What is Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery (OPD)?

To keep consumers and staff safe, several businesses are offering alternative Walmart pickup ways. Home delivery or Walmart grocery pickup at the curb are two such alternatives. Walmart does the same thing, but Walmart pickup can give additional benefits to both customers and partner brands.

What is Walmart Pickup and Delivery (OPD)?

When you order from Walmart.com, you can choose to use Walmart Online Pick Up & Delivery (OPD), which will have your things packaged and ready for you when you arrive at the store. You may either pick it up from an interior Walmart pickup location or have it delivered to your car via curbside pickup.

Walmart pickup

How does it function?

To place an OPD order, customers must first create an account on Walmart.com. Once an account has been created, customers can order any product in the Walmart.com Pickup & Delivery category. Customers may shop at Walmart.com in both the grocery and general retail sections. Items from both areas will be available for OPD, but only if the items are in stock at the specified location.

If the business does not have a legitimate item in stock, the customer can select the “substitutions” option, and the merchant will replace the missing item at no additional cost with an item of equal or greater value. For OPD, the minimum order amount is $35. There are no extra charges when Walmart pickup OPD orders at a Walmart location.

What Is the Process for Walmart Pickup?

Customers may order products for pickup (a minimum of $35) online or through the Walmart app, and then pick up their orders at a set time and place (between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.). Most goods are available for pickup, with certain restrictions dependent on availability. You’re not restricted to only grocery and home things.

When you submit your Walmart grocery pickup order, you can buy almost everything you need. Walmart offers two options for pickup: in-store pickup at kiosks and curbside pickup to your vehicle.For non-perishable products, store pickup is preferable, whereas curbside pickup is preferable for groceries.

The Advantages of Walmart Grocery Pickup

Why would somebody choose to order through Walmart pickup rather than simply going to the store? We’ll go over several advantages of Walmart Grocery pickup.

1. There are no lines at the checkout

You won’t have to wait in long checkout lines if you purchase for pickup, especially if it’s a busy time of day on a weekend. During peak hours, checkout queues might stretch for up to 30 minutes before you reach a cashier. That’s lost time, which may be aggravating when you have a lot on your plate.

2. Save your time

By buying online, you may save a lot of time. Backtracking around the store to pick up goods on your list that you forgot might add a significant amount of time to your shopping trip. You’ll spend even more time browsing in a store you’ve never been to before. It’s much faster to go through your shopping list online (albeit you must resist the temptation to stray from it).

3. Totally Free

Many individuals believe that ordering Walmart pickup must cost money. Walmart, on the other hand, reaps the benefits of fewer congested shops and happier consumers by making pickup orders free for account users (as long as they spend at least $35). Keep in mind that Walmart delivery orders are not free.

4. Assist With Getting Items To Your Car

Some folks have mobility limitations that make carrying bulky goods to the car challenging. Curbside pickup makes it simple since Walmart personnel will deliver the products to your car and even load them into your trunk. All you need to do now is get someone to assist you in bringing the items inside your home.

Walmart pickup

Recent developments and Walmart pickup implications for brands

Advertisers no longer have to select whether their advertising appear on Walmart.com or on pickup and delivery as of March 1st. Search advertising will appear in the most relevant locations throughout the whole platform by default. As a result, reporting will also be consolidated. Walmart self-serve and the Walmart Advertising Partners programme now have pickup and delivery merchandise accessible. Walmart.com offers particular benefits over online-only stores like Amazon, as we’ve highlighted in past pieces.

The sheer quantity of physical places is the first and foremost concern. Walmart claims that 90% of Americans reside within 10 miles of a Walmart store. This makes Walmart OPD more accessible to customers. Walmart has begun providing No-Contact Pickup to keep consumers safe during the epidemic, making it an appealing alternative for seniors and customers who are concerned about their safety.

Second, according to App Annie, the traffic to Walmart.com’s shopping app is rapidly increasing. While Amazon has significantly more overall downloads than Walmart, the two companies are closely vying in terms of daily downloads. It has outperformed Amazon by up to 20% and has claimed the top spot in the United States for shopping applications in 2020.

Despite the pandemic’s hurdles, Walmart’s gain in online popularity, along with its huge shipping network, numerous store locations, and pickup and delivery options, implies that companies will see a boost in online sales. Now is a great time to take advantage of what Walmart has to offer online and actively promote on Walmart.com.

Walmart also intends to bring together its digital products from Walmart.com, Online Pickup and Delivery, and the Walmart App to provide a more comprehensive digital shopping experience. Previously, advertising for these services was done separately. In March, Walmart Connect will put these two solutions together to give vendors more inventory and optimization tools.

Walmart Grocery pickup Issues

The following are some of the most typical problems/issues with Walmart grocery pickup services:

  • Shoplifted foodstuffs
  • Groceries arrived late.
  • Predetermined delivery dates
  • The Walmart app isn’t operating correctly.

As an application, it’s normal to run across problems while utilizing Walmart Grocery pickup. But the staff is working hard to fix all the bugs in the app and make their services better.

Complaints about Walmart’s Grocery pickup

Walmart pickup

Some of the Walmart grocery pickup concerns are as follows:

  • Customers were unable to change their delivery time.
  • We learned from a few recent customer orders that you would have to plan grocery pickup for the next day.
  • They stated that they had scheduled a pick-up time between 3 and 6 p.m., but due to their busy schedule at the time, they were unable to pick up their purchase, thus they had to cancel it.
  • The majority of consumers have expressed disappointment because the retailer did not have what they had ordered.
  • When they objected and stated that they did not want an alternative, the business nonetheless provided one.
  • Some customers even claimed that their products were damaged, such as one who said that he got a carton of eggs and five of them were broken and could not be used.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping at Walmart Pickup

Here are a few things to remember in order to improve your Walmart grocery pickup experience:

  • Coupons and rebate programmes like Ibotta are not accepted. For many people, this is a disadvantage! Because they don’t provide you with a typical receipt – just a printed piece of paper – you can’t use it for a rebate app.
  • This is one of the main reasons I choose Kroger Grocery Pickup because I can utilise coupons and rebate programmes! After you’ve placed your order, you can edit it. I’ve had dozens of situations where I’ve determined I didn’t need anything or that I did.
  • Install the app! It facilitates check-in and allows you to place an order directly from the app. Make sure to contact customer support if you have a problem or a question.
  • When I make a complaint at the shop, they are far more responsive and courteous, and they always make things right. Keep your shopping list handy while you add goods to your cart to avoid overspending.
  • The biggest reason I save approximately 50% on our bill is that I’m able to double-check my pantry and don’t put random items into my basket like I do at the grocery store.


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