12 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost E-Commerce Business

Ever since their introduction, social media websites have become one of the most visited web pages on the internet. Moreover, with the advent of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, social media have become one of the most prominent ways of digital marketing for e-commerce business.

In this article, you will learn about how to use social media for product marketing. We will provide you with 12 tips that you can apply right now to increase your e-commerce business using social media marketing in 2022.

12 Tips To Boost E-Commerce Business With Social Media Marketing

If you search the internet to provide tips to boost your e-commerce customer experience using social media, you should get started now after following these tips. All these tips are provided to promote your brand name amongst everyone in your target customer base.

The 12 best e-commerce tools for social media marketing that we recommend are:

1.     Create Attractive Advertisements

We recommend creating attractive advertisements in the form of great video ads. After you make such ads, it will be best to post them on social media platforms and boost them by paying the site a particular sum. An attractive advertisement that can retain customer interest is the best way to keep customers engaged with your ads and has the highest chances of them clicking on the ad to buy your product.

2.     Create Interesting Video Content

Just like the point mentioned above, creating engaging video content and posting them on your social media pages is guaranteed to make them follow and subscribe to you on social media. Therefore, we recommend sharing excellent video content that is informative and funny on social media since they are the most exciting and engaging. For example, we recommend creating short videos like Reels and Stories that contain music in the background. These are short videos that users often scroll through.

3.     Engage In Networking

Networking is the act of sharing content with other business persons and prominent people on social media to recommend your names in their posts. Networking allows you to meet many people and marketing experts that can provide you with suggestions and advice for social media marketing and content ideas. They can even share your social media posts on their pages, which is bound to introduce more people and potential customers to your e-commerce business.

4.     Optimize Posts

Have you ever wondered how social media recommends pots and videos when you click on the search or explore tab on Instagram? It is because of post-optimization. Optimization of posts refers to adding specific keywords that people actively search for in your posts. So, for example, if a user searches the keyword “sneakers” on Instagram, then sneaker brands and posts that have the word “sneaker” in them will get suggested to the users first.

5.     Consistency Is Key

Posting regularly is the most surefire way of generating more traffic in your posts. While initially, you will not have a large number of views on your posts, that number will increase slowly over time. All it takes is one great piece of content that suddenly goes viral all over the social media platform. We also recommend cross-sharing posts between Facebook and Instagram since they are both owned by the same parent company Meta.

6.     Start a Blog

Starting an external blog containing published articles about your products is a great way to generate more traffic towards your e-commerce website. This written content should contain exciting blogs about the features of your product, and customers can use the product. Customers like these types of informative blogs that provide them with information about the e-commerce product listing that they are interested in knowing.

7.     Reply To Comments

Do you know that your followers can comment on all your posts? Use this to your advantage by commenting back on them! This to and fro exchange of comments can form meaningful conversations between your business and customers. This personalization will help you earn more loyal customers who know they will be getting valuable products from your company and can also get in touch with you on social media regarding any queries and suggestions.

8.     Post Paid Advertisements

While we have recommended posting video advertisements, we also recommend you boost them on Facebook and Instagram using the paid “Boost Post” feature. This allows you to pay a certain sum of money to the social media platform so that they can boost your post. This means that your advertisements will be viewed and suggested more on search engines of users for some time. This increases the chance of creating new customers.

9.     Collaborate With Content Creators

There are many content creators on these social media platforms. The chances are that they have more followers than you. Therefore, collaborating with them is a great way to get your brand known to their follower base. For example, they can post a short video about using your product and recommend it to everyone. These are pretty trafficable since they have a huge follower base.

10. Collaborate With Influencers

Instagram influencers work in the same way as content creators. While they are not directly termed as content creators, they have a large following on Instagram. You will be golden if they can make engaging posts that recommend your products and your e-commerce business.

11. Use Hashtags

Hashtags act as keywords on Instagram. In the same way, you can put some hashtags at the bottom of your posts so that Instagram knows what topic this post is relevant with.

12. Showcase Posts About Your Personal Life

Sometimes posting nonmarketing posts about personal life often piques interest in the minds of the customer base. As a result, they often react positively to these posts since they. Read also: Online Health Media & Follow The Fashion.


Social media has become popular over time due to its content sharing and networking capability. This has made social media websites great as a marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. Therefore follow the twelve tips we mentioned above to get ways to boost the online presence of your e-commerce business.

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