How To Login, Register, Apply & Activate Ulta Credit Card Guide

Ulta Credit Card: Review all information on the Comenity Bank MasterCard Reward Credit Card provided to Ulta Beauty clients. How can I make an Ultimate Rewards Credit Card application? How do you activate your account online? How do you log in and make a payment online? Through the detailed instructions in this post, we are disseminating all of the information. Please look at this.

A Credit Card for Ulta Beauty

The American retail brand Ulta Beauty distributes a range of cosmetics through its brick-and-mortar locations and online store. All qualified customers can apply for a rewards credit card from Ulta Beauty, which gives 2x Rewards Points on all in-store and online purchases.

Customers may check their reward point balance and apply for the Ulta Credit Card online. There are three different kinds of reward credit cards. Checkout: What Is Hac Frisco? How To Log Into Hac Frisco Portal (guide)

  • Ulta Rewards Credit Card
  • Ultimate Rewards on MasterCard
  • Ultimate Rewards for World Mastercard

The Advantages of the Ulta Credit Card:

  • Earn twice as many points for each purchase.Customers who spend $1 will receive 2 points in the form of prizes.
  • Both cards and low-interest rates have no yearly cost.
  • When customers spend $500 outside of Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days using their Ulta MasterCard, they will receive 500 Welcome Bonus Points once.
  • People who have an Ulta MasterCard will also get an extra point for every $3 they spend elsewhere.
  • Please take note that while Ulta MasterCard may be used everywhere, Ulta Rewards Credit Cards can only be used in Ulta Beauty shops.

How do I apply for an Ulta Credit Card?

Cardholders must first check in on the official website before they may access and manage their online credit card accounts. The steps for logging in are shown below. Please be sure.

How to log in with an Ulta credit card:

1. Launch the corporate website.

Ulta Credit Card

Visit the official web portal as your initial step. You can find Ulta e-Commerce at access the home page of the official website, click this link.

2. Activate the Ulta Credit Card website.

Ulta Credit Card

Open the official credit card login page at this point. Click the Credit Card Learn More and Apply link located under the Rewards menu item on the homepage. Click the Manage Account option on the following page.

The official website also has a manage link at the bottom. You may also go directly to the credit card control page by clicking the link at

3. Choose a credit card.

Ulta Credit Card

You will have two options to choose your credit card on the following page. You must select either the Ulta Rewards Credit Card or Ulta Rewards MasterCard link for a credit card.

4. click the sign in button

Ulta Credit Card

Just beneath the menu item on the next page is a Sign In link. To access the login form, click this link.

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5. Enter your login information to continue.

Ulta Credit Card

Enter your username and password in the provided login box, then click the Sign In button. If you’re using a smartphone or personal computer to view the website, you may also use the “Remember Me” option.

You will be successfully logged into the portal and able to manage your account and rewards points after clicking the Sign In button.

How can I sign up online?

If you already have an Ulta Credit Card but are not logged into an online account, you can register your card to get access to your card statements, manage your account online, pay bills online, etc.

Below is a list of the registration procedures.

Step 1: Go to the official website at

Step 2: As your credit card, choose between the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card and the Ultamate Rewards® MasterCard.

Step 3: Click the “Register Now” link in the top right corner of the next screen. On the next page, there is a registration form for credit cards (as shown below).

Ulta Credit Card

Step 4: You must complete the registration form. Input your ZIP code, credit card account number, and any other data from the options shown below.

  • Your Social Security Number’s final four digits (SSN)
  • Your Social Insurance Number’s final four digits (SIN)
  • Different Identification Numbers

Step 5: In the next step, click the “Find My Account” link. Your account details will be verified by the system online. You will be transported to a new page where you must create a new username and password for your account after the identification verification procedure.

Step 6: After creating a username and password, you are now ready to use.You can now sign in, manage your account online, and use the services that are only available to members who have signed up.

How can your Ulta credit card be activated?

If you receive an Ulta credit card, you cannot use it until it is activated. There are two ways to activate your credit card.

  • By contacting the customer assistance line
  • Web-based activation

1. Calling 1-866-489-3455 will connect you to customer service where you may activate your Ulta credit card.

2. Customers can also activate their credit cards online using the official webpage. ii-Online activation method Simply launch the official website and choose your credit card.

3. Click the Activate Card link in the top menu on the next page. On the new website, there will be a form for activating a credit card online (as shown below).

Ulta Credit Card

4. On this activation form, provide your credit card’s account number, expiration date, identification number, and ZIP code. Then press the Continue button.

Finish the remaining steps to quickly activate your credit card online. You may now use it online or at Ulta Beauty retail locations upon activation.

How can I make a fresh Ulta Credit Card application?

You can apply for an Ulta credit card if you wish to benefit from the special rewards points facility. Filling out an application and bringing in the necessary paperwork, including identification and proof of income, will allow customers to apply for a credit card at any Ulta Beauty location.

You may also apply online through the official website if you’d like. Below is a description of the online application procedure. Please be sure.

Before you can apply for the Ulta Credit Card online, you must meet the requirements listed below. This is because Comenity Bank is the company that gives out the card.

A candidate must:

  • own an active tax identification number issued by the government (such as SSN or SIN).
  • You must be of legal drinking age in your state or region.
  • I have a legitimate picture ID from the authorities.
  • They must possess a street, country road, or APO/FPO postal address. No PO Boxes are accepted as postal addresses.

Online application procedure:

#1. Open the Learn More & Apply link on the official Ulta website. Then, on the following page, click the Apply Now option.

Alternately, go straight to to see the credit card online application page.

#2.  A new page will appear as seen below.

Ulta Credit Card

If you already have an account, enter your email address and password on this page, click Sign In & Apply Now, and then begin filling out the online application form.

Otherwise, throughout the online application procedure, you will need to create an account. You can do this by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on the right.

#3. A new credit card application form will appear on the next page (as shown below).

Ulta Credit Card

Give all the information requested on this application form.

#4. After completing the application form, scroll down the page and click the Submit Application button after checking the box that says “Yes, I consent.”

You have sent in an application for a credit card. Comenity Bank will look at it, check the information, and decide whether to give you a credit card based on your credit history and other requirements.

How can I pay my Ulta credit card bill?

You may pay your credit card bills in a number of ways. Do so by looking below.

Online bill payment is available around-the-clock when using Ulta Comenity’s online account. Choose your credit card by going to the Ulta credit card option page. Log in to your account and pay the balance on your card.

Customers can contact 866-257-9195, TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918, which is Comenity’s customer support number. If you pay your bill using the automated phone line, this service is free. If you contact customer care, there can be fees involved. The cost can go up to $15 right now.

Pay by Mail: Clients may mail checks or money orders to the following address.

Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 650964, Dallas, Texas 75265-0964.


How can I configure my credit card for alerts?

Visit the Alerts area of your online account after logging in. You can receive a variety of alerts by email and text message.

Your alert selections can be changed whenever it is most convenient. Comenity Capital Bank provides this alert service at no cost to users.

Where do I sign up for a paperless service?

Every account comes with a free paperless service that lets you get your monthly card statements, payment reminders, and other account information electronically instead of on paper.

After logging into your account, you may submit an application for the Paperless service. Following enrolling, you will get a monthly email with your card statement.

What alternatives are there for making payments online?

All consumers have access to a variety of online payment options, including Comenity’s EasyPay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and banks, to pay their credit card bills.

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