3 Easy Ways to Make ROBOTICS Faster Than Ever

This is not just an artistic impression, but rather the actual real-world working prototypes. The cyber-world has many names for them: Transformers, cyborgs, bionics, or biomimicry. They look like they come straight out of Hollywood, but they are already in use at this very moment in the Military and Medical fields.

Many people ask themselves when these technologies will be available to your local hospital for personal use. Well, that time is closer than you think. “It’s all relative” or better yet; it’s entirely based on your perspective:

1st Way to Make Robotics Faster Than Ever:

Using Laser Technology to Reconstruct Your Entire Body or Just a Part of It

Unlike the Terminator’s skeleton, the military is currently using 3D printing to reconstruct body parts. They use a process called selective laser sintering (SLS). This technology works by moving an extremely powerful laser beam in a predetermined pattern while simultaneously rotating the part being “printed.” This causes the plastic particles of the medium to fuse together… Layer by layer… building up precise geometric shapes of solid objects.

But here’s where it gets really interesting:

Parts printed with this method can be much stronger and more complex than any other current manufacturing process can produce, as well as much lighter -almost 20 times stronger than ordinary plastic used in commercial toy construction projects for example! The future possibilities are endless! By joining these individual pieces, future full-body prosthetic reconstruction is possible! Even your face (even though it may already be a reality in the near future), limbs, organs… making this technology extremely relevant for not only military purposes but for medical purposes as well. Thank you, DARPA, and “God” bless America.

2nd Way to Make Robotics Faster Than Ever:

Using Hard Drives as Your Mind’s Personal Cloud Storage

By 2016, The U.S. Government will have a surveillance drone patrolling every square mile of earth, ready to kill any suspect at any time from anywhere around the world -including overseas- with no judicial oversight or court warrant. Every person within its reach is easily identified by their biometric data including fingerprints, iris patterns, facial features, gait, DNA sequence, and unique voice characteristics. This information is stored on NSA database systems which are being increased in capacity every day. The amount of data they have acquired is so massive it will become problematic for them to store the data within their existing infrastructure.

This has prompted DARPA to invest heavily in technology that can travel along high-speed fiber-optic cables at a speed of 186,000 miles per second… all data everywhere around the world could be accessible by any individual wirelessly anywhere at any time! It would also make communication much more secure than ever before because if hackers were able to intercept this data (i.e., cutting the cable) it would destroy itself into billions of tiny pieces due to its own weight. Just like the Terminator said; “I’ll be back…”

3rd Way to Make Robotics Faster Than Ever:

Using Drones (And Future AI) To Improve Your Life

DARPA is now working on semi-autonomous rapid response teams that can fix infrastructure problems in your area or even provide medical assistance to members of your family. These drones could carry medicines, bandages and perform surgery over great distances by using various tools already available, such as intubation devices for example. Some of these technologies are already available commercially. But why stop there? They could monitor your children’s school performance remotely, help you build that shed you always wanted in just a few hours with no manual labor involved, help you find your lost pet, help you find your lost keys…

The possibilities are endless and only limited by our imagination. Just don’t let these drones get in the wrong hands or we might lose our freedoms forever. We must always remember that with great power comes great responsibility!

Just don’t let this technology fall into “the wrong hands”.


As you can see, ROBOTICS is now starting to do everything mankind has been doing since the beginning of time here on earth. I’ve come to the conclusion that robots eventually might even replace mankind itself as superior beings in terms of intelligence and strength. But I still think this day is far away. Who knows… maybe Stephen Hawking was right, “machines will overtake humans” -eventually- “but they won’t kill us.” They’ll just take our jobs! Oh no! That’s not good for anyone.

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