7 Fears Students Have When Using an Essay Writing Service

Although most students have used essay writing services at least once, there is still some bias around online academic help. It stems from many reasons. One of them is that some companies that operated earlier have compromised themselves, but this fame has impacted the entire industry. The other one is fear of being caught using this kind of help.

We are here to dispel myths about using essay writing services that prevent you from getting help and ease your academic burden. For this, we asked professionals providing essay helper by EssayHub to list the most common students’ fears and comment on them. It really helps in understanding how useful these services are and why fears have no place in collaboration between the writer and a student.

‘Essay Writing Services Are All Scammers’

We should admit that some companies indeed were scammers. They often charged students extra commissions or used their credit card details without the owner’s authorization.

However, with banking technologies developing further and further, it is now harder to scam students in any way. Moreover, industry giants are so concerned about their reputation that they monitor the market and warn students if any suspicious activity is noticed.

‘Essay Writing Companies Are Fake’

Essay writing companies indeed emerged when online services were not yet popular. A company with a virtual office made everybody puzzled at the time. However, this can hardly surprise anyone today.

Moreover, there are many independent platforms for reviews online. You can easily check writing services reviews on NoCramming to find out if the company you are dealing with is reliable. The other credible platforms are Trustpilot and Reddit.

‘Essay Writing Companies Plagiarize’

After some companies were caught cheating their clients and providing them with plagiarized samples, students stopped trusting online writing services. The whole business was affected. Many essay writing services committed themselves to anti plagiarism and transparency policies to rebuild reputation and trust.

Today, it’s hard to find a company that would risk its name. On the contrary, most businesses equip their systems with advanced plagiarism detecting tools that can catch even the slightest similarity.

‘Essay Writing Companies Do Not Give Money Back’

This is totally wrong. Most online writing services have adopted customer-first policies, prioritizing customer experience and satisfaction. Thus, if a client is not happy with the product and can prove that they are objective in their review, the money they paid will be returned. It is now called a money-back policy. Every student is entitled to such guarantees as soon as they purchase a product.

‘Essay Writing Companies Do Not Provide Original Content’

This is another myth written by someone with little understanding of how essay writing companies work. Basically, if they are forbidden to plagiarize, there is zero chance they can provide you with a plagiarized paper.

Proofreaders working with the company also check the uniqueness and originality of ideas. This process ensures that every essay has enough scientific evidence to support unique and interesting ideas.

‘Essay Writing Services Are Not Legit and Ethical’

The academic burden is huge, and it only keeps growing. That means online writing help is transforming from a privilege into a necessity. Changes are happening in the legal area as well. In the past, such companies were vaguely registered. Students couldn’t rely on the law if any conflict occurred. Today, however, every reputable company is properly registered and pays taxes. That means essay writing services are fully legit.

As for ethics, it depends on a person. Some people would see the samples provided by professional writers as cheating. Others view it as paying professionals to get high-quality papers and learn how to write in the same way.

‘Essay Writing Services Neglect Deadlines’

Deadlines provided by students are the top requirement that every writer follows. They have to finish writing a few hours earlier to ensure that plagiarism and grammar checks are done within the given time.

If someone says that their deadlines were not observed, it’s because the original deadline was too short for this type of work. You cannot expect a 30-page paper to be written in an hour, can you?


Myths and fears associated with essay writing companies affect students’ decisions to use their services. However, many problems that existed before and prevented this business from developing have already been resolved. Students worldwide know that if circumstances prevent them from writing, they have a place to seek support.

Of course, using essay writing services still requires trust. You should be able to rely on others, using their sample as the basis for your own paper. Also, you need to trust them about uniqueness and deadlines. However, you’ll eliminate all your fears once you try using essay writing services and find your reliable counterpart. After all, every service you get is based on trust.

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