14 Best Jurassic World Evolution Mods For Game Lovers!

Although a sequel to Jurassic world evolution mods is in the works, the original game still has plenty of life left in it, which can be enhanced even further by some fantastic Jurassic World Evolution mods!

Because Frontier’s dino-park management game never received formal Steam integration, the mod scene is small but vibrant. We’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the most important mods, but there’s plenty more on Jurassic world evolution mods to investigate.

There are a few larger Jurassic world evolution mods with a broader scope, but many mods, like most games of this type, are about adding in smaller details, such as a new dinosaur or a reskin for an existing one a new fence, and so on. We haven’t listed them because they’re often a matter of personal preference, but the entire library is available for you to check out at Jurassic world evolution mods.

There’s no word on whether better mod tools or access to the Steam Workshop will be added to jurassic world evolution mods, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

Best Free Jurassic World Evolution Mods

The best Jurassic World Evolution mods are as follows:

Environment Rework

This mod focuses solely on improving environmental textures and objects, such as improving rock formations by making each rock its own in-game entity, which, as of the most recent update, allows for more creative environment building, allowing you to create caves.

There are now even fallen trees and logs to contend with. There’s not much more to say about this one because it focuses on the environments rather than the dinosaurs, and as previously stated, there are plenty of mods that add new dinosaurs or reskin existing ones, so you’ll want to use it in conjunction with other mods.

Expanded Islands

This is a straightforward mod with a straightforward goal: more space! Expanded Islands expand the landmass, giving you more room to build your parks. Please note that in order to use this mod, you must start a/new/park, as it will break existing saves and possibly the game itself, forcing you to wipe and reinstall.

Jurassic Park Expansion Pack

This is yet another skin and texture mod, but this one has a specific goal in mind. If you like the original films, you’ll enjoy this one. The Jurassic Park Expansion mod essentially makes the dinosaurs (and a few other things) look more like they did in the original trilogy of films and other related media. The author has created a field guide that goes over the texture changes in greater depth. Although it is not required, this mod complements and expands on the existing Return to Jurassic Park DLC.

Enhanced Terrain Tools

While Jurassic World Evolution is a good park builder, the environment you’re given to play in isn’t always your cup of tea. The base game has some terrain editing tools, but this mod improves them and gives you more control. It essentially replaces the stock tools with those from Planet Coaster, giving you better control over hills, valleys, and the flatten, smooth, and terrain paint tools. It also includes a variety of brush sizes.

Various JWE Savegames

Various JWE Savegames isn’t exactly a mod, but it does give you the option of starting a game from the beginning with everything unlocked. Basically, the creator has played through a bunch of games on all six islands using the Deluxe Edition of the game, except that once they reach the ‘end’ state, everything is wiped and you get a ‘fresh’ start.

The saves have been updated as new DLCs and other updates have become available, but the author cannot guarantee 100% compatibility, and you must disable cloud-syncing of save files, otherwise these imported ones will be overwritten. For a detailed description of each save and its characteristics, see the mod page.

Invisible Fences

Invisible Fences Jurassic World: Evolution Mod

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I’ve always admired zoos because they allow me to interact with magnificent animals that I would never have seen otherwise. Looking at caged animals, on the other hand, has always put a damper on the experience. By making your fences invisible, this mod by Zarp10 will help your visitors forget about the ethical implications of enclosing dinosaurs.

Don’t worry, they’re still there and just as powerful as before; you just can’t see them. Other building utilities, such as light and heavy cables, are also rendered invisible by the mod, allowing for some exciting design possibilities.

Psittacosaurus Species

Psittacosaurus Species Mod for JWE

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The Psittacosaurus was the cutest little creature you could find during the Early Cretaceous, despite its long (and difficult to pronounce) name. From China to Siberia, and everywhere in between, this species can be found. This parrot lizard may look like a cross between a gecko and a chicken, but it is a full-fledged member of the Ceratopsidae suborder. This mod by NanoLancensis adds the Psittacosaurus to our park as a new standalone species, complete with a Zoopedia entry and fun facts.

Dracodentitan Species

Dracodentitan Species Jurassic World: Evolution Mod

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A new hybrid species emerges from the gene lab and makes its way into your park. The Dracodentitan is a dangerous hybrid of the agile Baryonyx and the tough Polacanthus. The result is a vicious carnivore with the most terrifying front teeth I’ve ever seen.

Don’t be surprised if DARPA agents show up to make you an offer you can’t refuse because this guy looks like it was designed to terrorise its enemies on the battlefield. DrPenny233 went to the trouble of creating an in-depth database entry with all of the information and fun facts you’d find on a base game creature, so take a look.

Tarbosaurus Species

Tarbosaurus Species Mod for Jurassic World: Evolution

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The Tarbosaurus, also known as the Tyrant King of the East, is a T-Rex relative from Asia with even shorter arms and just as much destructive power. TigerRed1298, the creator, has gifted us with this magnificent beast to display at our park.

Its narrow snout distinguishes it from the well-known T-Rex, and your guests will be able to appreciate how environmental differences can cause significant phenotypic differences. It’s unlikely to be related to how it appeared in real life. However, I adore the bright aquamarine colour. It’s a badass lizard that reminds me of a basilisk.

Ankylosaurus Paleo-accurate Edits

Ankylosaurus Paleo-accurate Edits JWE Mod

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If you enjoyed the Armored Titan from AoT, you’ll enjoy the Ankylosaurus’ well-defended charm. DigitalDuckModeling took it upon themselves to improve the Ankylosaurus model by making it brighter and more appealing. It also includes a variety of high-quality textures for each Ankylosaurus species, with the Woodland skin serving as a standout.

JPOG Texture Pack

JPOG Texture Pack Jurassic World: Evolution Mod

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The JPOG Texture Pack by DANNYBOB, aimed at fans who want to delve into their nostalgia, was one of the first successful mods for JPE. The mod replaces the textures of several dinosaurs with those from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, the first 3D theme park simulation game based on the franchise, which was released in 2003. The game wasn’t without flaws. This is included in the best Jurassic World Evolution Mods in 2021.

However, for some, it was the start of a long-term relationship with the dino-park administration. The Camarasaurus, Kentrosaurus, and several other large carnivores are among the retextured dinosaurs. Herbivores like the Triceratops and Torosaurus are also affected.

Gigantoraptor Species

Gigantoraptor Species Mod for JWE

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The Gigantoraptor, created by NanoLancensis, is yet another new species for our parks. During the Late Cretaceous period, these feathered beasts ruled the Asian landscape. The Gigantoraptor, like other oviraptorosaurs, has a keratinous beak to go with its feathers. That’s a colossal chicken. If you’ve seen a Kulu-Ya-Ku in Monster Hunter: World, you have a good idea of what a Gigantoraptor looked like in its prime.

Northfire’s Realistic Textures

Northfire's Realistic Textures JWE Mod

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If you’re playing a Jurassic Park game, you’re probably looking for a new way to relive the films’ allure. Realistic Textures from Northfire can help you get closer to your goal. This mod replaces most of the environment’s textures with a more realistic, movie-accurate look that makes it easier to distinguish between ground types and makes props like rocks and trees stand out. It also adds new banners for the Gyrosphere, Aviary, and Creation Lab, as well as making grass slightly thinner. This is included in the best Jurassic World Evolution Mods in 2021.

Expanded Paths, Pylons, and Fences

Expanded Paths, Pylons, and Fences Mod for JWE

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Expanded Paths, Pylons, and Fences by Kaiodenc adds even more options for customization. It’ll forever change the way you think about park design. This adds a slew of new path-building options, such as ridiculously narrow walkways, invisible paths that only exist to clear trees, and more. Monorail tracks can also be interconnected solely for decorative purposes. This is included in the best Jurassic World Evolution Mods in 2021.

How to install Jurassic World Evolution mods Easily?

Because Jurassic World Evolution doesn’t have Steam Workshop integration, you’ll have to install the above Jurassic world evolution mods manually. While there are some similarities in how you install Jurassic world evolution mods for this game, each of the mods listed above has its own set of instructions that you must follow for that specific item, so we recommend reading each entry’s mod page thoroughly to ensure that you get everything right.

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