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Getting a 404 Area Code Number

To obtain entry to the 404 Area Code as a global firms, you must find a qualified telecommunication services provider that can provide you with Atlanta Virtual Phone Numbers that can connect you immediately with customers. Simply put, virtual phone numbers enable businesses to connect to the 404 area code — regardless of their location outside the United States (and the North American Number Plan, or NANP).

Global Call Forwarding, for example, offers telecom solutions throughout Atlanta’s area codes and beyond. Even more remarkable than their instantaneous routing capabilities is the fact that virtual phone numbers are powered by the cloud and other Internet-based innovations (i.e. VoIP). This enables businesses to enhance their business model’s functionality through add-ons such as “call recording,” “simultaneous ringing,” and “time of day routing.”

If your business location is in Ireland, for example, you are aware that your time zone is five hours ahead of the East Coast. This means that only certain hours will overlap between your business hours and those of your customers in Atlanta. Incoming phone calls placed during non-business hours can be routed to a call centre in a more convenient time zone by using “time of day routing.”

Alternatively, if your staff is reduced during off hours, you can use the add-on “simultaneous ringing,” which causes all numbers associated with the virtual phone number to ring simultaneously, ensuring that any available staff member can take the call—something any customer will recognise because it enables immediate attention.

Additionally, virtual phone numbers are similar in appearance and function, which enables your foreign business to establish an authentic existence without having to establish a physical location, such as branch offices. Businesses can now blend into a target market and stay competitive without incurring overhead costs associated with hiring foreign staff, leasing property, adhering to local business regulations, and a host of other concerns. Rather than that, virtual phone calls open up a whole new world of business opportunities at the lowest possible cost.

Why Get a 404 Area Code Phone Number For My Business?

area code 404 location

Atlanta is frequently chosen due to its low cost of living, handy public transportation, and diverse and highly skilled population. And for these reasons, it is an excellent location for starting or growing a business. By purchasing a 404 area code number, entrepreneurs can expand their business into Atlanta without residing or relocating there.

You can control your virtual phone number from a remote location via the Internet, allowing your team to work from any location. Additionally, a local number is more recognizable to customers, increasing the likelihood that they will answer a call from your business.

What Time Zone Does It Follow?

During the autumn and winter months, the 404 area code for the Boston area adheres to the Eastern Time Zone (ET). Eastern Standard Time (EST), also known as Eastern Time, is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (UTC). During daylight savings time in the spring and summer, Atlanta adheres to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is equivalent to UTC 4. These time differences are critical to remember when communicating with businesses or customers in Atlanta.


With Atlanta as a center of growth and production and home to numerous large corporations, establishing a business here makes sense. And virtual local numbers expedite and simplify this process. As you can see, virtual phone numbers from a reputable provider, such as Global Call Forwarding, can significantly improve how your business expands into the area code 404 location — even if your business is located elsewhere.