Top 10 AWS Alternatives and Competitors Companies 2022

AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the best cloud platforms. It offers cloud web hosting on infrastructure that is up-to-date and supported by cutting-edge technology, fast network connections, and redundant resources.

On the other hand, it may be a little tricky to set up, which makes many customers search for the top AWS alternative hosts that provide an alternative payment system, an easy control panel, and ease of use.

In addition to being hard to set up, the AWS outage architecture makes it hard to learn how to keep your cloud servers running. Before you choose them, you should learn about them so you don’t get annoyed or have to move your data soon.

Additionally, the extremely basic plan does not provide free email or immediate technical help. Unfortunately, you have to pay a good amount each month to get professional technical help, which makes them more expensive than other AWS competitors.

One of the top cloud computing and platform service providers is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a service that is often talked about in the same breath as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Because of this, you might be wondering, “Why would I want to look for alternatives to AWS outage when I already use one of the best solutions?”

Top 10 AWS Alternatives and Competitors Companies 2022

These are following the top ten best AWS alternatives companies and competitors.

#1. Kamatera


Look no farther than Kamatera Inc. if you’re seeking an easy, economical, and attractive cloud AWS rival. Customers of this provider can choose from a variety of affordable packages. They can also quickly add more hardware to increase space and get new API systems and cutting-edge management consoles as needed.

The top aims of Kamatera are to provide devoted customer service, the fastest cloud server deployment possible (within 60 seconds), and a meaningful client experience. They use the most advanced processing technologies, like Intel Platinum CPUs, to make sure that the speed and processing speed are 300% faster than any previous generation.

Here at the Kamatera, you may get whatever you want to push the objectives of your business to their absolute maximum. A wide selection of goods is offered to meet the demands of all types of clients, including cloud servers, block storage, cloud firewalls, etc. For a starting monthly fee of $4, all instances can be used to install Windows, Linux, and more than 100 other operating systems.Users can also use their cloud instance as an email server, a remote desktop server, WordPress hosting, and a lot of other things.

Key Features:

  • 13 data centres across the world are linked through redundant network connectivity.
  • The cloud infrastructure for all SSD storage gives you a way to pick the best option from the ones that are available.
  • Massive bandwidth to speed up data transfers and web browsing
  • Expert human assistance is available around-the-clock to resolve your problems.
  • There are simple scale-up and scale-down options.
  • 30 days of risk-free testing

#2. Vultr


You probably already know that cloud hosting involves a group of servers that are all connected to each other and sending data to servers all over the world at the same time. Because of this, cloud hosting is the most reliable platform for businesses, applications, and personal blogs with a lot of data.

When considering Vultr as an alternative to AWS, we should note that it has several data centres that host over 30 million instances. You won’t ever have to be concerned about interruptions or scalability thanks to their 17 data centre locations. Due to their streamlined hosting plans and management panel, they also give you a higher usability experience than AWS.

Vultr is a great choice if you want to host a simple blog, a big business site, or application resource data because it is easy to grow or shrink. You can build a more manageable strategy that scales up the number of resources later. Usually, all you have to do is move a slider to do this. Vultr has a clear advantage over AWS, which is criticised for having complicated billing, because it offers cloud solutions that are already built.

In case you were unaware, technical help from Amazon Web Services is an extra cost. Their documentation and help forums are the only things you receive for free. The cheapest of their three plans is $2.50 per month. While Vultr does not offer live chat help, email assistance is available around-the-clock and is available at an extra cost through AWS. All we can say is that Vultr is a reliable cloud service with SSD server integration. Also, like AWS, they have a number of data centres in well-known places all over the world.

Key Features:

  • Your website can be hosted in any of the 17 datacenters that are available.
  • Full server root access provides increased dependability with 99.99% uptime.
  • Numerous programmes with 1-click installation options Access to dedicated and bare metal servers
  • Thousands of clients from more than 150 countries.

#3. CloudSigma


Another strong AWS alternative is CloudSigma, which has been around for eight years. Additionally, they adhere to ISO 27001’s security and privacy standards. CloudSgima gives you a free seven-day trial account so you can see how easy it is to use and how good it is. Because of their 10GbE networking, SSD servers, and completely virtualized environment, which guarantees dedicated resources and improved performance, CloudSigma has a strong infrastructure that allows massive data to move around without any problems.

CloudSigma has the capacity to provide you with powerful hardware, much like AWS. Up to 40 CPU cores, 128 GB of RAM, and the choice of SSD or magnetic discs for storage are also available. In contrast to AWS, which requires you to deal with several technical details, CloudSigma provides a simple solution. Following registration, you may create your package using the available control panel. As your projects expand, you may add more CPU cores, RAM, storage, and bandwidth as needed.

If your target market is more narrowly defined, you should pick a server close by to increase the website’s loading speed. Many people favour AWS because of the vast number of servers it offers. CloudSigma had 11 data centres in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, among other places. With the ability to place your data close to your clients, that is a good number of data centres. On CloudSgima, you may pay in a variety of currencies instead of having to convert your local currency into US dollars, including the Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, Saudi riyal, and more.

Even while CloudSigma offers reliable services at an incredibly low cost, there are still freebies available. For $10 a month, you can receive 1GB of RAM, a 50GB SSD, and 5TB of bandwidth for $10 a month. The best AWS alternative is CloudSigma in another area: technical support. They have a live chat and email support service that is available round-the-clock. In general, you might not hear much about them, but they are a reliable cloud service thanks to their presence across the world, SSD servers, and complete KVM virtualization.

Key Features:

  • Create the package using the resources you need.
  • Both SSD and magnetic storage systems are readily available.
  • A very reasonable price range.
  • Free help via email and live chat 24 hours a day.
  • Numerous data-centres

#4. DigitalOcean


When looking for alternatives to AWS, DigitalOcean has a lot of options and servers that work well. One of the top businesses spread across 12 enormous data centres is DO. They support 1+M developers who are located in over 195 nations. This indicates that they are a reputable cloud host and quite well-known. DigitalOcean, like AWS, uses SSD servers, which can read and write data faster than hard disc drives.

The ease of opening an account is the main factor in why many clients choose them. Starting out is as simple as choosing a plan. The pre-built plans begin with 1 GB of RAM, 25GB of storage, and 1 TB of data transmission each month. The plans are extendable, just like any cloud service, and you may change the resource sizes to suit your demands. DigitalOcean can handle any large project due to their extensive and widely dispersed infrastructure.

The developer can deploy their preferred distribution using DigitalOcean. They support a large number of distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Even though DigitalOcean offers unmanaged cloud hosting, it also has a simple control panel that can be set up with just one click. Therefore, you don’t need to run command lines to install programmes like WordPress, GitLab, Node.js, and Docker; instead, just utilise their one-click installers.

Key Features:

  • It is a top-notch and well-respected business with customers in 195 nations.
  • 8 global data centre sites integrated with 40GbE networking and solid state discs.
  • Various hosting options are available.
  • Furthermore, KVM hypervisors are included, which considerably increases speed and security.

#5. DreamHost


DreamHost has been a hub for many hosting services. They understand how to take care of their consumers because they have been in the business for so long. They are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and offer hosting services. Their renewal prices are lower than those of industry giants like GoDaddy. Their 97-day money-back guarantee is the most impressive thing about their shared hosting plans.

The main complaint against DreamHost is that they lack solutions that are as scalable as AWS. Only 3 options with a maximum of 8GB of RAM are available. Therefore, you must choose their dedicated servers if you want anything more powerful. DreamHost is also a great option because it offers cloud services with SSDs and faster networking access. The developers will like DreamHost’s flexibility in integrating outside services. You may use storage programmes like Retrospect, CloudBerry, and many more to protect your backup information.

Compared to other cloud providers’ technical assistance, DreamHost’s is superior. They offer round-the-clock email help with a 24-hour peak response time. Live chat is also offered, but it’s only accessible during certain hours. Overall, Dreamhost is not a good alternative to Amazon EC2 if you want a highly scalable service, but it is a great choice if you want to host your small to medium-sized apps in the cloud for a low price and with reliability.

Key Features:

  • recommends one of the oldest web hosting companies.
  • Everything, including domains, privacy protection, and site hosting, is available from them.
  • Inexpensive cloud hosting bundles are
  • Unrestricted bandwidth and 100GB of free block storage
  • Gives complete root access and total command over the operating system installations.

#6. A2Hosting


A2Hosting is a hosting business that has been around since 2001. They are well-liked because of their quick servers and reasonable cost, which makes them an excellent alternative to AWS. For instance, you can use Windows or Linux with shared hosting, which is one of the options they offer. VPS servers can be set up in the same way as managed servers, unmanaged servers, or a mix of both. They are perhaps the fastest web hosting business, even if you only use their shared hosting.

They can also offer the fastest cloud hosting services because they use SSD servers, locations with low latency, and a number of other technologies. You will be given root access and a wide range of Linux distribution options. During the checkout process, you can choose a distribution with Webuzo to make it easier to manage features. This simple control panel gives you access to features like one-click installation, etc.

Although A2Hosting offers pre-built cloud packages, if those don’t meet your demands, you may customise a plan. Using a 12-core CPU and up to 32GB of RAM, you can create a strategy. Although Amazon Web Services also allows you to use this capability, A2Hosting makes it simple by allowing you to use a slider that moves up and down. The cheapest package offers 20GB of storage, 2TB of data transfer, 512MB of RAM, and a choice of US, European, or Asian data centre locations, among other things.

The business has an unusual return policy for the web hosting sector. A2 lets you ask for a refund at any time, unlike some other services that only let you do so during certain times. There is a complete refund within the first 30 days, and you can continue to get it for unused services beyond that (pro-rated). No matter the time, support is available by email and live chat. There is a phone number as well, although it is mostly for pre-sale inquiries.

Key Features:

  • Create a cloud instance based on your needs.
  • support for several Linux distributions.
  • It is easily scaleable and provides four sites worldwide.
  • Customer service is available 24/7/365 by phone, email, and live chat.
  • A reliable web host with fast SSD servers

#7. Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Due to its reliable, affordable, and adaptable hosting option, Google Cloud has seen growth in recent years. It is a strong alternative to Google Cloud since it is supported by highly experienced specialists, uses SSD-based cloud architecture, has a stellar reputation, and allows for quick resource scalability. Even though Google Cloud is relatively difficult to set up an account for, similar to AWS, we are confident that with a little effort, it won’t be difficult for you. Choose the cloud platform and use a simple calculator to figure out how much it will cost.

Additionally, Google Cloud provides the highest-performing cloud services. And corporations tend to favour them a lot because of their excellent performance and high uptime. One of the few businesses that provides a sizable number of data centres spread throughout the three continents—the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific—is Google. Additionally, they are gradually expanding the number of data centres.

Google is one of the top IT companies, so they are aware of how important security is. Modern security is thus another benefit that you receive. Google’s cloud infrastructure has strong security standards, and the company makes its system even safer by hiring highly trained security experts. App developers need instant scalability so that their apps can handle large amounts of traffic. Because Google has a huge network of data centers, you can use auto-scaling to keep things from going wrong.

Key Features:

  • From the customer’s standpoint, the billing system is reasonable in price and effective.
  • It has the top-performing servers in the business.
  • supported by an enormous number of data centres.
  • Protected by powerful security models.
  • Supervised by trained experts

#8. SiteGround


SiteGround, which was founded in 2004, is a well-known brand when it comes to excellent customer support and high-end shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting services. SiteGround is the best company to pool resources from multiple devices because it guarantees that there will be very little downtime. SiteGround is the best choice for people who want to host their larger websites on a reliable platform without taking cost into account. Because SiteGround offers managed cloud hosting, you can focus on making your website and apps instead of learning how to manage your operating system or other technical things.

And the presence of cPanel is one of the features that makes SiteGround so simple to use. They feature light-weight Linux containers and ultra-fast SSD servers for the quickest speed. Additionally, you have a choice of 4 of their data centre locations (USA, Netherlands, Singapore, and the UK). By enabling the launch of the custom plan that best suits your needs, SiteGround gives you greater power. Either make your own plan or select one that has already been created.

While there is an auto-scaling function that is excellent for handling traffic surges while you are gone, you can also add extra resources to your account. Each SiteGround plan has a limit on the number of resources you can use each month, and you can choose to be billed monthly or annually. Free features include CDN, SPAM filtering, and backup and restore.

The business provides innovative plans to handle medium-to high-traffic projects. The entry-level “Entry” plan, for instance, offers 2 CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, 40GB of SSD storage, and 5TB of monthly bandwidth. Unlike AWS, which has hurried pricing, SiteGround does not impose an extra premium for its technical assistance services. Unlike AWS, which has hurried pricing, even if it’s a cloud or shared plan. The technical support team at SiteGround is amazingly responsive, helpful, and considerate of your issues. You may contact us via phone, email, or live chat at anytime.

Key Features:

  • Managed cloud environment without hassle.
  • Free cPanel to manage cloud instances is included.
  • Free backup and recovery software
  • A dedicated IP address gives you free SSL certification and top-notch customer service.

#9. ToggleBox


Another excellent AWS alternative that provides extremely scalable cloud solutions is ToggleBox. 100TB of bandwidth and up to 128GB of RAM are available for hosting. Through the use of SSD-based San storage, ToggleBox guarantees quick rendering. Unlike Amazon Web Services, ToggleBox’s rapid provisioning means that your account will be ready right away. KVM virtualization is used to increase the dependability of cloud hosting with dedicated resources.

Since you may arrange the resources according to your requirements, there is no need to choose a pre-made strategy. In the meantime, just move the slider, and the prices of those resources will be shown in the meantime. There is also an auto-suggest feature if, for example, you want to install WordPress but don’t know what you need to do first.
It is similar to AWS, but it is the most diversified cloud host since it offers Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux operating systems. Also, you will definitely find the template for an operating system that you want to use among the many that are available.

Use of a cloud server is made simple by ToggleBox. You may make a template of any operating server using virtual machine cloning. You can rapidly set up the new server using just the same template, thanks to this. Therefore, if you already have a website and wish to move it to AWS servers, you must either do it yourself or ask your developer to do it. In contrast, ToggleBox offers a free website migration with each account.

TogglesBox, like AWS, does not provide a large selection of data centres, but you may choose between Dallas and Philadelphia. Furthermore, CloudLinux and CageFS technologies effectively distribute resources while still keeping your account safe. They also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee to protect your investment. Most importantly, ToggleBox gives its customers technical support via email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a clear advantage over AWS, especially for new users.

Key Features:

  • This permits you to create a plan based on your needs.
  • Support for a variety of OS templates
  • No-hassle data migration, SSD servers, KVM virtualization, and VM cloning. Expert technical assistance is available around-the-clock.

#10. CloudWays


If you don’t want to learn about the details of AWS or don’t have the skills, and price isn’t a concern for you, Cloudways is a clear winner. You may host your website or app on popular platforms like Amazon, Google, Kyup, etc. with the help of Cloudways. This makes Cloudways the best alternative to AWS because it lets you use AWS’s reliable cloud architecture without having to understand all of its complexities.

With the help of CloudWays, you can easily handle various areas of hosting thanks to a straightforward but user-friendly control panel that comes with 1-installer applications. CloudWays also has a number of optimizations that make services run faster, such as an integrated caching system that uses Varnish, Memcache, and Nginx. Additionally, complete page cache inclusion is available for free for programmes like Magento and WordPress, among others. Also, it’s easy to add to your resources, and block storage lets you add to your storage.

Tools for developers and teamwork are plentiful. The company has almost every tool, including ways for teams to talk to each other and work with Git. The fact that they offer 24/7 customer assistance is another excellent feature. Through community forums, emails, and live chat, you may request support. CloudWays works like a third-party hosting service, but you can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and their active in-house development team gives you a lot of options.

Key Features:

  • The most effective way to get managed cloud storage is through popular platforms like AWS EC2, Kyup, and Google, among others.
  • They provide a free 3-day trial account with access to live chat help 365 days a year.
  • System monitoring, regular security patches, and SSL certificates
  • includes sophisticated caching technologies built-in, including Varnish, Memcached, and others.
  • InterServer is a bonus.

#11. InterServer


Regardless of your level of experience, InterServer’s services give you improved usefulness. In comparison to AWS, InterServer is a better option because of its easy account setup, flexible scalability, SSD server, and user-friendly management panel.
You get a dedicated environment thanks to the cloud VPS features, so there is no resource sharing.

With InterServer, you may sign up for monthly pricing and have the option to cancel at any moment, as opposed to an annual contract where you must pay a single fee. You may choose from a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems while using InterServer, much like AWS EC2. Simply changing a slider will provide extra resources according to your preferences. You will have access to the server’s admin area and a number of programming languages, such as PHP, Perl, Python, etc.

The company promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and if it isn’t met, you will get hosting credit. This is despite the fact that their servers are pretty stable and have a high uptime. The $6/month plan includes 25GB of storage, a single-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 1TB of data throughput. InterServer charges $10/mo for cPanel, which is cheaper than most cloud providers, who charge around $15/mo for the same service. They provide live chat, email, and helpdesk service to their clients around-the-clock for technical support. Therefore, you can test this host if you are having issues with AWS with your current project.

Key Features:

  • Setting up your account is quick and simple, and it supports a tonne of templates for both Windows and Linux.
  • Quick and courteous customer service is provided without charge.
  • The user is granted complete root access.
  • An intuitive control panel with the ability to scale resources immediately


AWS is a reputable host that, while dominating the market and delivering remarkable performance, is also complicated. It can be difficult for a new user to configure the cloud server, and there’s a potential that they could purchase an expensive resource package. While similar to AWS, the Google cloud platform is an alternative to AWS and is equipped with cutting-edge cloud technology.

Compared to AWS, you may find it easier to setup the resources in Google Cloud, but even so, they are not clear-cut enough to provide a flawless cloud setting procedure, especially for novices.

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