What is 877 Area Code: Everything You Need To Know

What area code is 877? A specific geographic location and number are allocated to each area of the world. Within the North American numbering system, 877 area code is a toll-free number. The numbers include both business and customer services. The United States, Canada, and the Caribbean area are all served by these.

Making it simpler for customers to contact a particular firm is the aim of such numbers. The 877 area code number aids in identifying the location from which the company operates, much like a country code. This toll-free number was established to draw clients or offer customer service. Republic of Adygea, 877 area code (Russia), toll-free phone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan with area code 877 (NANP)

Is 877 Area Code Scam?

Toll-free area codes or numbers, such as the 877 area code, are commonly used for corporate communication. These figures bridge the gap between customers and enterprises. Unfortunately, some fraudsters take advantage of similar or nearby numbers. The code numbers are solely for the convenience of the consumer; however, there is a means to stop spam phone calls in the event of a mishap.

What is 877 area code?

The area code 877 is one of many allocated for toll-free lines. These are distinct from regular phone numbers in that the person or company receiving the call, rather than the one making it, pays for the price. There are numerous area codes that identify these numbers, all of which follow the same pattern. They begin with the number 8 and terminate with two of the same digit. So if you see an area code like 800, 888, or 877, you’ll know it’s for a toll-free phone number.

Toll Free 877 Numbers

Toll-free numbers, such as 877, are available. Here’s what you should know. The truth is that 877 toll-free numbers function in the same way as classic 800 toll-free numbers. The first toll-free numbers with the area code 800 were issued in the 1960s. When 800 numbers became scarce, the FCC decided to issue additional toll-free numbers with the area codes 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

In less than a minute, Unitel can help you locate the appropriate toll-free number in any area code (even 877 numbers). Simply click the “Get a Toll-Free Number” button to begin your search.

How does one obtain an 877 area code number?

Without a doubt, toll-free lines are an excellent way to connect clients for customer care. It makes it easier for customers to reach out to businesses or build direct relationships with them. There is no charge when making calls in a certain region, such as the 877 area code for the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The person who wishes to get the 877 area code must contact the Federal Communications Commission, which is in charge of arranging the numbers. In the auction, they operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Can I Avoid Toll-Free Number Calls?

  • Sign up for a spam call blocker.
  • Look for a toll-free area code on your caller ID.
  • Purchase a call-blocking device for your landline.
  • Register your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry.

Have you ever gotten a phone call from an 8-7-7 area code and wondered where it came from? While most area codes are associated with a specific physical place or a group of phone numbers, 8 7 7 is not. It is a three-digit prefix that is only used for toll-free numbers.

It is one of numerous combinations reserved for that purpose, including 800 and others beginning with 8 and having the same final two numbers. Unlike ordinary phone numbers, the person or company receiving the call pays the charge rather than the one making it. However, unless you have an unlimited plan, dialing a toll-free number from a mobile phone will still result in a charge for the minutes used. This is especially crucial when contacting a company’s customer support number because these might be lengthy calls.

Businesses give toll-free lines so that clients may reach them for free and easily. They were more significant before the rise of mobile phones made long-distance rates less of an issue. Individuals can also have toll-free numbers. The owner of the line, like any other firm, bears all costs.

Is it possible to call a toll-free number from another country?

While calling a toll-free number is free in the United States and Canada, it may not be free in other countries. Because international rates and taxes apply, making a toll-free call from outside the country may incur a cost. Because overseas calls are more expensive, some toll-free services prohibit them. If you need to call a firm from outside the nation, it’s advisable to utilize a free phone number.

Evolution of Area Codes

In 1947, AT&T and Bell Laboratories developed the first area codes. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigned three-digit area codes to states and other locations depending on their population. Initially, there were 86 area codes. There are now 335 area codes in the United States. There are 42 more in Canada. At the time, the NANP was comprised of 25 nations.

3 Things You Should Know About 877 Phone Numbers

  1. Are 877 numbers free of charge in the same manner that regular 800 numbers are?

Yes, 877 numbers are toll-free and function similarly to standard 800 numbers. The sole distinction is the prefix (or, more precisely, the toll-free area code).

  1. How can I obtain an 877 number for my company?

Unitel provides a large number of 877 numbers available for immediate activation with no setup fees or long-term commitments. You may use your toll-free number with one of our low-cost toll-free service plans, or you can port it to another provider. You own your phone number with no ties attached.

  1. Why is it difficult to locate a suitable vanity 877 number?

The stock is limited. Since 877 numbers became available years ago, many other businesses have purchased them. You may look up available 877 numbers using our search tool, but if you don’t find the vanity number you’re looking for, you can always try another toll-free number prefix such as 800, 888, 866, 855, 844, or 833. Because these are the most recently issued toll-free numbers, you’ll have the most alternatives with 855, 844, and 833 numbers.


Area code 877, as well as every other area code that begins with an eight and finishes with two of the same digit, is reserved for toll-free numbers. While anyone can sign up for a toll-free number, the majority of them belong to companies that want to give their customers a free and straightforward way to contact them. So the next time you encounter a phone number that starts with 877, you’ll know it belongs to a company.

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