TwitchCon – The Ultimate Live Streaming Event 2024

TwitchCon is the top event for live streaming. It brings creators, fans, and leaders together. They celebrate gaming and entertainment in a big way. The event has lots of cool things to see and do. These include live shows, artists, music, games to play, and meetups. There will also be news about Twitch’s updates for a better and safer time for all.

Key Takeaways

  • TwitchCon is the premier live streaming event that brings together the Twitch community.
  • The event offers a wide range of activities, from live shows and artist showcases to interactive games and community meetups.
  • Attendees can expect updates and improvements to Twitch’s features and policies, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Twitch hosts over 73% of all mobile video game streaming and brings in an average viewership of over 2.5 million at any given moment.
  • TwitchCon includes interactive elements like Twitch Rivals competitions and community meetups to engage attendees.

What is TwitchCon?

TwitchCon  is where the Twitch family meets. Creators, fans, and leaders get together for a huge weekend. It’s all about games, fun, and making friends. There are shows, art, games, and music for everyone to enjoy.

Bringing Together Creators, Fans, and Industry Leaders

TwitchCon is a top event for the Twitch world. It’s not just a convention but also a place for learning and fun. People can enjoy many things like shows, games, and meeting others. It’s a celebration of what makes Twitch special.

Content Highlights and Event Activities

TwitchCon offers lots to see and do for everyone who comes. You can watch shows in the Glitch Theater, check out cool art at Artist Alley, and listen to live music at the Kappa Cabana. There’s also fun stuff like “Are You Smarter Than a Twitch Streamer” with Eret and a show about food by QTCinderella. Plus, don’t miss the exciting Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge.


Catch a Live Show in Glitch Theater

At the Glitch Theater, you’ll find all kinds of live acts from the Twitch community.

Explore Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is full of artwork from Twitch artists. It’s your chance to meet them and see their work up close.

Enjoy Live Music at Kappa Cabana

Kappa Cabana will be alive with music for everyone to enjoy. It’s a great chance to feel the beat of the Twitch world.

Are You Smarter Than a Twitch Streamer ft. Eret

Think you’re smarter than a Twitch streamer? Find out in this fun game show with Eret!

The Table ft. QTCinderella

Join QTCinderella to explore food and its place in our lives. It’s a unique and tasty adventure!

TwitchCon Cosplay Showcase hosted by StellaChuu

Be amazed by the cosplay at the TwitchCon Cosplay Showcase. StellaChuu is ready to host an incredible event.

Name Your Price LIVE! ft. AustinShow & WillNeff

Get ready for the unexpected at “Name Your Price LIVE!” with AustinShow and WillNeff. It’s a wild game of surprises!

Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge

Gamers, don’t miss the Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge. It’s a competition that all fans will love to watch.

Community Meetups and Showcases

At TwitchCon, there are lots of meetups and showcases. They help streamers and their fans find friends with common interests. Some are for Horror Games, Minecraft, and LGBTQIA+ fans. There’s also a TwitchCon Drag Showcase, showing off drag talent on Twitch.


Horror Games, Minecraft, LGBTQIA+, and More

TwitchCon has many Community MeetUps. They cover things like Horror Games, Minecraft, and ways to make everyone feel welcome, including LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC representation. These sessions let people connect over their favorite topics. It’s a chance to share hobbies, talk about diversity, and the Twitch world.

TwitchCon Drag Showcase

The TwitchCon Drag Showcase is a big deal. It shines a light on drag artists on Twitch. People get to see amazing shows and meet the drag stars. It’s a colorful and open part of Twitch’s world.

Twitchcon Schedule

The highly anticipated TwitchCon is almost here. Attendees will enjoy a weekend full of fun and interesting events. Everyone’s taste in the Twitch community will find something they love on the schedule.

Thursday Events

Thursday starts with picking up your badge and special events for Twitch partners. This night is just for the top Twitch creators, offering them a chance to mingle and have fun.

Friday Events

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will see the Expo Hall buzzing, the Loot Cave fascinating, and Twitch Rivals heated competitions. You won’t want to miss the start with the TwitchCon Opening Ceremony, live action shows, and cool interactive activities.

Saturday Events

Saturday is full of exciting happenings like The Table with QTCinderella and the TwitchCon Drag Showcase. Eret will lead the fun “Are You Smarter Than a Twitch Streamer” game. Later, the day’s highlight is the TwitchCon Block Party with food from 15 restaurants, music, games, and more.

Sunday Events

The last day is just as exciting. Enjoy the “Name Your Price LIVE!” game show and the TwitchCon Cosplay Showcase. Over the weekend, visitors can check out the lively Artist Alley, join community hangouts, and dive deep into the Twitch world.

New Updates and Improvements

Twitch works hard to make their platform better for both creators and viewers. They announced new updates at TwitchCon recently. These changes aim to support the Twitch community more.


Enhancements to Stories on Twitch

In October, Twitch started letting users post Stories. These are short clips, images, updates, and polls that disappear after a while. Now, they’re making this feature even better. Creators can now connect with fans in fun and new ways.

Improvements to Featured Clips and the Clip Editor

Featured Clips and Clip Editor are getting a boost. These tools give creators more say in how they show content. Featured Clips are becoming a key way for streamers to highlight their best moments. They’re seeing twice as many views now.

Stream Together for Seamless Collaborations

Newly, five streamers can join their live streams with Stream Together. This makes streaming together easier and more fun. Already, more than 150,000 streamers are trying out this feature.

Customizable Alerts with Animated Emotes

Your Alerts on Twitch can now be more personal. You can use animated emotes to make your alerts stand out. This adds a fun touch to your channel and makes it more interactive.

More Control and Insights for Ads

Soon, streamers will have more control over the ads they show. They’re adding a chat countdown for ad breaks. It gives creators a better handle on how they earn from their content.

All these changes show Twitch’s dedication to its community. They’re focused on helping creators and making Twitch a better place for everyone.

Safety and Community Policies

Keeping the Twitch community safe is crucial for the platform. At TwitchCon, safety and community policies got some updates. They now include rules against doxxing and swatting.

Updates to the Off-Service Conduct Policy

Twitch is cracking down harder on harmful actions like doxxing and swatting. It’s working to keep users safe with these new Off-Service Conduct Policy updates.

Channel-Level Chat Warnings

Twitch added warnings for stream channels to make community rules clear. This lets streamers make their own rules that everyone in their channel must follow. It helps make Twitch a more positive place for all.

AutoMod and Smart Detection

Twitch’s AutoMod and Smart Detection now work even better to spot and stop harmful content. The Trust and Safety team uses high-tech methods to make Twitch safer. This protects users from bad stuff.

Twitch Embeds and Simulcasting Policy Updates

Creators on Twitch now have more say in how their content is shared. With new policies on Twitch Embeds and Simulcasting, they have more freedom. Twitch wants to help creators while keeping the community safe.

The updates from TwitchCon show Twitch’s strong focus on safety and inclusion. They demonstrate a commitment to community, creativity, and making Twitch welcoming for all.


TwitchCon is the top event for live streaming. It brings together the Twitch community, including creators, fans, and leaders. They spend a weekend filled with gaming, fun, and making connections. With lots to see and do, from shows to games, there’s something for everyone. People can also learn about new safety features on Twitch.

It’s a big deal for Twitch lovers and those who make content. TwitchCon shows how the platform grows to meet user needs. It’s a yearly chance to see the big Twitch family and be part of the live streaming world.

The show is packed with fun events and spotlights Twitch’s care for safety and new ideas. TwitchCon proves how strong and exciting Twitch is. It’s a place where fans and creators can meet, learn, and have a blast together. TwitchCon makes an unforgettable memory for all its guests.


What is TwitchCon?

It’s the main event for live streaming, where creators, fans, and industry leaders meet. They celebrate gaming and entertainment together.

What kind of content highlights and event activities can attendees expect?

At TwitchCon, fans will experience live shows and musical performances. There will also be interactive games. Another feature is community meetups.

What kind of community meetups and showcases will be featured?

There will be meetups and showcases for gaming communities like Horror Games and Minecraft. It will also include a meetup for the LGBTQIA+ community. The TwitchCon Drag Showcase will be an exciting event too.

What is the schedule for TwitchCon?

Exclusively for Twitch partners, Thursday will kick off with special events. Then, from Friday to Sunday, there’s the Expo Hall, Loot Cave, and Twitch Rivals. Content sessions are spread throughout these days.

What new updates and improvements to the Twitch platform will be announced at TwitchCon?

Expect new features like improved Stories on Twitch and better clipping tools. Also coming is Stream Together for better collaborations. Customizing alerts with animated emotes will be possible. Plus, streamers get more control over ads on their channels.

How is Twitch ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the community at TwitchCon?

To ensure safety, Twitch is adding new policies. These include rules against doxxing and swatting. They’ll also introduce alerts for chat warnings and improve automatic moderation. Twitch is also making changes to embedding and simulcasting policies.

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