USPhoneBook Alternatives, Reverse Phone Lookup and More

Among other things, reverse phone lookups allow one to find out who owns a specific phone number. retrieves the name and location of a phone number from billions of entries when a user enters a 10-digit number.

Moreover, provides it at no cost! We constantly update our database, which contains phone numbers for landlines, cell phones, businesses, and residences. The data vendor’s website, USPhoneBook, makes your personal information accessible online. Your current and past residence addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, family members, and business associates are all included in this data.

Anyone with access to the US Phone Book can obtain this sensitive information for free; all they need is your name, phone number, or address. Fortunately, you have the option to remove yourself from USPhoneBook’s database if you would prefer not to have your information made public.

What is USPhoneBook?

Reverse phone number search is a tool offered by the data broker website USPhoneBook that lets users check up on a specific person by entering their phone number. In the online directory, users may also look for specific people by entering their full name and/or address. While data brokers, like USPhoneBook, can help you recognize strangers on the phone and get to know the people in your neighborhood, they also put you in danger of identity theft, doxing, and targeted social engineering scams.

Is USPhoneBook a reliable source?

The US Phone Book is authentic since it offers those who submit their name, phone number, and address free access to their personal data. However, like with any data broker, the accuracy of this data could vary.

Is USPhoneBook a reliable source?

How does my information, such as my phone number and name, go to USPhoneBook?

Your personal data is gathered by USPhoneBook from several sources. These include social networking sites, public records, and other data brokers, to name a few. By referring to our free opt-out guidance, users can request the removal of their personal information from US Phone Book and other data broker websites that publish said information. As an alternative, you may get your data erased by signing up for a data broker elimination service like DeleteMe.

Is it approved for USPhoneBook?

USPhoneBook is acting lawfully when it publishes your personal information online because it does not break any laws. This is because the vast majority of the private data it shares comes from records that are open to the public and are not considered secret.

However, it is totally forbidden to use USPhoneBook information for any kind of specified purpose, including job screening. Regulations like the Fair Credit Reporting Act would be broken by such an act.

USPhoneBook Report

Typically, the USPhoneBook report includes the following information:

  • Full name or business name.
  • AKAs: aliases.
  • The addresses from the past and the present.
  • Current and previous phone numbers (including landline numbers with area codes, as well as business and mobile phone numbers).
  • Email addresses being used.
  • Pals or verified family members.

This data is available to the general public and might show up when someone searches for your name on search engines like Google. A connection to a thorough background report (which includes details on assets and properties, criminal histories, and other information) can be found on every profile on USPhoneBook and may be obtained from a different data broker.

How can I remove data from USPhoneBook?

To get your information deleted from USPhoneBook, do the following steps:

  • Navigate down the website and click on the option labeled “Do
  • Not Sell My Personal Information”.
  • After completing the captcha and entering your email address, click “Begin Removal Process.”
  • Give us your phone number.
  • Verify that the profile that is shown is yours. Click “Remove Record.”
  • USPhoneBook will send a confirmation email. Choose the email’s “Click here to remove” hyperlink.
  • Verify the opt-out request that you were sent.

How can I remove data from USPhoneBook?

How much accuracy is USPhoneBook promising?

About 40% of the personal data that data brokers have is either no longer correct or erroneous. That means that while some of the data on USPhoneBook may be true, over half of it probably isn’t.

If you’re wondering why this matters, you can read about the dangers of false information on data broker websites in an earlier edition of our top privacy newsletter, Incognito.

What are reverse phone directories?

Through the use of a reverse phone directory, one may obtain more details on the identity linked to a specific phone number. A simple search will yield the facts you need to make educated judgments, including the name, address, and other contact information of the phone owner.

  • Millions of phone numbers: Whether your goal is to get in touch with long-lost relatives, former friends, or treasured acquaintances, our extensive database ensures that no connection is unachievable.
  • Perform Quick and Confidential Searches: Users of USPhonebook can quickly find people while preserving total privacy, having time to think, and being able to reach out whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • Current Data: Our main goal is to give you the most accurate and trustworthy information possible so you can spend less time looking and more time making new memories with your loved ones.

How does a reverse phone number lookup work?

Are you curious as to who is phoning the number that keeps coming back to you? Send in your query right now at Thanks to technology, we can find the current owner of a phone number by searching through billions of publicly available records that contain both history and current data.

Instructions for Removing Listings from USPhoneBook

Six easy steps can let you get rid of the US phone book.

1. On the USPhoneBook website is the opt-out form.

  • Navigate to the bottom of the homepage.
  • To access the US Phone Book opt-out website, navigate to and select “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”

2. To start the removal request process, click the captcha and enter your email address.

  • Give USPhoneBook an email address to use for request validation (temporary email accounts are encouraged).
  • Once the captcha has been entered, click “Begin Removal Process.”

3. Find your profile.

  • Put your phone number in here.
  • USPhoneBook will display the profile that corresponds with the data supplied.

4. Delete the document

  • Verify that the profile that is presented matches the data you provided.
    Click the option labeled “Remove Record”.

5. Check the request.

  • An email notification with a link to confirm your opt-out request will be sent to you; click “Click here to remove.”

6. Received confirmation of the opt-out request

  • After that, will lead you to a website where your desire to opt-out is verified.
  • Your profile should be taken down from the US Phone Book after 48 hours.

How can I hide my data on USPhoneBook?

You have to file an opt-out request to have your information hidden on USPhoneBook. To do this, you must find your listing on USPhoneBook, verify that it is real, and then take the appropriate action to remove the record. To get comprehensive, step-by-step directions, please consult our guide. In a few months, expect to be compelled to do the opt-out process over again. Data brokers relist a person’s profile after they have more details about that person.

Recall that your personal information is not owned by USPhoneBook alone. In addition, some additional data brokers post your personal information online. We not only give free opt-out guidelines for most data broker websites, but our privacy professionals can also remove you from these sites with a subscription service.

What Information Is Included in a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone inquiry report includes a wealth of information that gives you the knowledge you want, such as (but are not limited to):

  • Full Name or Business Name
  • Current or Past Addresses
  • Former phone numbers helps find the owners of phone numbers in the United States. is not a consumer report agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This site may not be used for any purpose unrelated to employment, credit, or tenant screening.

USPhoneBook Review: Opt-Out

You must submit an online opt-out request to be removed from USPhoneBook. After that, your information ought to be removed in 48 hours.

Best US Phone Book Alternatives

The options described below are similar, but their features are different. Even though any of the options might work for you, I strongly suggest going with a phone book substitute that has search-enhancing capabilities.

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

One of the best and most efficient substitutes for the USPhoneBook is Instant Checkmate. By inputting a person’s first and last name, a search for them may be started. It might be helpful to know the neighborhood they live in as it can make the search more focused right away. Just entering the person’s name will grant access to public documents, social media accounts, images, background checks, and all available contact details. If you enjoy US Phone Book’s simplicity of use, you’ll love Instant Checkmate’s setup simplicity. In addition to being a useful tool for job seekers, Instant Checkmate is also a workable answer for companies and organizations looking to run background checks on potential hires.

Although immediate Checkmate could take some time, you can upgrade to an immediate search to get results faster if you’re in a rush. It’s also helpful that you can perform a self-search, fill out your profile with pertinent details, and then share it with others? potential employers included. A five-day trial is available for $1, while a monthly subscription is $22.86.

2. PeopleSmart


PeopleSmart is an incredibly straightforward replacement for the US Phone Book that offers a plethora of innovative features to help users find friends, family, and recently added persons. Because it serves both individuals and corporations more efficiently, PeopleSmart has a big advantage over the US Phone Book. With its simple design, this research tool may be used by anyone who has never done research before, making it easy to understand the results. While it’s a good idea to start your search with the first and last name, you can also utilize PeopleSmart to find professionals by industry or occupation.

Just these two traits will allow one to greatly narrow down their search and get closer to the person they’re looking for. After you’ve found the person you were looking for, you’ll have access to all of their contact details, which will allow you to learn more about the situation. For $1, PeopleSmart offers a seven-day trial. Thereafter, a $29.99 per month membership plan may be bought.

3. Ekata


Whitepages Pro, formerly known as Ekata, has been improved to enable more sophisticated identification verification. The closed-source, proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, which helps prevent fake accounts, fights transaction and payment frauds, and provides users with an efficient and user-friendly search experience, is the foundation around which the complete search engine is based. While Ekata may be used to find people that you know personally or that you used to know, its incredibly powerful engine makes it a very useful tool for businesses looking to improve their security. This is a great replacement for the USPhoneBook because it is a major advance.

To start your search, all you need to provide is your full name; however, knowing more details would be helpful. While you may still use Whitepages to obtain basic information by entering a phone number or full name, Ekata is a much-improved version of oofWhitepages Pro. Ekata can help you find all the information in the public record of the person you are looking into, as well as locate business relationships.



Because of US OneSEARCH’s rich feature set and increased focus on background checks and history data, it’s a perfect alternative to USPhoneBook. Given this, US OneSEARCH is the most popular substitute because it has a directory with over 650 million US criminal records. That would take a lot more details than just the full name. You must provide your full name, birth date, Social Security number, and state.

However, armed with this knowledge, one may access a multitude of data that the US Phone Book is unable to provide. For your peace of mind, US OneSEARCH is a great alternative if you are an employer or someone is willing to share this information, but not everyone has access to it. You will be able to view not just public and criminal records, but also an individual’s prior addresses and other information. Using US OneSEARCH is not free. There is a $23.95 cost for each search query.

5. PeopleLooker


PeopleLooker is a great substitute for the US Phone Book as it fulfills the same purpose and has search-related functionality. PeopleLooker not only provides email addresses, phone numbers, and locations, but it also lets you find family relatives by looking up their family trees. The biggest benefit that PeopleLooker has over the US Phone Book is the ability to do numerous search queries.

PeopleLooker also has a background check feature that lets users get basic information on long-lost acquaintances or distant family members they come across, such as contact data and more. I really like that PeopleLooker makes it easy to find and get in touch with the right person by including, if possible, photographs of the people along with their ages and social media accounts. In some situations, you might be able to view criminal records as well as other public documents. PeopleLooker is available as a $1 trial and may be accessed via a web browser. After the trial period ends, a monthly membership will run you $22.86.

6. BackgroundChecks


BackgroundChecks is the perfect replacement for the US Phone Book for anyone who wants to learn more about people they might know or those who live nearby. Although you may still utilize BackgroundChecks to find the people you’re looking for, the main benefit of the service is the very high caliber of background checks. It is an excellent service that makes thorough checks easier before hiring someone, and it is also a great way to make sure that your information is easily accessible, increasing the chance that you will be hired.

Even with phone numbers, you can’t find out much about a person because the USPhoneBook just contains phone numbers. For this reason, BackgroundChecks is an extremely better option when looking for a comprehensive report that contains a lot of data. The best part about BackgroundChecks is that you can create a list of all your applicants, and the firm will review and even help you with the selection process after analyzing their backgrounds.

7. FindOutTheTruth


If you’re searching for a phone book alternative that’s so good that private investigators utilize it, FindOutTheTruth is a terrific choice. Not only is it a great way to find people, but it also allows background checks with investigator assistance and combines contact and personal data with the background check. This covers practically any document you have access to that is available to the public, including criminal and job records. With this all-inclusive data, your vigilance will reduce possible hazards and improve the whole process of finding, hiring, or just following people.

Much more information may be accessed with only the entire name and no phone number, in contrast to the US Phone Book. The fact that FindOutTheTruth only charges for each search rather than having a subscription model is the feature I like the most. As such, the price for a single query might vary from $9.95 to $299.95, depending on the particular information that is requested.

8. eVerify


If you want the safest and most reliable way to get information on your staff, Verify is a great substitute for the US Phone Book. The US Department of Homeland Security provides this platform to assist companies in obtaining comprehensive data about possible candidates for employment or business partners. The most significant benefit of eVerify over the US Phone Book, since it is government-run, is the availability of the most correct data.

You may also find your information using the self-check option, which improves your profile and makes it more likely that someone would hire you. Employers can verify the information provided by potential workers with the help of eVerify. It works by electronically confirming the data and sending a report to the company. This free tool may only be used to run background checks on your staff members.

9. USA People Search

USA People Search

USA People Search is a fantastic option to consider. It is a fast, reliable replacement for the USPhoneBook, which looks like a search engine. You may find a lot more information with the help of USA People Search’s clever algorithm-powered search engine than you would with a traditional one. In comparison to the US Phone Book, USA People Search has enhanced search functionality that makes it easier to find more information and locate people more quickly.

For those who want to find people, find out more about those who live nearby, find family, and find distant relatives, it is essentially a substitute for the phone book. Furthermore, USA People Search gives consumers access to public and criminal data. No matter where someone lives in the United States, you may find out anything about them as long as you know their full identity From there, you may get the address, phone number, and further details. Reverse phone lookup is another useful feature that lets you find out who called you on your cell phone without having to return the call.

10. WhoEasy


WhoEasy is a great substitute for the US Phone Book that you should think about using if you can’t find any more information on a person and don’t know their full name. With just their phone numbers, users can identify and keep an eye on people using WhoEasy, a directory that doubles as an intelligent search engine. With the aid of the phone number, you may find out who owns the phone, the address, and other contact details. One of WhoEasy’s many good features is that it works with both landlines and smartphones. You may also save countless hours looking for more information about a certain number in phone directories.

The US Phone Book and WhoEasy are quite similar, however, I’ve noticed that WhoEasy uses a more modern search algorithm, which makes it much more speedy when looking for landline numbers. However, you can perform incredibly accurate searches with just a phone number, name, or location.


For anyone looking for someone in the US, is a great alternative to the US Phone Book. A catalog of public records, the improved search engine makes navigating simple. Using to find someone by name, phone number, or address is one of its useful features. The system asks you questions that are meant to help you narrow down your search and get results faster when you provide the necessary data and it searches the public directory.

After answering a few questions, you will notice that the progress indicator speeds up when you get closer to the desired results. Because offers three different ways to perform personal searches, it’s a great alternative to the US Phone Book. This method also has the advantage of producing a small number of possible results?j ust one or two of them will match the provided data. Not only can you get historical data, but you can also get personal information, such as employment and location histories, social network accounts, and much more.

12. Inteligator


If you have the same investigative instinct as a detective and want to know all there is to know about a person, Inteligator is a great substitute for the USPhoneBook. Using Inteligator’s advanced search engine, you may look into a person’s background. It can find everything from court records and arrest records to marriages, arrest logs, criminal histories, and contact details. All you have to do is supply the person’s full name and current address. Inteligator will continue from that point on while you wait. One benefit of Inteligator is that it allows the user to search with the entire name while choosing the United States, eliminating the need for the user to define the state.

This is a great substitute for the US Phone Book if all you have is your complete name and no phone number, as you can access a plethora of information with only that. Additionally, users of Inteligator may obtain information about around 95% of the US population by leveraging data from a few databases and public documents. Whether you’re trying to find a long-lost friend or managing your expectations by getting to know your new friends, Inteligator has you covered.

13. Spokeo


Spokeo functions as a sort of all-inclusive directory, having previously arranged and prepared everything for your review. Everything about a person may be easily found thanks to the wealth of information accessible; all you need to do is enter their full name to start the search. For every search, Spokeo gathers data from phone numbers, social media accounts, white page listings, and public records into a single report. The goal of Spokeo is to give you an easy, quick, and efficient way to get whatever information you need to get in touch with an old friend or find out more about new people in your life.

I like that Spokeo has a smartphone application that makes information retrieval easier when you’re on the go. While Spokeo and US Phone Book both can look up phone numbers, Spokeo has the unusual and challenging feature of allowing users to search for people by email address. When comparing Spokeo to the US Phone Book, this is by far its greatest benefit. Currently, phone book substitutes come with reverse phone number lookup as a basic functionality. Different from most other programs of its kind, Spokeo stands out since it allows consumers to report suspicious phone numbers or telemarketers.

14. Pipl


Pipl is a great substitute for the phone book if you are experiencing trouble finding someone on a worldwide scale. Think of Pipl as an international phone directory that gives you access to more details on people wherever they may be in the world. Pipl was first developed as a tool to help companies improve their security protocols by getting more details on who their business partners are. However, Pipl swiftly became well-known as a platform for finding old friends who might have moved outside of the United States, as it was one of the few international phone book substitutes.

Because Pipl can search worldwide databases, it is a better alternative to the USPhoneBook if you are unsure if an old friend still lives in the United States. As a result, you may decide which information is meant for people and which is for organizations. After that, you get access to the incredibly powerful engine that is connected to hundreds of databases worldwide. While starting a search simply requires your full name and country of residence, adding more details will enhance and speed up the results.

15. Infotracer


For individuals who want to find much more than simply contact information, Infotracer is an extensive substitute for the US Phone Book. You may find and discover almost any data about a person living in the US in the public record by using this as an alternative to the US Phone Book. Using Infotracer, one may speed up the search by entering a phone number or the whole name. In return, you will receive reports on at least two possibly relevant findings. Each report will have a wealth of information, including but not restricted to contact information, criminal histories, police report data, personal assets, and probationary information.

Infotracer is a feature-rich, cutting-edge technology substitute for the US Phone Book. Because Infotracer contains so much information, it must be as accurate as possible. This is a huge advantage for anybody looking to learn more about a person, whether they know them or not.


To sum up, USPhoneBook, a reverse phone search service, offers a useful way to find out who owns a phone number and get more information. USPhoneBook sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive and free search across billions of data, including landline, business, and residential phone numbers. However, you must recognize that USPhoneBook is a data broker website that displays personal data, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, family members, and acquaintances.

While USPhoneBook can be a useful tool for legitimate purposes, there is a significant danger associated with exposing personal data. The blog claims that anyone with a phone number, name, or address may easily obtain this information. Thankfully, the conclusion also highlights a safety measure that people may adopt to protect their personal data: refusing to be listed in USPhoneBook’s database.


1. What is a reverse phone inquiry and how does one go about doing one?

Reverse phone inquiries are used to find out who is the owner of a specific phone number. When a user enters a 10-digit phone number into USPhoneBook, the website searches billions of records to provide the name and location connected with that specific number.

2. Which kinds of data may be found on USPhoneBook?

USPhoneBook offers a vast array of information, including phone numbers, email addresses, past and current residence addresses, family members, and business partners. Functioning as a comprehensive data broker website, it provides the general public with access to a vast array of personal data.

3. Does USPhoneBook offer any free services?

In fact, USPhoneBook provides a free reverse phone lookup service. When a user enters a phone number, information about the phone number’s owner will appear on the website. However, it is important to be aware of the possible risks connected to the public release of personal data.

4. What privacy safeguards are in place to protect me from USPhoneBook?

You have the option to remove yourself from USPhoneBook’s database to stop them from giving the general public access to your personal information. This means that to preserve your privacy, they must take action to expunge your information from their records.

5. What dangers come with using services like USPhoneBook that act as data brokers?

Similar to other data broker services, USPhoneBook is vulnerable to identity theft, doxing, and targeted social engineering techniques. While personal information could be helpful in certain situations, users should be cautious of how it could be misused and take precautions to protect their privacy.

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