Top 5 Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter Online

Youtube is one of the most used websites right now in the video streaming market. This free website allows users to simply enter the website and watch any video that they want. This can range from tutorial study videos, gaming videos and live streams, music videos, movie trailers and clips, and lots more.

However, youtube certainly is stingy when it comes to allowing users to download videos and audio files of the song. Though Youtube allows you to do so only on your mobile devices (with a premium subscription of course). This option is seemingly unavailable on computers and other devices (like gaming consoles).

Therefore, if you do not want to spend any money downloading your favorite songs, then this guide is for you. If you want to download mp3 songs from Youtube and listen to them with other media players, simply use some of the websites explained below.

Top 5 Free YouTube to Mp3 Converters Available Online

After scouring the internet, we have come up with five great websites from which you can convert youtube videos to an mp3 format and then be able to download them. These five websites you should check out right now are:

1. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is one of the oldest youtube converters on the internet. Launched a few years back, it started off as an mp4 converter for youtube. It initially allowed only the conversion of youtube videos to various video formats (mp4, Mkv, Avi, etc.).

However, it soon expanded its repertoire after it added the option to convert youtube videos to mp3 format as well. This is what allows you to download the mp3 of your favorite songs from y2mate to your device.

To do so, you simply need to open the website and paste the link of the song you want to download from youtube. Then, click on convert to mp3. This will generate an mp3 file for you that you can download from the newly generated download mp3 link.

If you use Google Chrome on your PC, then you can also use the Y2Mate Chrome extension to simply click on the extension when you are watching a youtube video to start converting the video immediately and download the songs in an instant.

2. 320YTMp3

Another popular youtube converter, this website has the same functionality as Y2mate. The only difference is that this website does not allow the conversion of youtube videos to other video formats. It only converts them to mp3 audio files.

Just like every website on this list, you only need to copy and paste the youtube link of the song you want to download. Not only songs, but you can also download the audio from any video as well. This is useful for downloading speeches, dialogues, and other audio that you might need for a project.

3. Mp3fy

Mp3fy is a completely free youtube converter that allows you to convert youtube videos to other video formats and audio formats. It allows no registration for users and allows unlimited downloads with the videos being of any length.

Mp3fy is well received by users because of its fast conversion and download speeds. Although it does not allow batch downloads, it is one of the most used free youtube mp3 converters on the internet.

A great feature of mp4fy is to simply add the word “fy” after youtube on any youtube link. For example, if a video has this link – www. – you can start converting it into mp3 and also download it by adding the word “fy” like this –

This nifty feature of mp3fy was well praised by users since it significantly made the conversion and download process faster.

4. Converto

Converto is another youtube to mp3 converter that has been getting quite a lot of traction lately. This converter allows you to convert youtube videos into various video (mp4)  and audio (mp3) formats.

The main feature of converto is that it lets you change certain aspects of the tags of the song. This includes the track name, album name, name of the artist, date of release, album art, and more. This option is for those audiophiles who want their music to have all information and artwork presented on the player itself.

5. Online Video Converter

As the name suggests, Online Video Converter is one of the newest youtube converters on the market. This converter is gaining a lot of popularity because of its accessibility. It has a mobile version of the website in the form of an application that is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Alongside converting and downloading youtube videos and audio files, it lets you convert them into specific file types. In the audio section, it lets you convert the videos to mp3, aac, Ogg, WMA, m4a, wav, and FLAC file formats.


Converting youtube to mp3 file formats and other video formats has become a necessity for students and content creators to get the thing they were looking for. If you want to download a song or parts of a speech or dialogue from a movie or documentary, then you can now do so with online converters like y2mate, 320ytmp3, mp3fy, converto, and online video converter.

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