Why a VPN is Not Just a Tunneling Network but Much More Than It

You’d be surprised at how advanced the technology has become, with new inventions, advancements, and techniques emerging each day. And with time, the old ones are also emerging and evolving with recent developments. And a VPN is one of these tools that has seen numerous phases over time.

VPN, fully known as the Virtual Private Network, is a technological advancement whose whole purpose is to keep the user anonymous. At the same time, they browse the web and act as the perfect security shield that holds on to your activity and user information from leaking on the web.

And while all these are significant features and factors that are advertised on all the VPN websites, there is way more to it than we can imagine. VPN is an extremely versatile tool that can cater to numerous of our needs than we can think of.

One of the major uses of a VPN is the fact that you can transport yourself to any location virtually via their tunneling network. All you have to do is click on any region of your choice, and voila! But what is the purpose of this feature? Here in this blog, we will guide you on how you can use a VPN for numerous functions which are not just plain old boring and security related but also have a ton of things to do with entertainment and more.

Get Access to Geo-Blocked Streaming Services

If you are a tech noob, you probably would not know what geo-blocking or geo-restriction means. Let us do the honors for you. Geo-restriction is basically a fancy name for things that are blocked due to regional and legal boundaries. Like, they do not have the legal permission to function here. And so this is the case with a lot of streaming services that are exclusive to a specific region, namely HBO Max, Peacock TV, and even the Hulu programming abroad is not at all functioning.

Luckily, a VPN is here to manage it all for you; how? By changing your IP address. It may seem a bit confusing, but it is not. So basically, all these streaming services detect your location based on your internet IP address, and if you are from a region where they are blocked, then you cannot access it and will be blocked. A VPN masks your IP address and changes it from your location to the server you have selected. This will then open up the site for you so that you can binge-watch all you want; it’s that simple!

Unblock International Netflix Libraries

Netflix is available in over 180 locations, and all the locations have a different Netflix library, it may seem like a totally absurd thing, but it exists and is true. Since Netflix acquires most of its titles from production houses, then it has to follow its licensing and copyright legal terms as well, which asks them to release these titles in only a few countries. Apart from that, there are a lot of cultural norms and values, which prevents a few titles from circulating across all the 180+ regions where Netflix is available.

So, to make things easy, a VPN can get you to hold all those titles on your own Netflix subscription; all you require is a VPN that will virtually replace you from your region to the region of your choice. And thus, you can stream all the movies that you want to which were otherwise not available in your country.

Moreover, if we talk about content distribution, Netflix did seem to be quite a bit unfair because there are a lot of regions that do not have the best catalog. And they lack a lot of the best trending shows, like Friends, Harry Potter and more. But all their subscription prices are pretty much the same, which is absurd. But a VPN will help make it up to you. Currently, Malaysia has the most titles on Netflix, and the USA has the best titles of them all.

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