Top 10 Alternative Torrent Websites Like Zooqle

If you want to share a large collection of data and want to watch latest movies but you not have much time to go on theater so you surely go for torrent sites and as you know Zooqle is one of the greatest torrent sites providing trusted and verified torrent files.

You will find all the types of torrent files here like zooqle proxies, from movies, TV shows to PDFs, Full Games, Software, and many more, all for free to download. Zooqle becomes very popular, mostly after huge names were banned.

The website is up and running when drafting this article, and you can access it at There are nevertheless other similar websites like Zooqle or some good torrent sites like Zooqle in 2020, and that’s the purpose of this article.

What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is one of all the high-quality torrent websites providing extraordinary reliable torrent files. You will discover all the possible genres of torrent files here from movies, TV Shows, complete Games, Software, and many more, all without spending a dime to download.

The website is continuously being run all the time, and you can visit the site at zooqle.Biz. There are still other similar websites like or some useful torrent websites like zooql in 2020, and that’s is the reason for creating this article for you.

If you are searching for verified torrent files, then that is the one-stop solution for you. You can access all varieties of torrent files right here, from movies, TV shows, software, applications to eBooks, audio, music files, and plenty of different forms of documents.

Is Zooqle Accessible plus Why Using Zooql alternatives?

Zooqle is not inoperative; preferably, it is still up and moving well. You can still obtain it from the link mentioned above. It will not show up in Google exploration results due to copyright issues, but you can find it using different search engines like Yahoo.

We all love using the zooql website, but due to great internet piracy and copyright laws, several ISPs are blocking admittance to it. For this idea, if you live in one of these countries, you are unable to access it.

Due to this, Zooqle is non-accessible to everyone, and the users are searching for some good alternatives. So, if you can access the zooql website or the site is offline at that time, go through the list below to find your next most beneficial Zooqle alternative during 2020.

Zooqle Proxy/Mirror sites

Another way to still practice zoogle is by using Zooqle proxy/mirror sites. Zooql proxy, including mirror sites, clones to the main domain and host the main website’s entire content library but at a different domain name.

These mirror sites use the same user interface as the parent site, and you can expect periodic updates. Depending on where you live, you may need to use an excellent VPN to avoid penalties from your Govt, and we at neoAdviser always recommend to you to use these mirrors/proxies that have an SSL certificate.

So below, some Zooqle proxy/mirror sites are working fine at the time of writing the article, and you can still use to have the same experience as at the zooql website:


If Zooqle isn’t operating or is not accessible to you, go to the following top 10 best alternatives. The websites shared below are randomly, so make sure to go through all of that and find your next best Zooql choice in 2020.

Best Zooqle Alternatives in 2020

  1. Pirate Bay
  2. Lime Torrents
  3. YTS
  4. KickassTorrents
  5. Crotorrents
  6. TorrentProject
  7. TorLock
  8. Sky Torrents
  9. Monova
  10. Public Domain Torrents

Pirate Bay


In the system of online torrent websites, The Pirate Bay is the principal alternative to Zooqle. It is one of the greatest torrent platforms which is used by millions of users across the globe.Since its appearance in 2003, The Pirate Bay site is always facing constitutional issues. But that could not limit the site from spreading its management. Nevertheless, it has managed to earn a huge fan base.

The Pirate Bay enlists many movies, TV shows, audio files, applications, software, etc. The site allows files in an electromagnet link format from where you can download them with the guidance of a few clicks.



Lime Torrents is one of the most popular torrent sites, quite famous for its excellent search engine. The site facilitates more than 10 million working torrent files. The site gathers a charming and attractive interface.

An exceptional search bar is placed on the top of the homepage, through which you can quickly discover your desired video, audio, or application. Lime Torrents possess a vast database of movies, TV shows, animes, applications, music, games, and other stuff. You cannot download and bookmark any file without registering with the site. However, creating an account is relatively easy.



YTS is a premium torrent site that gives you a good feeling instantly when you open the site. It is simple to operate, and the place gives you two to three options for a one-click download. No ads, no disturbances lead to a great experience. The genres are well organized to search them through categories and by applying its filters and even listing them through quality (720p, 1080p, 3D) and ratings. YTS is a virus-free torrent site that gives you quality over quantity.



Kickass Torrents’ simplistic interface makes it smooth to find what you’re searching out with minimum distraction, but when you have extra time, you could peruse the front web page for hot movies, TV shows, and recommendations. Its catalog is nicely placed, so you’ll be able to discover nearly anything that you are searching for.

If you do think that something is missing in the search bar, then you may check-in with the torrent sites online community of 165,000+ participants to make a request. Kickass Torrents has continuously been a dependable favorite among torrenters and has been going robust for over a decade. Although its miles blocked in some countries, like Australia, we observed it was smooth to get entry from everywhere using a VPN.



Crotorrents is among the best zooqle proxy alternative because it has a niche for gaming. The torrent site is a living haven for all games looking to download games and fail to find a working URL or seed. Crotorrents has a live active community of experienced gamers who have kept the website running through their support and intuitive gaming ideas.

You will find genres like Action, adventure, episodic, horror, racing, sports, strategy, simulation, sandbox, and much more on the site. These are the top gaming categories that you won’t find on any other gaming torrent site. Whether it’s new releases or old classics, gamers prefer this site for all gaming torrents, which made it reach the fame that it has today. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the site. Focus on the torrents.



Torrent Project is undoubtedly one of the most visited sites for downloading free torrent files. The meta-search engine is quite famous for listing more than 100 million live torrents.

This general search engine collects and documents torrent data from more than 300 torrent sites, including the BitTorrent DHT network, The Pirate Bay, and many more. Furthermore, it is among the most accurate search engines, which show fast results.Aside from that, similar to Torrentz, the Torrent Project site has a simple to use interface. But unlike the former claim, it is not best revised for mobile users.



TorLock another favorite torrent alternative to Zooqle, which is very popular for its ever-growing collection of applications and software. The site also holds a vibrant record regarding movies, TV shows, games, music, audiobooks, ebook, anime, images, and adult content.

The site enjoys more than 7 million verified torrents. In addition, upon this, its loading speed is also commendable. It takes less than a second time to load your search results. And what I like about the site is that it only traffics with verified torrent files. All the files are verified before uploading. Depending upon the number of seeders plus leechers, you can actively download any torrent file once you find it.

Sky Torrents


SkyTorrents is also an inclusive website to explore for high-quality torrent files. This torrent program tends to offer maximum privacy with minimal tracking by adware. To start with, the SkyTorrents site has a straightforward form interface. It unites more than 23 million torrents related to different categories. Currently, it is available in seven major languages, including English, French, and Portuguese.

With this site’s help, you no longer have to change websites to find a specific kind of content. A single web page hides a large variety of files related to your desired material.



Unlike Zooqle, Monova lets you contribute to its torrent list and download the ones that are already available on the platform. While you can start downloading without an account, registering is required to contribute to the site.

The platform comes with a moderate download speed. There are also several ads on the website, which means it could take a few more seconds before finding the file you want to download.

Public Domain Torrents


This is a torrent site dedicated to providing free old movies. There might be some 20th-century films here, but it is only a select few. You don’t need to perform an account to start downloading. The platform uses plain HTML, only making the site easy to navigate.

There isn’t a thumbnail in the movie titles, but you can view screenshots if you click on the link. Despite the insufficient user-friendliness, the site makes up for it in its wide variety of classical movies.


Torrent sites are very popular and have a lot of amazing features but should be picked carefully as you never know when a site is harvesting your information without you knowing it.

Keeping that in mind, we have shown you a list of top 10 zooql alternatives that provide torrents and keep their site updated at all times with new content. So you can start downloading without worrying about the site’s downtime and even without zooqle downloads. You can enjoy quality downloads that will be ad-free. No commercials and pop-up ads making torrenting much easier and is healthy for your laptop or PC as well.

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