6 Reasons Why a Time Tracking Tool May Underperform

Reports reveal that over 80% of people believe in online reviews. When shopping for new products, the number of positive reviews is more likely to influence your decision. However, no product provides a hundred percent satisfaction. A similar approach applies to the time tracker for employees. Several mistakes may occur when investing in a time tracking tool. Here are the reasons why the hour tracker may fail to perform.

Are your employees familiar with the concept of a tool that tracks the work hours? If you install software one fine day and expect the whole team to comply, all you may expect is confusion. If the workers start integrating their practices into the tool, things may get genuinely messy. So, you need to assign the job of software implementation to one person and involve the managers to create projects and tasks. Try to inform the workforce gradually that they need to comply with the new tools and ensure that timesheets remain constant.

  • Bad user interface

If you are ready to purchase a time tracking tool, try to move through an array of options before investing. Focus on the positive aspects and eliminate the negative ones before you buy. One of the major reasons for the application to underperform is a bad user interface. The software must not only be user-friendly but needs to come with effective troubleshooting aspects and an easy user interface. Most users complain about negative reviews related to the GUI. Even the best time tracking app is of no good to the business if your team finds it hard to figure out the issues.

  • Restricted free usage and enhanced expenses

The purchase budget is one of the major considerations for a small business. Feeling overwhelmed with the choices already? You may try several different options but focus on something that matches your needs. The features of the applications may vary but if you are searching for customer support and additional users, having a paid subscription may be necessary. When reading the online reviews, you might come across negative user reviews from people who leverage free software to meet their needs.

On the other hand, several systems catering to large organizations may demand huge subscription fees. So, when basing the decision on the user reviews, try to check the version of the software they are using. A better way to sort the problem is to discuss it with the sales representative of the company. Once the company people know the size of the team you want to cater to, they can suggest suitable options to meet your requirements.

  • No automated notification¬†

Do you want your team to be left in the dark? The system must be quickly accessible and easy to activate and deactivate. You cannot expect the workforce to wait until the system loads. Negative reviews about time trackers are often related to a lack of automated notifications. The automated notification is one of the best ways to remind the employees to begin and end using the system at the end of the day or set the breaks appropriately to cover up for the data gaps. When studying the reviews, you may come across applications based on user activity and delve deep to study the functionality.

  • Real-time tracking

Employees may work on various activities at one time. They may switch apps, browse several websites, and use different Time Tracking tools. In that case, you need software that captures the work in real-time. Not complying with this one may lead to inaccurate forecasts and estimates. Besides, the time tracker for employees needs to include overwork, and breaks, and display the time after finishing the tasks.

Keep in mind that some hours may be billable and others are not. You might be left in a dark labyrinth of complex guesswork that may mislead the reports. If you want to track work in real-time, leave aside the aspect of guesswork. Track your work in real-time with software like KnowYourDay and you are far ahead of the mistakes.

  • Prevent time wastage

Wastage of time may create havoc; especially the aim of using the employee monitoring software is to reduce the downtime. Beware of systems that require repeated data entry, especially when swapping two different sets of data.

The time-tracking app should be worth your money. So, make sure you know how to aid user understanding and appropriate usage. Try to ask the vendor supplying you with the tool and focus on systems that support the needs of your organization.

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