How to Monetize YouTube Video Content in 2021

It is no secret that Youtube is overgrowing every passing day. If we think about it, around 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day, which means; one can make some lavish amount from their YouTube content.

Sure, you must’ve tried a YouTube video converter to download the videos that’ve been trending on YouTube to learn and take notes for your next potential video. But that’s all in vain if you don’t have your YouTube videos monetized.

Don’t get in a fluster because, in this article, we will discuss how you can monetize your youtube videos. We will be advancing step by step, making everything clearer for your convenience. Before we start, let’s talk about what it means to have monetized content on YouTube.

Youtube Content Monetization 

Let me elaborate on this concept; consider working your fingers to the bones for your Youtube channel, creating exciting content for your viewers, and giving your best on this platform.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could earn some revenue along the way?

I know the answer is yes, and it can only be possible if you monetize your Youtube videos, and we both know the reason why it’s vital for your channel. After all, it’s a way that brings you a satisfactory amount of money in your hands.

One way to monetize your Youtube videos is by running ads on them.

The advertisers bid their ads on your videos to target their audience; in exchange, a certain amount is paid to Youtube, and it takes up to 45% of that amount and gives you the remaining 55%, which isn’t that bad.

Let’s advance to what I call ‘the groundwork’, which is required to monetize your Youtube videos content, and it is the Youtube Partner Program, also abbreviated as YPP.

Meeting the requirements of YPP is the first thing to get your channel accepted for monetization.

What Is YPP and What Are The Requirements For Monetization

Youtube Partner Program (YPP)

It’s as simple as it seems; there is nothing arithmetic or such behind it.

The concept of YPP is to help YouTube content creators like you to monetize your Youtube content in many ways. For instance: through paid subscriptions and advertisements.

YPP helps you monetize your channel and gives you the leverage of many programs, features, and resources, enabling you to enhance your audience and grow your channel.

Requirements required for YPP   

Below are the chief requirements for you to monetize your Youtube videos and get accepted in the Youtube Partner Program.

  • First and foremost, you need to have 1000 Subscribers.
  • Also, it shouldn’t slip from your consciousness that your Youtube channel must have 4000 hours of watch time over 12 months.

I know you must have heard the requirements mentioned earlier, as they are the only essentials to monetize your channel. But there are more for you to ponder on:

  • Your Youtube content should follow the Youtube policies (no strikes on your channel)
  • You need to set up an AdSense account, which helps you to track the ads and then pays you the amount you have made through them.
  • You need to be in the country where the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) is available.

Different Ways to monetize Your Youtube Videos  

Did you know there are ways other than advertising to monetize Youtube videos?

There are!

Let me get you through some of the other ways where you can monetize your content. So get your sleeves up because we are going to start rolling the dough!

Youtube Premium:

Youtube Premium is also another fountain of revenue that you qualify for as soon as you have been accepted for the YPP. Youtube premium helps you to enhance your earning.

Youtube premium offers a more polished version of YouTube, which helps users watch their favorite videos without any disturbance. They aren’t bothered by any youtube ads we see on the standard version of youtube. It also helps you to run the videos in the background without pausing them.

It’s more likely for a premium user to watch your videos, and here is the fun fact:  you get paid automatically from their paid subscription for the premium offer. It’s because you are qualified by the YPP.

Super Fans

Having live chat sessions with your audience is quite an exciting and engaging activity. You might have noticed some comments are featured and even pinned during the live chat. It’s because some of their viewers have purchased a super chat or a super sticker.

We all love the spotlight, right?

So, the same is the case with the viewers; many of the viewers, or should I say (fans) would gladly pay for getting the priority during the live chats. Don’t you think it would make us happy seeing our names pop up on everyone’s screen bold and bright and even called out by our favorite Youtuber himself?

Referral and Affiliate Marketing

Continuing with the topic of fans and audience, another good way of monetizing your youtube content is referral as well as affiliate marketing. This is a perfect option for those that already have an audience and social media following. This way, you can refer a brand or a product to your audience and get commissions for it. In some cases, the profit can be substantial.

For example, the passive income app Honeygain offers a referral program where you can a continuous profit percentage from each person you bring, as long as you and that person are using the app.

Combining a few referral and affiliate marketing programs could potentially bring you a stable stream of passive income.

Sell Merchandise

Say you have reached above 10,000 (or more) active subscribers and have a strong connection with your audience, creating a unique logo or a design for your channel something every YouTuber does, so why not you? You know the love and support of your audience are unstoppable.

This is the time where you unleash a brand special to your channel. It might be a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cup, or anything as long as it can be related to your channel and is loved by your audience. Don’t forget your special branding on them to make your merchandise stand out.

You can sell your products from your YouTube channel, and this can be done by opening up Youtube’s merchandise feature, which could be your revenue stream!


“Do you have other ways to monetize your YouTube videos?” Who said No? So the answer is an absolute yes! You can create sponsored videos for brands, and monetize your channel and earn a decent amount from it. For this, you need to go the extra mile to find potential companies and offer them sponsored videos for their products.

Moreover, if your channel is going strong, many brands directly sponsor their products on your upcoming videos. You just have to keep an eye on your email! If you think you are fit, don’t wait around. Who knows, this can help you earn pools of cash.

Last words

You have been burning the candle at both ends for creating great Youtube videos, it would be unfair if you don’t get rewarded for your hard work. That is where monetizing your YouTube videos comes in because it helps you make substantial money from your content! Sounds Interesting? Yeah!

These were some ways to make money through YouTube. But that comes when your channel is monetized and has met the requirements of YPP, which requires you to build the threshold number of subscribers and watch time and the stuff as mentioned above for your channel and build an engaging audience.

That can be achieved by constant efforts and a strong will never to give up. YouTube is the biggest earning platform nowadays, and it can help you make full-time earning!

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