How an Applicant Tracking System Can Improve Your Hiring

Hiring today has become more competitive compared to the past. The improvement in technology, increase in the number of graduates, and the explosion of startups and new jobs means hiring is complex, something most recruiters agree with today. And because of this problem plaguing the recruiting world, introducing ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has helped in remedying some of them. In this post, we will explore how ATS can be of help in your hiring process.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Before we get into how ATS can help you and your company, we must define an Applicant Tracking System. In simple terms, it is a program that aids the hiring process, from the receipt of the applications to the final hiring stage of the chosen candidate. It usually includes the following features:

  • A centralized storage system for resumes and application letters
  • Communication system for the team
  • Automated candidate screening
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Ability to keep a database of candidates
  • Recruitment analytics
  • Integration to multiple Job sites

Now that you know the definition and features of an ATS. Let us look at seven ways an ATS can help you.

Integrates With Job Search Websites

Browsing to every job board site like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Monster to put up a job opening ad on each one can be tasking. The good news is with an Application Tracking System it’s possible to post to all the websites from one application. Some of them also have similar features for social media.

Pick from A Pool Of Old Applications

When hiring for a new position, looking at old applications is a viable but stressful option. It may take a while to rifle through the candidates and pick out the ones that fit the job position that the company is looking to fill. Because of how time-consuming this activity is, it’s tempting to post a new job advert. ATS can help you here.

It can search for you in seconds with keywords, making it easier to get those job titles. But even after pulling out the lists, you will want to confirm if these candidates are still available. They may have dropped contact details that are not in use again or did not drop them at all. You can use the tool known as SignalHire to help track down the candidates.

This tool can help identify the current job title of the people, the company they work for, and personal contact details. So you can email or text confirming if they are interested in a role in the company.

Helps To Go Through Applications Fast

The nature of how businesses operate today means that more people apply for jobs. The internet and social media have bought about exposure compared to twenty to thirty years ago where newspapers were the go-to place to look for job ads. This change has also brought with it the problem of over applying for job roles.

On average, most job openings receive 250 applications, and it can be time-consuming going through them. The Applicant Tracking Application can help you sort through the resumes by using keywords. The keywords will help to separate those who are qualified from those unqualified. An Example is setting keywords to disqualify resumes with spelling errors, not addressed to the company, or stating the wrong job position.

Help With Pre-Interview Process

You can cut down the candidate list by using the applicant tracking application. Typically, the candidate will be required to take a series of tests and interviews, requiring more time and resources to conduct all these processes. But with an ATS, you can save yourself some time.

Most applicant applications can help you screen out candidates by taking them through pre-programmed tests and questions. With an ATS, the applicants can apply through the company’s portal or website and then be tested and questioned. This process helps reduce the number of candidates available for interviews, speeding up the entire hiring process.

Keep Tabs on The Interview Process

When fresh applicants apply, keeping tabs on each person can become confusing quickly. When handling hundreds of applicants, it can be challenging to keep up with every single person. Different applicants are usually at varying stages of the application and require peculiar feedback.

The applicant software helps keep track of all the applicants by detailing their stage, their current results on previous tests, and feedback from the hiring team. The comprehensive software makes it easy to go through each candidate’s progress at a glance.

Connects Staff Members

The hiring process is never a one-person activity. A group of people are usually in charge of the process and need to communicate with one another. Most times, they may not be in the same area, and the only form of communication will be through phones or emails. An Applicant software allows the hiring team to communicate effectively.

The team members can share feedback, send emails on the software and send auto-reminders, making the workflow more effective. These can also work well when another staff has to interview a candidate or two for a particular position. The Application software can act as a form of reminder for them.

Improves Candidate Experience

In recent times, candidate experience has become more significant for companies. There are outlets like Glassdoor for candidates to express their delight or frustration regarding a recruitment process, so their voice matters. If you want to attract top talents to your company, then it is mandatory to work on the candidate’s experience during the hiring process.

The good news is that with the ATS, you can help improve candidate experience. The two primary aspects different candidates complain about are communication and the length of an interview. ATS can make communication smoother and more effective between the hiring crew and the candidates. It can also help reduce the processes, and therefore, the time the hiring process will take.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, an Applicant Tracking System is an enormous asset to any company. It can help you reduce the time and workload of the hiring process. It can also help reduce human errors and bias nature, and it also improves communication – both between team members and candidates, which enhances the effectiveness of the process. If it is an application you are still considering, it’s best to get one today.


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