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If you can improve the quality of existing applications or offer them on demand, you might be the next uber. But if you are looking to develop an application like Uber you need to work hard. You might need to work on some unique features that would help you to offer frictionless access to your drivers and riders. You will get to know about most of the used technologies.

What technology stacks Uber uses?

You must know that uber is the taxi booking application. Uber finds the drivers near you when you request to pick you up on the uber application. Once the ride is over you can give your driver a rating and pay the fees for the ride.

Here are some of the technologies that are used to build the Uber-like application.

Uber cofounders have worked on a special feature known as geolocation. Geolocation helps you to track the information about the device. For building the uber application, people use core location frameworks that offers several protocols and classes for people to schedule the delivery and location to the server. Also, it allows uber to redefine the geographic regions that help to maintain the log of the device movements.

Geolocation is also implemented using the google locations APIs. such APIs can manage the underlying location of any device. The geolocation feature also makes use of map APIs by google and iOS that display the point-to-point directions on a uber application map.  Along with the map, mapping software is integrated that offers location-based services.

Push Notifications and Messages.

Once anyone orders a ride on the uber application, it sends various notifications like when the driver accepts the request and how much time will they take to reach. Also, the uber application notifies about the cancellation of any ride. If you are building a uber taxi booking app, you should include such a facility that would give regular updates to the people.  Uber text messages are sent using the Twilio telecommunications provider. For implementing such a facility you can use google cloud messaging application or Apple push notification services.

Payment Integration.

Uber completely uses the cashless system, it allows the customers to pay using the debit card or the credit card. It helps to remove the cash transfers such as tips and much more. You need to use some good payment tools that would allow your customers to make payments. While you integrate any payment method, you need to fulfill certain requirements for the security standards.

What all features you should include in your application like Uber?

Some of the core features that you should include in your uber application are given below.

For passengers.

Some of the core features that you should include in your application are the following.

  • Registration 
    • You could easily integrate it using email or any social media app plugins that would allow the customers to register without any hassle.
  • Taxi Booking.
    • It is the main feature that represents the customers and allows them to make bookings. Here customers can add all the information about the pickup location and the car type.
  • Fare Calculator.
    • Customers can look for the prices before they confirm the booking. It will help them to choose the best booking for them.
  • Driver tracking.
    • It helps the customers to track the driver’s moment and get real-time updates about their journey.
  • For drivers.

Some of the core features that should be made available for the drivers are following.

  • Messaging.
    • A feature that allows the drivers to make the contact with the passenger.
  • Push Notifications.
    • It allows users to give alerts to the customers about the booking information, trip changes, and completions.
  • Navigation
    • Drivers can improve routes and make navigation easy using google maps.
  • Driver Profile and status information.
    • The driver can verify the profile and update all the legal documents like license, driving license, vehicle insurance.

How to build an Application like Uber: some of the recommendations?

Building an application like uber and make it successful requires a lot of hard work. Building a uber clone application is not just enough. You need to work on several other strategies that would help you to generate more revenue. Uber has just launched its API, which is useful for different industries like

  • Beauty Industry
  • Delivery Services
  • On-demand cleaning
  • Food delivery.

Apart From the technical implementation, you need to ensure that the application is attractive and user-friendly UX and UI design. Some of the recommendations to make application like uber are following.

  • User-friendly experience.
  • Attractive visual elements and graphics.
  • Intuitive Application with the taxi booking process.

Some of the tips that would help you to make your uber business successful.

  • Build a unique business model depending upon the market demand for your uber like application.
  • Analyze the demographics that would help you to set the specific audience depending upon your needs.
  • Understand the platforms and functions that would you like to include in your future application.
  • Hire experienced developers who have worked on such projects before.

How much cost to build an uber Application?

The most basic question about building an uber application is the budget or the cost. Any software development involves a process and cost. If you want to get more information on the budget, you can consider the following areas where you might need to spend money.

  • Development team capabilities, rates, and location.
  • Technologies
  • Platforms and OS
  • Design and architecture.
  • Number and feature details.

Also, you might need to include the cost for several other services.

  • Web Development(Admin panel).
  • Back-end development.
  • Quality assurance
  • Business analysis.
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance.


Building an application like Uber involves a good number of steps and technologies that give a better understanding to the application users. The uber-like application needs to attract both drivers and the customer hence, you should build an application in such a way that you get a good attraction. You can learn more info here by clicking on this link. Before you build your application ensure that all the technologies are as per the latest trends.

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