What is WhatsApp Web? How to use WhatsApp Web on PC

WhatsApp Web is a useful feature that lets users access their WhatsApp account on a computer. WhatsApp is a well-known messaging platform that Facebook owns. You can send and receive messages from your computer using WhatsApp Web qr code, which syncs flawlessly with the mobile app, regardless of whether you want to use a desktop program or a web browser.

Discover WhatsApp Web’s features, learn how to use them, and have fun. With the help of WhatsApp Web, you may use a computer to access your WhatsApp account. It syncs all of your contacts, messages, and settings and functions as an extension of your mobile app. There are two versions of WhatsApp Web available: a desktop program and a version that runs in a web browser. With either version, you can effortlessly remain in touch and chat with your contacts from your computer in a seamless manner.

A guide to WhatsApp Web has been created on this page. You may now accomplish much more with the desktop program, which is also accessible. To use the browser version, click the link below.

What is WhatsApp Web?

You may send and receive messages and chats on the WhatsApp Web using a tablet or desktop computer. Based on a desktop browser, WhatsApp Web is the PC version of WhatsApp Messenger. Additionally, your phone’s account opens on a computer PC while using the web version of WhatsApp, so no other accounts are needed.

Similar features and a nearly identical UI can be found in WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Messenger for mobile devices. With this website, you may instantaneously send and receive messages while chatting with your friends. Your PC and phone’s WhatsApp messages are synced with one another.

If you’d like, you may reply to a message you receive on WhatsApp Web qr code using the WhatsApp Messenger app on any Android or iPhone phone. With a few exceptions for older models, WhatsApp is a well-known messaging program that runs on practically all Android and iPhone smartphones.

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How can you use WhatsApp Web on a PC?

If you want to use WhatsApp in your PC browser, WhatsApp Web is the way to go. It’s incredibly simple to use—you just need to use it once, and you’ll know everything you need to do the next time. We’ve created a brief and simple tutorial to help you use WhatsApp Web on your PC.

  1. Confirm that your laptop and phone are linked to a working internet connection. For WhatsApp to function in your browser, it is not necessary to have the same internet connection.
  2. Now confirm that WhatsApp is operating flawlessly on your phone.
  3. On your phone, launch the WhatsApp Messenger app.
  4. Select the iPhone Setting Icon and Android Menu Icon by clicking on them.
  5. After selecting the WhatsApp Web Button, a screen for a QR scanner will appear.
  6. Now launch the PC web browser and navigate to https://web.whatsapp.com.
  7. A QR code will show up in the web browser on the computer.
  8. Use your phone’s WhatsApp Messenger to scan the QR code.
  9. You may access your WhatsApp on your computer as soon as you scan your QR code.
  10.  The Internet will be used to sync both of your devices. and the internet should continue to be accessible on your phone.
  11. You may reply to messages on both devices and get them on both.

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How Can I Logout WhatsApp Web?

You should log out of your PC account after using WhatsApp Web. It is risky to leave your WhatsApp account open on someone else’s computer, in contrast to the mobile version; thus, you should log out of the web version.

The procedures outlined below can be used to securely log out of WhatsApp Web:

  1. Select the three dots located at the chat’s top.
  2. From the drop-down option, select Log Out.
  3. Your computer’s account will securely log out.

You can use your phone’s menu or setting icon to log out if you neglected to do so. Open the WhatsApp Web app and select Log out on all devices.

WhatsApp Web’s features

All of the features of the smartphone version of WhatsApp are also included in the desktop browser version. However, the web version of WhatsApp offers additional noteworthy features. These are as follows:

1. Distributing files from a desktop

It comes in very handy in several situations, such as when you want to transmit a file that is on your PC’s hard drive. It may be challenging to share data across PCs and phones, particularly if you are using non-Apple devices. In such a case, you may email your friends PC files straight from your browser by logging into your WhatsApp account.

2. Receiving Notifications on My Desktop While Working

Using your physical keyboard to transmit responses straight from your PC while working on a personal computer might be incredibly convenient. WhatsApp Web is also the best option if you want to avoid using your phone while working.

Install WhatsApp Web on your PC

Additionally, WhatsApp provides a desktop application for users on Mac and Windows. It is readily downloadable from this link. The web version and this one have comparable appearances. You won’t need to use Google to complete the installation instructions once you’ve downloaded the application.

Once the installation is complete, drag the Whatsapp icon into your Mac’s program folder or onto your Windows task tray. You may utilize it conveniently while working in this fashion. When you launch the app, a prompt to scan your QR code using a mobile app will appear.

You will see the identical windows that you see in your web browser when you scan it. Unless you consciously decide to log out, you won’t be logged out. Go to the menu in the WhatsApp mobile app and choose “Log out from all devices” to log out. As an alternative, click the three dots in the desktop application’s menu and select Log Out.

Voice and video calls are now supported on WhatsApp Web

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The messaging program WhatsApp Web, owned by Facebook, reportedly offers audio and video call capability on its web application. One of the most widely utilized messaging applications worldwide is WhatsApp.

Both the web and mobile versions of it are helpful to users. People who use desktop or laptop computers in their daily lives will find WhatsApp Web to be a huge benefit. It enables the user to access WhatsApp features without using their phone. Unfortunately, audio and video calls are not supported by WhatsApp Web at this time.

Wabetainfo, a website that provides information about the most recent changes to the messaging program, nevertheless released a number of screenshots demonstrating the voice and video enhancements in Web WhatsApp. Voice and video calls on mobile devices have been a popular feature for WhatsApp users for many years.

What is the WhatsApp Web voice and video call setup?

Upon receiving a voice or video call, a tiny window will first pop up on the user’s screen. Users may now choose to accept or reject the incoming call on that screen. Secondly, a similar window will show up on the screen if the user initiates a voice or video call. The status of the call is displayed in that window. WhatsApp Web supports the new group voice and video calls in addition to the voice and video call features.

Easy Steps to Allow WhatsApp Web’s Two-Step Verification

One of the most popular messaging apps these days is WhatsApp. The WhatsApp web version and smartphone version are both significantly contributing to the expansion of global communication channels. WhatsApp offers its users high-security features to ensure that no third party may access any user data without consent due to the app’s excessive use. WhatsApp offers an additional option for this reason, which helps to strengthen the security of your account. We refer to it as two-step verification.

  1. It strengthens the security of your WhatsApp account, making it harder for unauthorized users to obtain private data from it. You have to authenticate yourself twice in order to complete the two-step verification. Normally, as soon as you register your phone number on WhatsApp, the two-step verification screen opens.
  2. On the other hand, you may enable two-step verification at any moment if you didn’t do so when you registered. This post walks you through 10 easy steps to establish two-step verification on your WhatsApp account.

How to use WhatsApp Web’s two-step verification

  1. From your smartphone, launch the WhatsApp app.
  2. Choose the Settings option from the menu located in the upper-right corner.
  3. From the provided list of options, choose Account.
  4. Select the option for two-step verification now.
  5. If you have already turned on two-step verification, a screen will display with an option to turn it off. In the alternative scenario, though, a button to enable it will be displayed. Press the “Enable” button.
  6. You will be required to enter a six-digit PIN on the next screen. It’s going to be a private key that will aid with account security.
  7. You will be prompted to confirm the PIN on the following screen.
  8. You will next have to type in your email address. Entering an email address is not required, though. This is an option that you may ignore. However, we advise adding an email address.
  9. The confirmation box that appears after you input your email address will ask you for it once again.
  10. The last screen you’ll see is a tick-mark-filled confirmation screen. The checkmarks on your WhatsApp account verify that two-step verification is turned on.

A Few Crucial Things to Remember for WhatsApp Web

  • Take caution while providing your email address during the two-step verification procedure. The email address you provide is not validated by WhatsApp. In the event that your six-digit PIN is forgotten, you can retrieve your account using the email address.
  • Be cautious if you receive an email asking you to turn off two-step verification for your WhatsApp account, even if you haven’t asked for it. Keep the two-step verification enabled. Someone is attempting to deactivate the two-step verification on WhatsApp in an attempt to get access to your account.
  • Always be cautious and don’t forget your six-digit PIN. When two-step verification is enabled, Within seven days after the last time you used WhatsApp, you won’t be able to re-verify your cell number on your account without your PIN. You won’t be able to re-verify your phone number on WhatsApp if you forget your PIN and you haven’t provided your email address either.
  • WhatsApp will occasionally prompt users to input their PIN while logging in from the Web in an effort to prevent users from forgetting their PIN.
  • You have complete control over a two-step verification procedure using WhatsApp.
  • From your phone, you may use WhatsApp to enable, disable, or reset your credentials whenever you’d like.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There are a few troubleshooting techniques you may attempt if you run into any problems using WhatsApp Web, such as synchronization issues or connection faults. Minor difficulties are frequently resolved by refreshing the webpage, emptying the cache in your browser, or restarting the desktop application. If the issue continues, confirm that you are running the most recent version of the WhatsApp software and that your phone is connected to a reliable internet connection.

With WhatsApp Web, you can effortlessly manage your chats and remain in touch with your contacts by having easy access to your WhatsApp account on a computer. WhatsApp Web has a user-friendly layout along with a number of features that improve your chatting experience, regardless of whether you choose to use the desktop app or the web browser version.

You can quickly set up and utilize WhatsApp Web by following the detailed instructions in this tutorial, which will let you chat from your computer with ease. With WhatsApp Web, you can stay in touch and take advantage of the ease of having access to your account from any location.

Recall that WhatsApp Web is really an expansion of your mobile application; therefore, in order to utilize WhatsApp Web, your phone must be connected and logged in. Savor the advantages of utilizing WhatsApp on your computer and phone, and take full advantage of this flexible messaging app.

Advantages of WhatsApp Web

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  • Even when you’re not near your phone, you can still communicate with your friends and family.
  • It might be more convenient to use it on your computer than on your phone.
  • Up to 100MB of files may be sent and received using it.
  • Both voice and video calls may be made using it.

The Web is therefore a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a means to keep in touch with your friends and family. It has all of the same features as the WhatsApp app on your phone and is simple to use.


WhatsApp’s web version has thereby transformed how users remain in touch and participate in their chats, bridging the gap between PCs and mobile devices. We have discussed the features and restrictions of WhatsApp Web in this article, as well as the several ways to access it on various platforms and gadgets.

We’ve also included a number of helpful hints and techniques to help you get the most out of your WhatsWeb experience. By becoming proficient with these methods, you will be able to take full advantage of this flexible messaging service and keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers as you move between your desktop and mobile devices.

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