10 Tools to Use While Writing Your Resume

There are certain things that you cannot simply go wrong with. A resume is one such thing. The resume is extremely important when it comes to work-life. It is similar to the first image that your potential employer comes across when you wish to opt for his/her organization.

You probably know that the first image is important for the purpose of making your impression. It will help you prove yourself to be appropriate for a certain role. Your work in the future will help you prove your capabilities to your employer.

Therefore, you cannot make a mistake when writing and creating your resume. It has to be absolutely perfect and appropriate according to the image you want to create.

Here are 10 tools that you can use while writing your resume.


Writing a resume can be difficult. You might think that you lack the proper knowledge and technical know-how for the purpose of writing your resume. However, with the advent of technological innovations, the situation has taken a complete 360-degree turn. You can write your resume in an absolutely easy manner.

An app called Canva will come in as your savior. This app is incredibly helpful and supportive for people who are just starting to learn the art of resume writing. All you need to do is pick up one particular template, fill it out completely.

In no time, you will be done with your absolutely professional resume. Just the way students take help from python homework help, you too can take assistance from Canva while writing your resume.


It is extremely tricky to find the best template for your resume. There are so many on the internet currently, that you are bound to get confused.

However, there is nothing wrong with your confusion. It is absolutely normal for someone who is just starting out. Creddle might come to your help in this case. With the help of Creddle, you can gain access to a number of amazing-looking templates on which you can work.

The templates will make your resume instantly attractive and insinuate your potential employer to find out more. Wait till you receive that interview call because you are going to deserve it.


Even if you are a pro at writing resumes, you can do better with some extra help. Zesty is one tool that can help you in a comprehensive manner. You will get access to a lot of features.

At the very outset, you will be able to access a cover letter build-up, which will give you instant help with formatting your cover letter. There are professional and modern templates that are available on Zety.

You can gain complete access to those templates. You can use them according to your requirement for getting an amazing resume. You will also get a resume check, just so that you can make little improvements here and there.

Do You Buzz

You will always need help with your resume because it is always being updated. New formats, new changes are always taking place when it comes to creating your resume. It is not easy to stay abreast with every new change that is taking place in formats and styles.

You can take help from this particular app as it is bound to help you in a comprehensive manner. There is a multitude of templates from which you can choose the best that suits you. Just the way you find assignment help Australia to be helpful; you will also find this particular app helpful.

Once you are done with your resume, you can take help from a professional. He or She will guide you properly in case you have made any mistakes.

Resume Genius

This one app is also extremely helpful for people who are creating a resume for the first time. It is extremely easy to use. You will also get a good amount of help from an expert. The expert will look into your resume and critique it.

This will help you immensely in improving your already existing resume. The chances are high, that with the new changes, your resume will be even more attractive to your potential employers.

Readability Score

A readability score can be considered as the next step of creating a resume. It is simply not enough to write a resume by filling it out with valid information. Your resume ought to, in a way, convey yourself to your potential employer. This app will provide you with extensive support in this specific arena. It will allow you to know whether your recruiters would like your resume.

By giving you a readability score, you will know the average reading that your employer will need to understand your writing.


Resume writing is difficult because of its technical aspects as well. You cannot write wrong spellings, abbreviations, or informal languages on your resume. You need to keep a check on it.

A resume is not similar to the regular conversation that you have with your friend. Therefore, you have to show your best formal self to the recruiter. Using Grammarly will help you by correcting your spelling mistakes. It is also free, so use it well!

Hemingway Editor

When you are writing resumes, you are bound to make some silly mistakes. However, proofreading is important so that you can eliminate them. There is a probability that you might miss certain mistakes. The human eye can definitely make such errors.

There is nothing wrong with that. You can use Hemingway Editor for this purpose. If you paste your resume here, it will show your errors by color-coding it.


Just the way students take help, you too can take help from Resumention. They will help you with kick-starting the process of writing a resume. The certified professionals will tell you about what to include in your resume so that it clicks.

Live Career

This app deals with everything associated with jobs and their different aspects. They offer you resume-building tools, along with other perks.

For instance, you will get interview tips, career tests, and cover letter builders, and so on. It will make your job hunting process effective and adventurous.

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