How to Run a Background Check on a Tinder Match?

Being one of the most popular dating apps, Tinder has taken serious measures to ensure its users’ security.

These include a rigorous ID and photo verification process, an AI-based chat security software, and an integrated people checking tool.

If you’ve found an eligible tinder match, you may want to make some effort checking their social background, knowing it’ll be well-rewarded.

5 Easy Ways to Run a Background Screening on a Tinder Match

Here are five steps you can take to run a thorough background screening on your Tinder crush.

1. Garbo offers two free checks per month

Tap the blue shield on your phone or tablet’s screen to open Tinder’s Safety Center. In the “Tools” section, click on “Tinder x Garbo,” which will take you to Garbo’s site.

Its people search engine uses your match’s Tinder details to perform the background screening.

Make full use of the free checks

Garbo and Tinder let you run two background screenings per month, so you should make the most of them. Run the first at the beginning of the month and review the report. Garbo will send the results to you via email or let you download them as a PDF file.

Then, try to extract some more personal information from your match and rerun it through Garbo’s engine towards the end of the month. Compare the two background check reports and fill in the gaps, if there are any.

2. Google your match

As the most powerful search engine, Google can be a reliable ally in your quest to check your potential Tinder date.

Rather than generating a conclusive and systematic report, the brainchild of Sergey Brin and Larry Page will show your match’s online footprint.

3. Check social accounts

Use the generated Google search results to check your interest’s social accounts. If they have limited the amount of publicly available information, you may need to request to connect to them.

If they accept your request, it’s a positive signal that the interest is mutual. If they don’t, you shouldn’t leap to premature conclusions.

Maybe your match has some reservations, too. Even so, the information snippets and profile pics are enough to spot red flags.

4. Use background screening sites

No matter what ads say, Tinder has not developed a native background checking tool just yet. Rather, the company has signed a partnership deal with Garbo and refers users to their site.

Just so, you can use other people search engines to check your Tinder buddy, like


This is another good background screening site to use before your first date. It not only checks social accounts, criminal records, and financial statements related to the person but also scours the deep web of archived information.

What is the deep web?

Powerful as Google is, its bots cannot crawl over the entire web and index every site. Scientists have estimated that search engines know about one percent of the internet, and the rest is a grey area called the deep web.

Truthfinder’s extra powerful search bots will extract info snippets about the checked person even from behind a paywall.


This site’s most helpful feature for Tinder users is that its people search reports include current and past contact details.

You can thus verify their email address and phone number and see if they use multiple numbers. CheckPeople’s tireless bots will also extract any relevant past forum posts and blogs from the deep web.

Instant CheckMate

This website’s most impressive feature allows complete customization of background screening reports.

You can request a deeper search in selected sections and minimize the information in others. Last but not least, Instant Checkmate has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

5. The human factor

You can use your wits and intuition to gather pre-dating information about your Tinder date by asking relevant questions and reading between the lines.

The most relevant questions to ask before a first date

There isn’t a fixed list of pre-date questions, but you can inquire about their hobbies and interests, their childhood memories, the high school they went to, or their plans for the future.

If you spot any dubious, let alone aggressive, answers, you should reconsider your dating plans.

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