Top 10 Best TV Antenna Boosters Updated 2022

Getting a good and reliable TV signal isn’t always easy, depending on where you live. Modern technology, as with so many other things, has stepped in to provide solutions. You may improve the signal of your current TV without spending a lot of money if you use a good TV antenna booster.

You get a better picture, better sound, and occasionally even more channels as a result of the upgrade. To locate the best TV antenna booster, you’ll need to look at a list of factors to figure out what matters the most. We recommend the best TV antenna booster with a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5 and a total gain of +15 dB, which we believe makes a significant difference in signal reception in the UHF and VHF bands.

For the best coverage, it should have a minimum gain of 10 dB and function with 360° omnidirectional transmissions. After reviewing hundreds of reviews, we’ve found that the DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier is the best TV antenna booster you can buy.

Top 10 Best TV Antenna Booster Options

Take a look at our guide to the best TV antenna booster after you’ve finished reading about this device and our other selections.

The variable gain option, which operates on VHF, UHF, and FM bands and adjusts by up to 25dB, is arguably this TV antenna booster’s strongest feature. Users can fine-tune the signal-to-noise ratio with variable gain tuning. The strong metal enclosure, which works well with an indoor HDTV antenna, is another characteristic we like about this machine. It can be installed vertically or horizontally out of sight thanks to the built-in mounting screw holes. Thanks for including a power indicator light to let users know when it’s on.

This 2-port HDTV signal distribution the best TV antenna booster improves both analogue and digital broadcast signals exceptionally well. It has the capacity to hold up to two televisions. Even better, it can handle up to two televisions without the use of a splitter, which has been known to decrease signal quality. The installation of this TV antenna amplifier is rather simple.

It can be put on a vertical or horizontal surface thanks to two opposite side mounting holes, making it ideal for confined spaces with limited wall space. Rust and abrasion resistance are provided by a cast aluminium housing with a powder-coated finish. You’ll get a powerful viewing experience when you pair it with the best omnidirectional TV antenna.

 DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier

With the help of the best TV antenna booster, this TV antenna amplifier does an excellent job of identifying local channels. This method is effective in capturing all of the major local news and television networks, including NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC. In addition to local broadcast capability, it can easily be paired with streaming devices for a broader range of material. We particularly like its universal attachment choices, which include a paper-thin profile that adheres to any flat surface, such as windows, walls, and building sides.

It’s simple to attach an amplifier to a USB charging port on your TV or a USB port on your set-top box. Scanning for channels is very simple because it can be done directly through your TV. This amplifier may be used with the best RV antenna to improve analogue and digital signals when scanning TV stations in your RV trailer.

With 7.5dB of amplification per port, this digital TV antenna booster performs an outstanding job of enhancing reception for each TV it is coupled with. Amplification of 7.5dB results in a notable improvement in TV signal quality. It also limits interference by intercepting cellular and wireless transmissions. Thanks to the weatherproofing of this indoor antenna booster’s 4-way distribution amp, it can be used both indoors and outdoors as long as it’s connected with a watertight F-connector and weather boots. Overall, this is a well-rounded option for larger families trying to boost the best indoor TV antenna.

With a built-in signal booster and PureAMp technology for excellent noise reduction, this TV antenna amplifier improves the signal and helps expand the number of available channels. The gain statistics are solid, with VHF frequencies clocking in at 16dB and UHF frequencies at 25dB. The LTE filter, which can cause undesirable interference, is perhaps this TV amplifier antenna’s greatest strength, especially in congested urban areas with a lot of cell phone usage. It also comes with a 17-foot coaxial wire, which is more than long enough to reach building windows near televisions.

TwinAmp Technology, which uses independent methods for enhancing UHF and VHF frequencies for a sharper picture and low distortion, gives this TV antenna booster a significant increase to non-amplified digital HDTV antennas. The maximum gain is really good (18dB) The closest feature of this TV antenna amplifier is its dedicated Winegard smartphone app, which uses augmented reality to locate suitable HDTV towers. It’s simple to use, needing simply that users aim their phones towards the horizon to find the best positioning angles based on tower location. It works well on both iOS and Android devices.

With some remarkable stats, this Channel Master TV antenna amplifier performs a fantastic job of increasing signal strength. adjustable amplification settings and a separate FM trap, allowing users to adjust gain at a low or high level to help prevent interference from FM TV antennas that may act on UHF and VHF signals.The heavy-duty build of this Channel Master TV antenna amplifier really impresses us.

The device is adequately protected from the elements thanks to the die-cast metal shell and port weatherproofing. Overall, this TV antenna amplifier provides an amazing combination of gain and weatherproofing, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. For optimum reception, use it in conjunction with the best rabbit ear antenna.

This TV antenna amplifier amplifies the signal by 3dB, which greatly aids in the strengthening of weaker signals. When used with units that include an auto-sizing F-port, which allows for a better centre conductor and cam contact, the signal quality improves dramatically. It also has an 8dB forwarding gain level, which isn’t too high to overpower your TV’s input and cause a distorted image.

Thanks to the super-durable construction, which includes a powder-coated aluminium alloy shell and a surge-resistant short-circuit protected power connector, We’d feel completely at ease utilising it both indoors and out. To get the most out of your antenna, pair it with the best outdoor TV antenna booster.

With PureAmp technology, this TV antenna booster helps maximise VHF and UHF reception by filtering out interference while maintaining a good signal-to-noise ratio and increasing the overall signal level. This unit is simple to set up, requiring only a direct connection to your HDTV and antenna before adding its AC power source and running a channel scan to find content from surrounding broadcast towers.

Starting with an integrated equaliser that creates variable amplifier gain based on signal strength and starting with a minimum of +0dB @ 54MHz gain, this finest indoor TV antenna amplifier significantly helps increase TV reception. We also appreciate how tough this unit is, being UL-listed for short-circuit protection and weathertight sealed to withstand high heat and cold.

This indoor TV antenna amplifier can potentially marginally enhance internet speeds as a side effect. Overall, if your neighbourhood is not in a strategic direction facing or close to broadcast towers, this TV signal enhancer is a good choice. For even better reception, you might want to check out the best long-range TV antenna booster.


Is it true that antenna amplifiers work?

Yes, TV antenna booster greatly increase the range by countering the effects of signal splitting and cable resistance. With a TV antenna amplifier that has a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5 and a total gain of 15 dB, we can certainly tell the difference.

What is the best location for an antenna amplifier?

For the best results, place your antenna amplifier as close to your antenna as feasible. Whether the antenna is grounded, raised, indoors, or outdoors, it makes no difference.

Do TV antenna amplifiers degrade over time?

Antenna amplifiers do not normally fail on their own. A poor cable connection, corroded cable, or other similar faults are most likely to be blamed for failure.

What is the optimal TV antenna height?

For the optimum range, we recommend placing antennas at least 30 feet up. This creates a clear line of sight between the antenna and neighbouring local broadcast towers, which is especially important if the antenna is multi-directional or omnidirectional and does not require pointing.

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