How Does Website Security Affect Your Search Rankings?

The website security can be somehow compared to the safety of your apartment or house. It often refers to SEO security as well because the extent to which your website is protected also influences SEO ranking. Moreover, search engines are more eager to work with secured websites rather than with unsafe ones. For instance, Google safe website will be more likely shown to end-users rather than unprotected resources. To learn more about SEO security and its implementation for the website, continue reading this article to discover lots of useful tips.

What is SEO security?

The notion of SEO security is interrelated with website security but with the consideration of search ranking. In fact, SEO security keeps in mind the website’s position on search engine result pages based on the safety measures implemented.

In any case, your website should be properly protected with the corresponding protocols and safety measures. Otherwise, the website visitors would be warned by their browsers about potential hazards on your website and they won’t feel secure as a result.

Making your website a safe play to stay and surf over, webmasters rely on safety protocols for transferring data. This not only ensures a business website’s security but helps to prevent a drop in SEO ranking.

How does cyber security affect SEO ranking?

Being the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, cyber security tends to affect rankings either when implemented properly or not implemented at all. What does that mean? In fact, Google and other search engines automatically define the websites’ security level and adjust ranking positions based on that.

In case a crawler detects that no safety communication protocol is enabled, this would be perceived as no secure channel for data transfer is present. This appears potentially hazardous for the data breach. man-in-the-middle attacks, DDOS attacks, and other types of cybersecurity-related vulnerabilities.

With the rising importance of SEO security on the web, search engines can even block your website. This is obviously an unwanted scenario because all other SEO efforts would be depreciated as well. That is why you should pay much attention to ensuring the security of your website.

Another option that can greatly affect your rankings on Google is the utilization of black hat link building techniques. This means that backlinks from suspicious and unsafe websites would also affect your website’s ranking.

When organizing and implementing your backlink campaign, rely only on trusted backlinks that would contribute to your website promotion. Other backlinks coming from untrusted resources would only harm your website ratings.

Check and enhance your website security

The statistics for 2021 depict that the number of cyberattacks doubled compared to 2020. This is naturally obvious as the online presence of many companies has boomed that year due to Covid-19 and the new mode of working. As a result, this leads to the thought that cybersecurity is not only important for SEO rankings but also for the overall integrity and robustness of your website.

Learn cyber security basics

To better understand how hackers act and what threats they impose on unprotected websites, explore some of the security basics. This will also encourage you to verify whether your website is secure enough and implement all the necessary safety measures.

Ensure secure connection

Previously, all the websites were exclusively based on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which allowed for data exchange on the web. Clients easily accessed the needed online resource and explored the information they needed. However, this way could not ensure enough protection due to the absence of any security measures.

As a result, the successor HTTPS has entered the game by granting advanced protection for both websites and their visitors. In fact, HTTPS is the same HTTP protocol with the SSL certificate installed on the server host.

If you want to make your website a safe place, check this recent article for details on how to easily add SSL to WordPress websites. Keep in mind that Google safe websites with HTTPS protocol gain higher rankings by default.

Review your backlink profile

The overall security of the website is also influenced by the incoming referral traffic from other resources. That is why you should overview existing backlinks and decide which of them come from malicious or unsafe websites. Based on that, find guest blogging platforms where you can post your articles with backlinks to your website. This would help to establish new backlinks on secure and reliable online platforms.

Adjust password requirements

If you have a user area on your website, where visitors log in and enter their profiles, then you should review the password requirements. Using capital letters, special characters, and numbers are among the crucial password requirements. These measures ensure the creation of diversified passwords that are difficult to guess for hackers.

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