Classic WoW Auction House Tips for Phase 1

Classic WoW Gold is difficult to come by for World of Warcraft players switching from retail to Classic WoW. It’s better to quickly fill your bags of expensive things to sell on the WoW Auction House and fill your pockets with sparkling Gold in store.

In Classic, players gradually increase their Gold by accumulating small quantities of silver. So, in Classic, how do you get rid of your Gold? You have the choice of purchasing WoW Classic Gold or playing the long game with the WoW Auction House.

Furthermore, the stakes are high, and you’re most likely working outside of your comfort zone. Purchasing a home at an auction can be a frustrating experience. That is why, before attending a real estate WoW Auction House, you can try to learn how to win a WoW Auction House.

Classic WoW Auction House Tips

Here are a few pointers for Phase 1:

Nature-resisting Gear

Fire-resisting gear is increasingly common and costly as many players hit level 60 and prepare for the Molton Core attack. On the other hand, the nature-resisting kit is still cheap on the WoW Auction House since these products and gear won’t be required until Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) launches. Scavenge the Auction House for low-cost nature-resistance gear and stash it in your bank for later resale.


On their way to level 60, nearly all players seem to have selected collecting careers such as digging, herbalism, and skinning. This indicates that the WoW Auction House is overstocked with ores, spices, and leather to the point that they are selling close to Vendor prices.

Putting these things up for auction is a waste of time and effort. Instead, save them before the economy stabilizes, or give them to a secondary character to level Blacksmithing, Alchemy, or Leatherworking.

Twink Gear

Since there are no battlegrounds in Phase 1, most players aren’t concerned with low-level twink gear, which can become extremely valuable later. Twinks were a significant hit in Vanilla WoW, and they’ll be much more extensive in Classic. Level 19 was a standard level for twinks, so if you see any level 19 bind-on-equip blue pieces for sale on the WoW Auction House , buy them. You will sell these things for a profit as Battlegrounds are added to the game later on.

Install the WoW Auction House Addon

TradeSkillMaster (TSM) or Auctioneer are two WoW Auction House addons that will help you make a lot of Gold. While each addon has its own set of features, they nearly all tell you whether or not an item is selling at a reasonable price. It will assist you in deciding whether to purchase an object and relist it to earn more WoW Classic Gold, which is now far more expensive than WoW Gold in the original game.

Buy Vendor Items from the Wow Auction House

Unwitting players have been selling products for less Gold on the WoW Auction House than they would sell for at a vendor. It means you can trawl the WoW Auction House for these pieces, which are typically Green bind-on-equip items, and profitably sell them to a seller.

Many Auction House addons have a ‘vendor’ segment or a feature that tells you the vendor price of an object, so you don’t have to study each item.

How Does Purchasing a Home at Auction Work?

The advantages of bidding at an auction include having more opportunities and potentially getting a better deal. If purchasing an WoW Auction House will have less competition than buying a home the conventional way, you would be competing with a different group of prospective buyers—often seasoned owners.

The most significant drawback of buying at auction is that you would have no experience of the assets for sale, putting you at risk of making a costly mistake. You’ll need to read, understand, and sign a lot of documents, as with any real estate transaction (ideally with the help of a real estate attorney).

WoW Auction House Tips

Real-estate legend has it that houses can be purchased at auction for a fraction of their selling worth, and such deals do exist. Auctions, on the other hand, are usually a riskier approach to purchase property than traditional methods. Because of this, it’s essential to understand how real estate auctions operate and to be cautious about the assets you’re considering bidding on.

“Many people mistakenly think that auction homes are a decent deal,” says John Myers of Myers & Myers Real Estate in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Some auction houses are a great deal, and others are a huge mistake.”

Here are the fundamentals of residential home auctions to help you determine whether this is the best decision for you, whether you choose to remain in the property or use it only as a purchase.

How Do Houses Get Auctioned?

There are two different scenarios in which a home is auctioned off.

Auctions in Foreclosures

A borrower can default and face foreclosure if they have not paid their mortgage for at least a few months. When this occurs, the bank notifies the county clerk of the default. The lender will bring the home up for auction and push the homeowner out for nonpayment if the homeowner does not settle the amount outstanding or renegotiate the mortgage with the lender. Trustees retained by the banks hold these foreclosure auctions.

Auctions on Defaulted Property Taxes

A house will also be put up for auction if the occupant fails to pay the assessed property taxes. The land is seized by the delinquent tax authority rather than the bank in these situations. A local sheriff, clerk, or the county or local tax authority’s comptroller’s office conducts the corresponding tax lien auction.

Participating in the Auction

These activities may occur at physical sites such as city government courthouses and hotel meeting centers, regardless of the form of auctions, and these in-person sales are made quickly. Online real estate auctions are becoming more common, and they can last for days or weeks.

According to Earl White, co-founder of House Heroes LLC, a Florida real estate investment company that buys apartments, condos, and vacant residential land, buying homes at an auction will continue to succeed.

“On a budget, owner tenants and real estate specialists seek out outlets or fewer competition,” he says. “Auction properties, by definition, attract fewer bids, resulting in a lower selling price. However, foreclosure sales do not offer the same discounts as they did before the [housing] crisis.”

White says that as there are fewer homes available, consumers are more attracted due to property appreciation and low mortgage rates. Online auctions, he claims, have boosted competition and raised costs.

Locating Auctions for Real Estate

Contacting local councils directly by visiting their websites for updates and then calling to check the specifics is one way to locate auctions. Another choice is to use websites like However, material found on the internet is not necessarily reliable.

Since the owner is late on payments, properties in pre-foreclosure can be considered. These homes can never be put on the market because their owners caught up with their loans or agreed with their lenders.

Real estate attorneys and brokers in your area will also be helpful. Unfortunately, since agents and dealers do not immediately collect commissions on live auctions, you will not find them willing to assist. These realtors, on the other hand, may collect commissions by participating in online auctions.

Final Thoughts

While foreclosed homes can be financially attractive, there are several factors to weigh before making a purchase. Often, just because a house is up for WoW Auction House doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get a decent bargain on it (or that the house is a good deal at all—it may be a money pit).

On the other hand, land auctions are worth investigating for savvy, knowledgeable, and inspired individuals looking for a low-cost home or investment property.

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