercury’s Threads, Nashor’s Tooth, Liandry’s Torment, and Morellonomicon

The debuff-dealing Korean Teemo build, which is the initial build, excels in the majority of fights and encounters. This build is ideal for soloing the Baron lane and fully utilises Teemo’s skills. Teemo’s maximum health and ability power, as well as Liandry’s Torment, which increases Teemo’s maximum health and ability power, should be obtained first.It also has the Torment ability, which does additional damage for three seconds equal to 1% of an enemy’s maximum health. This damage doubles when an enemy is stunned or slowed, and it works perfectly with Noxious Trap.

Mercury’s Threads, which boost movement speed and magic resistance, are the second thing to gain. Due to the tenacity ability, the duration of the majority of debuffs is also reduced by 35%. On the other hand, Nashor’s Tooth increases attack speed, ability power, and ability haste, causing Teemo’s skills to deliver more damage and reload more quickly. Teemo doesn’t have a lot of health, but Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and the Morellonomicon all make his health and ability power even better.

You can add either the Stasis Enchant or the Locket Enchant, depending on the opposing hero, because some players are aware of Teemo’s build and how to counter it. The stasis enchant will be ideal for defending Teemo against tank-killers and powerful ADCs like Zed or Fizz. On the other hand, the Locket Enchant can make Teemo more resistant to damage that affects a large area or a lot of people.

Teemo Building ADC

Items: Nashor’s Tooth, Runaan’s Hurricane Wind’s Fury, Liandry’s Torment, Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury’s Threads, and Rapid Firecannon

Teemo build

The ADC Teemo build will put more of an emphasis on increasing his physical and magical damage than Teemo’s debuff-dealing build did, which was more concerned with enhancing his skills. The first item, the Blade of the Ruined King, significantly increases attack speed and damage.

With each strike, its powers add additional damage. Additionally, this item contains the “Drain” ability, which when used on three enemy Champions does an additional 30 to 100 magic damage and takes away 25% of their movement speed for two seconds. Teemo’s Noxious Trap and Drain work well together to significantly impede them. The effects of Mercury’s Threads boost both magic resistance and movement speed equally.

Attack speed, ability strength, ability haste, and critical rate are increased by Nashor’s Tooth and Runaan’s Hurricane Wind’s Fury. The attack speed, ability use, and critical hit rate of Teemo are all increased by these two items. Maximum health and ability power are both increased significantly by Liandry’s Torment. Additionally, it grants the Torment power, which increases damage against opponents that are slowed or immobile.

Finally, Teemo’s critical hit rate and attack speed receive another positive boost from Rapid Firecannon. Due to its energised and firecannon barrel powers, this item can be essential in the later stages of the game. Teemo has an advantage in the late game because of the skills that increase his range.

Best Teemo Rune Builds

There are just four Teemo runes that are compatible with his gear builds. Both Teemo’s ADC build and his buff-dealing builds will function flawlessly with this rune build. The runes are Grasp of the Undying, Brutal, Second Wind, and Sweet Tooth are the names. Due to its compatibility with Teemo’s aggressive play style, Grasp of the Undying is the main keystone rune for Korean Teemo build. When Teemo enters a battle, this rune grants a “stack.” When it has amassed 4 stacks, Teemo’s subsequent basic strike delivers more damage to opposing champions and restores Teemo’s health.

On the other hand, Brutal merely increases attack strength or damage with each attack. In contrast, Second Wind and Sweet Tooth are designed to help Teemo’s HP and defence. Sweet Tooth makes Honeyfruit heal faster, but Second Wind heals 5 health every 5 seconds.

Teemo’s Summoner Spell

The range of his suitable summoner spells is constrained, much like the rune Teemo builds. Only an offensive spell and a defence spell are suitable for Teemo.

Ignite and Flash are spells

Ignite, an offensive spell, ignites a champion of an opponent team for five seconds. When coupled with Blinding Dart and auto attacks to completely eliminate adversaries with less than 50% HP, this raises Teemo’s champion kill rate. On the other hand, Teemo can teleport a short distance away thanks to Flash, which complements his scouting skills. This works perfectly when Move Quick and guerrilla warfare are coupled for swift movement around the battlefield.


We want to address some frequently asked questions regarding Teemo’s builds and his in-game mythology before we go.

Who opposes Teemo build?

Due to Riot’s excellent in-game balance for Wild Rift, there are a lot of Teemo counters available. Tanky champions with potent crowd-control abilities are one of these countermeasures, and they could make Teemo immobile. The kiting and hit-and-run strategies used by the majority of Teemo players may be rapidly countered by champions with strong burst damage and high health. These champions, which include Galio, Zed, and Ahri, have the ability to either block Teemo’s strikes or quickly deplete his health.

What is Teemo’s age?

Teemo is essentially immortal, according to in-game lore, because Yordle ages differently than people. However, in terms of age, Teemo has been a League of Legends champion since February 21, 2009, making him 13 years old.

In which lane does Teemo compete?

Teemo is most effective as a solo-lane or Baron champion. This is a result of his guerilla tactics, which, when utilised effectively, may overwhelm the majority of champions. However, when given a supportive role in debuffing and slowing down enemy champions, Teemo does well in other lanes.


You now have a concise guide to creating the top Teemo build available. Do keep in mind to return sometimes, since the Wild Rift is continually being adjusted with each open update. You should do additional research on them in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other Wild Rift champions and how to attack them. Due to this, we also have accessible instructions for heroes like Jhin, Veigar Aram, and Vayne Build!

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